Welcome back to PDC is Mr. Tito. Lots of things happening in the wrestling world, which means that wrestling is very interesting again. I love it! NOTHING happened in the summer, and God it was painful to write columns then. Today, I have two lovely shows to review for you today. One is Chyna on Jay Leno, and the other ECW on TNN. Time to discuss those two shows, along with many other tidbits that make the PDC run everyday.

Chyna on Jay Leno

Before Chyna came out, Diane Keaton, actress, and Jay Leno were doing their usual routine of cracking wrestling jokes, which seems to be ordinary now when a large wrestler comes out. Chyna came out in a very revealing dress, as I was questioning how she had the top of it so low without showing the audience anything special. Anyway, the first thing Jay asked was "what is your real name?", and Chyna replied simply as "Joanie" or however she spells it. Leno asked her what her height and weight was, and she replied that she was 5'10" and 196 pounds. About the weight she said that it was "all woman". Leno asked her how much she could bench press, and she stated 396 pounds, which is around twice her weight! Damn! They joked with the lead guitarist of Leno's band on how much he could bench press(he said 309). Next up, Leno asked her how she got on television. Chyna said that she's always wanted to be an entertainer, and that when she saw wrestling on television, she knew that was her thing.

Leno quickly explained how either Killer Kawolski(sp?) or somebody else wanted him to enter the wrestling business back in the day as a comedic wrestler. His description of what they wanted was pretty funny, as they wanted him to tell jokes to make his opponent fall on the ground laughing, and then Leno could either pin him or attack. They discussed Chyna's days in Killer's wrestling camp, and how she wasn't respected when she first entered. She earned her respect by working hard and taking all of the shots that the men gave her, and thus she becomes the first woman wrestler to wrestle men in the WWF, well, at least competing in the Heavyweight division.

One thing that I again noticed about Chyna stemming from her appearance on Mtv's Time Out, was the fact that she's very conceited about her success. Now I'm very proud of what's she's done, as she's one of my favorites in the WWF. She's worked hard in the WWF, and she can compete with anybody in the WWF. However, she's constantly bragging about how she is the innovator and everything. I guess you'd have to watch the shows to see what I mean, but she become a bit overbearing about her success. I mean, come on, everybody appreciates your success, so why keep reminding us over and over again. Just my opinion.


-Wow, the Rock attracted a 5.7 rating for his appearance on Star Trek: Voyager. That's shocking, as it's the highest rating that Voyager has had in a while. I didn't catch it, sorry, but I heard his performance was very good. Maybe Rock can show up more often to really help boost this show? Both wrestling fans and hardcore Star Trek fans can get together for once and enjoy a show. Oh yeah, Star Trek: Voyager is UPN's second rated show, which is behind Smackdown, USUALLY, during the week. Star Trek: Voyager, thanks in part to the Rock, has defeated Smackdown which got a .....

-Smackdown got a 5.2 rating this week, which is up from their 4.7 last week. This was a part of the wrestling week, as you can see with Star Trek, it looks to be a great idea! Smackdown was loaded from top to bottom this week, as the WWF is really starting to put on some excellent wrestling shows. They finally have a loaded roster without any holes in it. Just think, they are doing this well without the services of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Debra, and HBK Shawn Michaels who can come back whenever, and also the Undertaker and Stone Cold who are out with injuries. Too much fire power in favor of the WWF. I hope that they don't get cocky at the top with WCW currently struggling.

-If you haven't read the Ross Report yet, go to WWF.com and do so. Be sure to read for his Ed Ferarra comment. That's so damn funny!


-Well, the rumor going around now that Sabu is on future booking sheets for WCW. I though WCW booked on the fly now? Hmm, that's a mystery, and listening to the hotline promo on ECW on TNN, ECW said that they are going to court for the rights of Sabu. Ouch. I don't know, this whole situation, pardon my french, is all fucked up. First off, WCW announces that they are in negotiations with Sabu on their website, and then ECW starts making claims that Sabu has signed a 5 year contract somewhere down the line with ECW. I don't know what will happen, but somebody really screwed this one up.

-Finally, the endless e-mails about joining movements to get Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch into WCW will end! Thank God!!! They are rumored to be backstage for this Nitro, which I'm hoping that they get used, and they MIGHT show up at everybody's favorite wrestling Wednesday show, Thunder. If they are signed, I'm hoping that NOTHING gets in their way to success. Both can still make it, as WCW is the only place where they haven't burned down any bridges. If they are officially at WCW, they MUST take it seriously. No excess partying, no trouble with the law, just pure business because we all want to see them succeed!

-Boyd reported earlier that Harrison Norris, Bobby Walker, and Sonny Onoo have file a racial discrimination suit against WCW. OUCH. Out of all things that could go wrong for WCW at this point, this could turn out to be the worst thing yet. I guess that it will get WCW publicity, but the wrong publicity. The 3 claim that the average minority gets paid much less than the other wrestlers, and that blacks are cast as pimps, thugs, or "Uncle Toms". Shocking. They claim that there are racial jokes floating around the WCW offices constantly, and that they claim that Harrison Norris lost his job because of his race. I would somewhat tend to agree with these guys, because WCW has a whole bunch of Luchadores that they haven't ever pushed, plus Norman Smiley is so damn over right now, and WCW is still making him fight wimps like 3 Count. Booker T is never pushed, and just look at what they made Harlem Heat into. Thugs. I think that they have a very good case.

-ECW's hotline promo said that Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner dared WCW to fire them this week. Ouch. That can be believed because Steiner let it all loose when he did his interview and WCW suspended him, and Hulk Hogan seems very unhappy at his current WCW surroundings. You know things are bad when Hogan is miserable in the back, because he usually controls everything that goes on backstage. There's so much trouble brewing right now in WCW, as something must be done to save it.

-Meltzer said that Konnan was suspended again from WCW due to his actions when the WCW 4 left. Konnan was supposed to be a part of that movement, just like he was supposed to be a part of Raven's movement, but he back out! Why WCW even keeps Konnan on their roster is what I'm wondering, because he's nothing but a complainer and a very injury-prone wrestler. They want him to sign his release, but he won't. WCW should just fire him, pay him the rest of his earned money, and then rid themselves of the headaches that they claim he brings. I doubt that the WWF would take him due to his problems with WCW, but you never know. It could also be looked at non-stop trouble ever since his friendship broke with then Head Booker, Kevin Nash.


Ditch the whole Cyrus thing already, because it's the same thing everyweek. Joel Gertner is about to say something that rhymes with a word used as a sexual organ, and Cyrus comes out screaming. Same shit, different week! It's about as repetitive as those opening interviews that RAW has time in and time out. I wonder how TNN feels about ECW always making fun of their shows?

Who on earth were those jabronies who fought Little Spike Dudley? My God, Spike made short work of them. Hey, he didn't fight Mike Awesome, again, this week. But wait, Mike Awesome was very much needed for this week's show.

What the hell happened to Whipwreck? His odd behavior, along with James Vandenberg, was very strange and somewhat David Flair-like. Anyway, he fought Tommy Dreamer after Raven had a little talk with him...

Tommy Dreamer vs. Mikey Whipwreck was the "bread and butter" of the show, as a lot of things happened. Dreamer and Whipwreck put on a pretty good show, but then a lot of odd things happened. Vandenberg came in and Francine met him. He wanted to greet her, but she had other plans. Francine Buster! Then Raven came down only to get powder or something thrown into his face. He then gave a hard DDT to Francine cause he was blind. Dreamer quickly defeated Whipwreck, and then attacked Raven. But Raven did the right thing!! Dreamer was going off in the back when some jobbers told him that Raven was blinded. Hopefully, this brings out the Evil in Raven.

Speaking of Raven, he was looking a bit out of shape tonight. He has a rather large gut, which you could get confused with being pregnant. Hell, Raven should wear a shirt instead of his Punisher shirt that says "Baby on Board". Justin Credible could work out a little more too. Decent match from Credible and Raven, with some good spots in it. Then, from "Calgary, Alberty Canada", Lance Storm and company hit the ring, and attacked Raven. Joy joy joy! Hey, Danny Doring and Roadkill came down afterwards for the save, I guess. You can smell the ratings!!!

After the Credible-Raven match, Dusty Rhodes, along with others, checked up on Raven. Then, Cyrus comes in and gives his speech on how everything is for ratings, blah blah blah blah blah! Dusty Rhodes fights back with comments of his own saying how the wrestlers are what gets him to the pay window, or whatever. Corino's posse, along with Rhino, come out to attack Dusty. They are pounding on him, and then "Enter Sandman" music starts playing, and the show ends. What a bad ending!

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Oh please let Rob Van Dam come back from injury, and please let it all be a rumor that Sabu was going to WCW. ECW's first week on TNN without the duo showed possible signs of things to come, as this show, at times, was hard to watch. They should have had Mike Awesome wrestle somebody on the show, oh like maybe Raven? How about Tommy Dreamer? Nooo, you can't do that, they have to do their own feud. Rhino? Awesome beat him before, but Rhino is developing right now. Who knows? But what I do know is that ECW was really depending on RVD and Sabu, and now that they are gone, they must think fast. This week's show was sort of lackluster, but the matches were decent. Therefore, I'll give it a


for a weaker show than normal, but who can blame them without their two top stars? They need Mike Awesome back on the show badly, and they need to make sure that no bad endings like this week's show had, will never happen again. Also, this week's show had some bad production, with the many commercial breaks and those breaks, again, were in the middle of matches. I predict that ECW will continue their trend of 1.0 ratings again for this week.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with something...who knows, as I'll worry about that tomorrow. Sundays are sooo slow, unless I do impressions from WCW Saturday Night...but I don't know about that. I'll be back in some capacity tomorrow, you can count on that! See you tomorrow!!

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