My name is, my name is, my name is...Mr. Tito! Sorry, I have that damn Eminem song stuck in my head. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Well I caught thunder last night and having a match between Benoit/Malenko vs. Van HAmmer/Hayashi makes Thunder recieve a famous Mr. Tito Grade of D.-Apparently, Roddy Piper needs hip surgery, again! But this time it's on the other hip. If you noticed from his match on Nitro, he was very slow moving, and at times was very slow to get up. Now he should retire.-Ok, Sting still hasn't return to WCW television. There are still reports on him returning sometime this month, and now some say he'll return sometime in March! What the hell?!? We want Sting! WE WANT STING!!!-WCW was very pleased with Blitzcreig on Monday. Rey Misterio had to ground him just to beat him last Monday. -My local toy stores are pissed off on how weak the WCW toy sales are. WWF Jakks toys get sold out when they come out, and yet the WCW figures stay on the shelves. Even the new WCW/NWO figures, which actually look like the wrestlers aren't selling. The WWF figures were selling like hotcakes even when WCW was ahead. I personally, liked the WCW figures they released a while back. They were made of hard plastic, but couldn't move, but they were great. They actually looked like the WCW wrestlers.


-Reports are that Sexual Chocolate tore a tendon in his knee. That's a damn shame, as his character was really starting to reach it's potential. -Giant, Paul Wight, Titan, or whatever you want to call him, officially signed with the WWF. No word on how much or how many years.-WWF has offered Public Enemy a contract. Joy, but I don't think they would have a shot at the tag belts, and they will end up like they did at WCW, wrestlers on lower federation programs.-Da Rumor mill says that Road Dog has checked himself into rehab. Poor Road Dog. I just hope this is just a rumor, and that he might miss his PPV Hardcore match with Al Snow because of the injury he suffered at a house show recently. The injury has been said to be a work so that Road Dog can check into rehab.-Alright, many have e-mailed me asking me for my Valentine's Day Massacre predictions:=MacMahon vs. Austin: Well, I predict that the Giant or Titan will come down and ruin Stone Cold's fun. Winner: Vince!=Rock vs. Mankind: I have a feeling that the most electrifying man in the sports entertainment history is gonna get the win. Winner: The Rock=Road Dog vs. Al Snow: Most likely, won't happen. But if it does, Al Snow all the way! Winner: Al Snow=Chyna/Kane vs. TripleH/Xpac. Chyna and Kane all the way, setting up a possible Chyna vs. HHH match at Wrestlemania? Winners: Chyna/Kane=Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock. My money is on Val Venis, just because Ken Shamrock is due for some time off from the WWF to enter the UFC again. Winner: Val Venis=If I forgot any matches, oh well.

@Well, that's it for the Phat Daily Column! You can e-mail me about anything concerning the PDC or anything else about wrestling, and I will try to reply. Please keep in mind that my computer is STILL in the shop, so therefore no Phat Daily Column on Saturday or Sunday. I'll be back Monday to answer your e-mails and continue my legacy known as Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column! Have a good weekend, and enjoy Valentine's Day.

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