Yes, yes, yes... this column IS late today. But, allow me to make excuses. For one, I stayed up late to do and finish a Sociology paper, until 3:30 am in the morning! Then, I had to go to an induction ceremony, which held me back on time, again. So there, and if you don't like those excuses... I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YOU!!! Oh shit, I just used one of Billy Gunn's catchphrases.

Hey, yesterday I went to an Ohio University basketball game and a hockey game too. In the basketball game, they played the Degeneration X Aggression theme, and in the hockey game, the Rock and Chris Jericho's themes were played. What news!

But what the hell am I talking about? The thing I just told you is NOT a newsbyte. Therefore, for those who do this, QUIT SENDING IN NEWS LIKE THAT!!!!! Wrestling fans could give a crap about that kind of news. Does a guy sitting in the soundbooth have an influence on wrestling because he plays a wrestling theme at a sporting event? NO HE DOESN'T!!! Now, if you see a wrestler attending a sporting event, that's somewhat more credible news than some soundguy playing a theme. What if I turn on my CD player, right now, and play it for the whole dorm here. Does that make wrestling headlines?

Dot Com Me WWF!

Everyday, I see in the news that the WWF is attacking some domain owner because they use something with "WWF" in it. Hell, the WWF takes the owners to court over the name. Talk about being over protective of their product.

Especially if it's a site that MIGHT make money off the product. The WWF hits the panic button, a lot, and attacks with their nice group of lawyers. Hell, they have even attacked sites that just have information about the WWF, thinking that they are taking away hits from their precious "".

But what if I did this.... what if I registered, and then just praised the WWF on how 'great' they are. What if I had NO BANNERS on the site, had NO Multimedia of the WWF's, and was just a small tribute, in words, to the WWF. Would they sue me?

Most likely. The WWF has been a bit too stuck up lately about the internet, attacking whoever has just has pictures of their wrestlers. It's getting ridiculous, and the WWF should stop stroking their egos about their own product, and wanting to take away something from FANS.

Feedback that Ass Up!

john 876 writes....

Why are there so many broken images in your past columns from the PDC archive?

The answer is simple. From the time I started doing columns, I've either switched servers or deleted pictures for more server space.

But for those images on the archives, there is NO WAY I'm going back to fix each one. That would take hours upon hours to do, and plus, some of the images are forever missing anyway.

Mathew writes....

What is the purpose of the Phat Pharm?

Upon becoming an assistant webmaster last year, I was brainstorming for a project to work on. I thought of some kind of idea for a "Farm System" for columnists, just like the organized baseball and hockey has. I figured it could be a way for newer writers, who wanted to showcase their thoughts about wrestling, to have the opportunity to do so, with my help.

If you ask all of the Pharm columnists, you'll know that I don't hold back when I criticize if I see something wrong. Like, for instance, if I see someone swearing too much, I'll tell them to stop. If I see a way to better organize their column, I make suggestions. And so forth. Being on the Pharm does NOT guarantee an eventual spot on the Main Page of LoP, BUT if Calvin needs a columnist, he'll look at the Phat Pharm and grab the best or most suitable one. I usually tell columnists that this is a place to develop, mainly, with an audience of readers to help me critique their columns.

DudleyMan writes....

What are your actual feelings on the XFL?

Well, if you've read past columns, you'll know that I'm a NFL nut! My face is glued to the set when watching NFL games, with the exception of the Monday Night Football game, which I catch the end of after wrestling. So as an NFL purist, I had my disbeliefs at first. I guess you could say that I started believing some of the hype that it MIGHT be a good product, so now I'm just going to try to enjoy the game.

I think the only way for the league to survive is to make sure it a separate thing from both the NFL and the WWF. Being unique will probably be the only way the league will survive in the long run, and making it a separate product from the WWF would make wrestling haters attracted to it.


There really isn't much going on in wrestling today. The SHOCKING news coming out of WCW about their sale is now over, and the WWF has been very quiet lately on headlines. The only real headlines that could come up are possible returns by Hulk Hogan, Sting, or Booker T, which are all likely to be WCW. Booker T is due any day now.
Hulk Hogan, when not making bullshit lies about being asked to join Metallica, will probably rejoin WCW soon. Just about all of the inside sources and WCW personlities on radio stations have said that Hogan will be returning very shortly. Plus, I just don't see Hogan fitting in with the WWF. I just don't see it. But that's just me.

With Sting, though, he'll be returning in a few months, off his neck surgery. In an interview on WCW Hotline, he said that he was happy to be working for Bischoff again. Hmmm, I don't know... I've heard, somewhere, that Sting's contract DOES IN FACT end sometime this year. Cause remember, he signed a big 3 year contract in 1998, just after he won the World Title. If some WCW shill or official could confirm Sting's contract status, please do so.

But what if Sting's contract did run out... what if he appeared in the WWF? Ever since Sting was the biggest star in WCW throughout the 90s, I've always wondered how successful Sting would be in the WWF. But Sting was always loyal, while guys like Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Steiner Brothers, and EVERYBODY else got a taste of the WWF. But Sting remained.

During the WWF sales talk, Sting asked wrestlers who have been in WCW on what working for Vince McMahon would be like. Could that be a sign? Well, I doubt it. Despite how bad it gets, Sting always remains loyal to WCW.

I'd really like to see Sting make the jump to the WWF, now. Sure, he's past his prime and isn't quite the Stinger of old. But could you imagine the ratings on a Sting vs. Rock match? While we're at it, how about Sting vs. Triple H? Sting vs. Steve Austin? Wouldn't that be something you'd want to see?

Sting, during his last WCW run, could still wrestle. Each time he wrestled Jarrett, he brought out the best in Jarrett, while other wrestlers seem to have bad matches with him. Do you remember the leaping clothesline over the top rope that Sting did on Jarrett?

The real problem could be that Sting's neck injury might scare away the WWF from ever picking him up. But there are plenty of Loyal Stingers out there who would gladly follow Sting to the WWF, if he was to perform there. All odds, though, point to another WCW run, and probably another disappointing one too.

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@Ah yes, this late edition of the PDC comes to a close. Sorry for the delay, but for the most part, I can guarantee a PDC to at least 12:30 pm EST. I'll at least try to live up to that. Just chill!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Your Day.

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Chicago Enforcers (0-2): 32
Los Angeles Xtreme (1-1): 39
ESPN Recap

San Francisco Demons (1-1): 14
Orlando Rage (2-0): 26
ESPN Recap


Apparently, the Los Angeles area experienced blackouts for at least the first 30 minutes of the game, or more. Yahoo! News is reporting that it was due to a power outage in LA, which California seems to experience a lot of lately...

Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura, Stephanie McMahon, and the Rock were all at the LA vs. Chicago game, which for my area, received the most attention.

Stephanie McMahon was announced to be at the game just after the PDC/XFL Gazette was published, so sorry for not mentioning that.

As for my thoughts on tonight's game. Well, let's start with the announcers, Ventura and Ross. I thought they did an excellent job calling the game when they were NOT taking shots at the NFL. That's the last thing you'd want to do, especially when some diehard NFL fans are watching. Other than that, they were excellent. I don't know about you, but I didn't really care for the Rock and Stephanie at the game. Nothing against them, but just that the XFL needs to establish themselves as something entirely different from the NFL. The WWF turns several sports fans off, as you see that the XFL gets higher ratings than the WWF shows. Point proven.

The Enforcer vs. Xtreme game was excellent! The come from behind win by Tommie Maddox and Darnell Copeland connecting several times was breathtaking! Now, last week, I bashed the receivers of the XFL because they couldn't catch... Copeland proved me wrong. Call the man "Velcro", because he caught stuff that many in the NFL would drop.

Then, the game went to overtime after the thrilling comeback by Los Angeles. I really dig the overtime rules for the XFL, especially on the down rule. Now that's the part of the XFL that's better than the NFL, as the NFL's overtimes ALWAYS end in a field goal.

Great game, and it came across better to me than last week's, thanks to better announcing and a more competitive game. I'm very curious on the ratings this week, and I'll gladly report them in an upcoming Gazette.

It should be noted, though, that Ross and Ventura were putting over the NBA All Star game, BIG TIME! If you didn't hear, NBA commissioner David Stern was very angry about NBC promoting the XFL on his games last week, to the point where Stern said he might go for another station once the TV contract expires next year. It's even more amazing when the XFL games goe Head to Head with the NBA game.

I believe that the XFL should change their camera angles though. The behind the quarterback angle produced several mess-ups throughout the evening on Quarterback fakes.


Birmingham Thunderbolts (0-1) vs. NY/NY Hitmen (0-1) at 4:00 on TNN

Las Vegas Outlaws (1-0) vs. Memphis Maniax (1-0) at 7:00 on UPN


GlobalTV in Canada apparently cut off last night's LA vs. Chicago game with only 20 seconds left in the game, missing all of the overtime.

OUCH! Last night's ratings dropped a whole 56% to a 5.1 in the overnight ratings! You could blame the power outage in LA, but that's doubtful. It should have been higher from the Overtime game.