Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The WCW 4 are continuing to show us why they left WCW, as they are continually in the spotlight at the WWF! I think that should send a message to any more YOUNG, and TALENTED wrestlers left in WCW who keep getting held down(Booker T, Vampiro, Kanyon, etc.) But hey, what would WCW have left if they let all of their great, young talent go with all of the injuries lately? Uh oh, I'm ranting too much in the intro, so on to the PDC.


-Well, now my favorite team(sarcasm) Too Cool is getting a lot of the spotlight in the Stephanie-Triple H war, as tonight Scotty Too Hotty or however he spells it took on Perry Saturn, and Grandmaster Sex-ay or however that's spelled took on Dean Malenko. Ok, let me see here. We have two guys from WCW who won Tag Titles and Singles Titles from the organization that they just left, and then we have two guys who used to wrestle in the Lightweight division until they thought they could form a tag team. Hmm, if you could pick a winner before the match, who would it easily be? Gee, that's a mystery! But anyway, Malenko and Saturn had to result to cheating to defeat the members of Too Cool in their respective matches, which would ONLY happen because they are heels. Also, tonight, we were treated to a run-in finish by Saturn and Malenko during what could have been a great match between Rikishi and Chris Benoit. Damn Radicals!

-Wow, Kurt Angle wins the COVETTED European Championship, as he defeated Val "I can't be pushed anymore with this gimmick" Venis. This title win has been long overdue, as it kept getting pushed back week after week. I find it rather strange that an American Olympic Champion is a European Champion, which I say is a good opportunity for the WWF to re-name the title!! Not to disrespect Europeans, but that title just never caught on here in the states. The WWF made it back then as a favor to many European cities that continued to host the WWF then. Hell, the belt failed to really catch on that Shane McMahon retired it! Give it a new name, as the WWF has never had a Television Title. How about that?

-The Damn Dudleys continued their terror in the WWF, as it really shows that the WWF enjoys them by having them a part of their show a lot lately. That's good for me, as I've always enjoyed watching the Dudleys. Tonight, Buh Buh powerbombed BB harded than he did with Terri Runnels, but again, he took most of it. That's pretty professional of him to do that, but I'm sure other wrestlers would do the same. I think this slow build up of heat and the spotlight on the Dudleys is building towards some World Titles coming their way. Oh wait, another heel team named the New Age Outlaws STILL have the titles.

-Gangrel? Prince Albert? Get them on Heat or Jakked!!!!!!!

-I'm convinced. Kane will NEVER defeat Triple H in any kind of match at all. I'm starting to feel like a Macho Man fan, hoping that he would defeat Hulk Hogan, and in this case it's Triple H. That's right, I'm comparing Kane vs. Triple H to Macho Man vs. Hulk Hogan! Kane will NEVER defeat Triple H, just like Macho Man will NEVER defeat Hulk Hogan. I have no idea on what the reasoning is for Kane and Macho Man to ALWAYS lose to those two guys. Can't they at least win once? For me? :)


-Well, I suppose the Sabu deal wasn't a deal afterall. I guess the contract on a napkin was strong enough to hold the most suicidal, homicidal, genocidal wrestler out of WCW for the time being. Boy, WCW must feel like crap by hyping Sabu on their website, and NOT delivering him at all. Of course, all of these rumors about the contract dispute could all be a work just to surprise us all on the Unopposed Nitro this Monday. I really hope so for WCW's case.

-Everyone's favorite show, Thunder, did a 2.45 in the ratings the other night, which I guess is a little up from last week's show. Hey, last week's show was hyped by the reappearance of Hulk Hogan, and it didn't score higher? Anyway, WCW just doesn't seem to put much effort into this show like they do with Nitro. This should be their flagship show, as it's senseless to continue fighting in the Monday Night war, because the gap is too wide there now. Make Wednesday Nights Chunder night!


-If Sabu really can't wrestle in WCW yet, I think that this whole situation can be re-looked by Paul Heyman. One reason about Sabu's departure was the obvious payoff, which Heyman can't match. Another reason could have been the fact that Heyman wasn't pushing Sabu very much. Sure he was involved in the Awesome-RVD feud, but what would he accomplish there by helping Awesome? No victories. He's lost a lot at ECW Pay Per Views, and he keeps putting his body on the line every night for nothing in return but the fan's respect. I don't know, I think things can be worked out between the parties, because Sabu is one of the main reasons along with others, why we watch ECW each and everyweek. Especially with RVD out with an injury, Sabu could really be used right now.

@That's it for Today's Column! I'll be back with some rants about ECW's lovely TNN show, which I took a lot of heat when I ripped certain segments apart last week, but I'm not backing down. Just like the other two federations, if I see something that I don't like, I'll rip it hard! See you tomorrow!

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