Welcome back to Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!!! It's been a weak week in the world of wrestling, since a stupid dog show was in place of Raw this past Monday. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-The Road Dog may or may not be at the PPV Sunday, as his injury might keep him out. They say he can try to wrestle, but if he took a hard bump, it could damage his great career. Taking time off now would be best for him. -Stone Cold is said to be completely healed from his muscle tear in his back which he suffered during the Buried Alive match vs. the Undertaker. Great news for Stone Cold fans. -Dr. Death is supposed to return anyday now. His career is doomed now from the stupid Brawl for All when he lost to Bart Gunn. WWF was hoping Dr. Death could walk through the tourney easily, and then become an instant title contender, but that obviously didn't happen. -Jim Ross will definately be back by Wrestlemania, or maybe before that. Can't wait to hear Jim Ross commentate again!


-Argh! Sting is supposed to return sometime this month, but no guarantees yet! Everyday I keep hearing that he'll show up this coming Nitro, but every Nitro I'm disappointed to see no Stinger on Nitro. I miss him. -For you Kimberly fans, no need to worry about her being injured from jumping out of the car...that was a stunt double! -Many wrestlers backstage want Flair to beat Hogan at Superbrawl. Too bad Hogan has too much damn control in WCW. Not even Kevin Nash or DDP, who are now the head bookers can do anything. -I'm just wondering if the Piper-Raven feud will ever go down. If you saw him on Nitro the other night with Kanyon, he was happy, and not dark and twisted like the old Raven. We'll see if anything happens in the future, like if Raven ever returns to Nitro, the live show at least, not taped segments of him hanging out with Kanyon.

Well, that's all for the Phat Daily Column today. You can e-mail me with whatever about wrestling by clicking my e-mail link down below, and I will try to reply! Have a nice day!

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