Welcome, once again, to the PDC train! Anyway, there's nothing like some good Chunder to make you feel all warm inside. Also, there is some Smackdown tonight, as the WWF attempts to top what went down on Monday Night. Many readers feel that the past RAW was the best RAW ever. I tend to disagree on that one, but I agree that it's up there. With all of this being said, on to the PDC.


-I like how WCW.com had a Nitro preview, and they had a Thunder preview yesterday in small letters. With everybody saying that Thunder will now be the main show, think again. Of course, WCW has a great opportunity without RAW in their face Monday. So far, they are REALLY hyping Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair on WCW.com, as they did some heat for the match on Thunder with Flair's comments. Whether or not either Flair or Hogan can put on a good show will be determined Monday! Also, there were rumors circulating around about James Brown appearing on the show, and the Cat's comments could have sealed that. I don't mind Brown's music, but does WCW really think that he's a ratings draw? Crazy.

-Oh joy, the NWO seems to be over as of tonight, with Hall and Jarrett rekindling their classic WWF feud. Of course, Hall is way out of shape now, and Jarrett is a much better wrestler now than he was then. Of course, you can all pat me on the back for saying that bringing back the New World Order would NOT work. Yes, give me my medals, because the night I went off and failed Nitro, everybody called me an idiot for making the conclusion then. Many told me that it would turn WCW around. Nope, it's made WCW worse. So there.

-My God, lots of controversy is still floating around about Sabu's first day in WCW. ECW claims to have a lengthy contract for Sabu on notebook paper somewhere, as every ECW wrestler that leaves gets hit with many false contract claims. ECW, lately, sure hasn't been giving Sabu direction, as he's been jobbing like crazy on ECW Pay Per Views. So why the hell are they being so ignorant about it? Besides, he'll go to WCW for a few years, and come back disgruntled soon anyway, so why bother?

-Steve Gerweck received a letter from Midnight about her asking for and receiving her full release from WCW. Ouch, another one bites the dust! She has hopes and dreams of going to the WWF, where I would love to see her fight Chyna to see how tough she really is! This release really came out of no where, as WCW is losing talent like flies lately. Oh well, maybe now Booker T can finally whip some ass on his own. Nah, if all of the wrestlers but Booker T couldn't make it for a show, and WCW had local jobbers to work with on a television show, they would feature and push the jobbers!!

-God, I forget to comment on anything anymore. On Nitro, I was VERY impressed with the Ready To Rumble preview. It looks like it will be a very entertaining movie, and you can be rest assured that you will see a movie review the day after it comes out!


-I heard that HBK Shawn Michaels was backstage at RAW the other night, but contrary to rumors about him, he was not used for one of the best RAWs of all time. Just imagine if the WWF somehow used him that night. Even if he came back, I question where he would fit in the lockerroom. The WWF has some well established leaders in Triple H and the Rock backstage, and if HBK came back fulltime, there could be some problems there. But of course, maybe nothing would happen. Many, including I, just want to hear him on the mic, as he's one of the best in the business. What I really want is for HBK to show up at Wrestlemania in some capacity, because a Wrestlemania isn't a Wrestlemania without HBK.

-The WWFE stock dropped a little again yesterday, reaching all time lows for its early life on the market. Oh wait, I better not comment on the WWFE stock since I'm so stupid about it according to some readers. No, I don't notice how the WWFE started out at 17 per share and it is 10 11/16 now. No, I don't see that marginal difference. My bad!!!

-On PERRYSATURN.com, Mr. Saturn had some great words about the WWF in his commentary, which I forgot to comment on the other day. He's very enthused about being in the WWF, and from the 8.1 rating that the main event did on RAW, I think that Perry and the other 3 former WCW wrestlers have made a great decision. It shows that with great talent, you will NOT be held back in the WWF. You can't say that for WCW, because I continue to see awesome talent being held down by bad politics. I'm sure their mouths were all watering when they saw Jericho's debut, and probably from then on, they have all wanted out. The bad politics got so bad, they found the right time to leave, and thus they are entertaining fans in the WWF.

@That's all I have to say about that. I'll be back tomorrow with some Smackdown thoughts, and then some. So until the next column, why not chill till the next episode!

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