Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Oh joy, the ratings are in, too bad Raw wasn't there to crush Nitro. Anyways, on to the PDC!!!



-Well, Lex Lugar is now on the injured list, and he will remain there for 8 long weeks. Oh darn, no hair vs. mask match. -Well, Nitro pulled off a huge rating 5.7. But wait, they were opposed to a dog show. Everyone just wait till NBA playoff time when Raw is unopposed to see the ratings go through the roof! -Apparently, Sandman's(if he's called that) role is very uncertain in WCW. I feel WCW killed the Hardcore legend when they made him lose to Bam Bam in his first match. -Rumor has it that the person who the blond chick leading around was none other than David Flair. It's just another head game to use against the Nature Boy.


-Reports are that 2 Cool Scorpio has been released from the WWF. Scorpio has never achieved anything in the WWF, except for one of the worst gimmicks in WWF history. Look for an ECW return for him. -A couple things could happen at Valentine's Day Massacre. One, Titan could come down and interfere in the MacMahon/Stone Cold cage match or even the Kane/Chyna vs. HHH/Xpac match. With the Rock vs. Mankind match(again!) either one could win, yet they will probably re-match at Wrestlemania in a rumored Hell in a Cell match. That is not confirmed yet, but it would be great. Many have said it will be a triple threat match with Stone Cold, Rock, and Mankind. We are just gonna have to see what happens Sunday! -Bob Backlund running for congress in 2000? Oh please.

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