The show starts off with Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the ring. Joey does his usual open commentary, while Joel interrupts and says a great line about penatration with women. I forget how he worded it. Anyway, they were interrupted by Rhino. He talked how many considered him an Impact Player, but he said that the Impact Players were f*cking p*ssies. Styles announces how Rhino and Lance Storm will take on Dreamer and Raven for the titles in the main event later. Rhino says he can take the titles on his own. As Rhino leaves the ring, he was approached by Tammy Sytch, who seems to have a proposition for him.

Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy
Before the match, they showed the Baldies looking for New Jack in the New York Subways. As for the match, it was a fast action paced match up, where each of the wrestlers traded blows. Jerry Lynn would nail Crazy with a very stiff tonado DDT. Lynn would hit a sweet belly to back suplex which had a tight bridge in it. Super Crazy nailed his 3 moonsaults, only for Lynn to kick out. Corino came into the ring to distract Super Crazy, and Tajiri entered the ring to spit the Muta like green mist into the ref's face. Tajiri nailed Super Crazy with a brainbuster, and put Lynn over Crazy for another ref to make the count. Corino got his ass kicked by the ref at the end of this match. I loved it!
Winner: Jerry Lynn

More with the Baldies looking for New Jack in the subways.

Interesting segment in the back with James Vandenberg healing Steve Corino. Vandenberg acted like a priest, and after he "healed" Corino, he whipped out a cigarette and said that it beats managing Wrath and Mortis. Funny stuff!

Axl and Balls vs. the two other Baldies that weren't looking for New Jack
This match was all Balls and Axl, as they really hammered the smaller Baldie. Sorry, I'm not to familiar with the names. The smaller one took some chair shots, a superkick, and a Juvydriver on two stacked chairs in the ring for Balls and Axl to get the win.
Winners: Axl and Balls

This is the part where I missed, which you will notice that I mention this in my column tomorrow. My friends filled me in on this part. I heard for this part that Corino and Jack Victory were walking around backstage for Rhino, when they happened to find Rhino with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch! It was later announced that Justin Credible and Lance Storm have walked out of ECW, so Lance Storm won't be in the main the backstage incident leads to.......the main event!

Baldies were calling out New Jack in the subway, and they challenged him to a subway street fight or something for the TNN show next week.

LoL, Danny Doring was complaining on how you have to have big boobs to get a tag team title shot in ECW. He's with Road Kill, and then all of the sudden some woman walks in and shows them her goods. Looks like they might get the title shots after all!

Tommy Dreamer and Raven vs. Rhino and Candido for the ECW Tag Team Championship
Corino pissed and moaned about how the ref beat his ass earlier, and Tommy Dreamer dropped him. God I hate Corino. Candido and Dreamer started this match, and Dreamer ended up nailing Candido with well executed Russian Leg Sweep. Raven came in, and after that, all 4 wrestlers were fighting in the crowd. They start pounding on Dreamer back in the ring, until Raven gets tagged in. Raven put on a show folks, as he did a great leapfrog with Rhino which caused Candido to take a charge from the Rhino. Raven cleaned house with the chair. Everyone is fighting in and around the ring, and then Tammy gives a low blow to dreamer...which gets Francine fired up...CATFIGHT!!! If you like cleavage, you are probably pissed you missed this one. Francine ends up giving Tammy a massive DDT, and Candido tried to attack Francine only to take a Dreamer DDT..1, 2, 3!!
Winners: Raven and Dreamer

After the match, Corino, Victory..and eventually the Impact Players came in and kicked the tag champs' ass. Then, Enter Sandman plays. Damn, did everyone take stiff cane shots tonight, as Sandman cleared the ring. Raven would then attack Sandman, and Dreamer would try to break them up. This lead to Dreamer taking a cane on accident himself. The show ends. This night was filled with energy, and I'd give it a B+ from what I saw. I'd say it gets a 1.0 in the ratings since it's due to be in the ones after being below One in the rating last week.