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ECW is doomed. Lately, wrestlers checks have bounced. Lately, the talented wrestlers are leaving to make more money. Lately, the stars within the organization aren't too happy being in ECW. With it's watered down pay per views, weak infomercials, and the shitty talent anymore, ECW could go out of business, or just become another weak independent. But wait, they are still an independent, as many wrestlers get paid by the appearance, and are not under real contracts. It all started when WCW raided ECW's talent. I remember watching the great ECW infomercial, and I loved it! I loved to watch the Eliminators Perry Saturn and John Kronus! I loved to watch the evil and possessive Raven fight the Sandman. I also loved to watch Stevie Richards wrestle, and he was becoming a superstar. WCW raided ECW of some of it's key stars. Stars that were the glue that made ECW exciting. When they left, the excitement that was ECW left with it. ECW would then milk the Van Dam/Sabu vs. Dreamer/Sandman forever, and they would also drag the Triple Threat. ECW would also make WWF jobbers into stars, only for the WWF to come take them back. They tried to make shitty shock value on the PPVs, but it didn't impress many. They even tried to bring in Sid, only to see him leave. Two of ECW's biggest stars, Sabu and Franchise are very unhappy in ECW right now. The big two are very interested in the both of them, and if either or both left, ECW would be through, not that they might be now. The money problem shows that ECW is losing more money than it is gaining. ECW will try to make some pay cuts, which will hurt ECW's chances to break through and make the big two the big three! That's what ECW has been trying for days, and they were almost there, until WCW and the WWF raided it's talent. I remember watching ECW's Barely Legal, the first ever ECW PPV, and I was highly impressed. I will go on record and say that it was the best Pay Per View that I have ever saw. I also attended a house show right after the Pay Per View, and I must say, it was the best live show I have ever attended. Right after that, Raven, Saturn, Richards, and Brian Lee left, and ECW was never the same! And that's a damn shame. ECW says they are still hardcore, but some of the wrestlers they have now just don't have what it takes to be hardcore like the ones who left for greener pastures. I don't know, Paul Heyman is one of the greatest creative geniuses in wrestling today, but whatever greatness he creates, will always get taking away. Oh well, maybe in about ten years, ECW will be on top, and the WWF and WCW will be the ones struggling to keep talent and to make money. You never know.

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Mr. Tito

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