Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The news seems to be picking up lately, as last week was a very dry week. Tonight, the Thursday Night Wars continue, but Thunder finally stacked the deck for this one. Of course, Smackdown will most likely destroy Chunder in the ratings as it's expected when you are facing a network television program versus a cable one. Oh well, on to the PDC!


-When will Mick Foley officially retire? I'm sure you heard the rumor about Mick being in some kind of angle around Royal Rumble where it would put him out of wrestling. Well, now I hear that it will be pushed around Wrestlemania time due to the lack of main eventers from Stone Cold being injured. I agree with that, because the WWF is really hurting in that department, yet they do have the resources. They need to push Kane to be one of the main eventers..plain and simple! He's a great, powerful worker who has payed his dues over the years. He's in excellent shape and the fans usually get behind this man when he wrestles, so why not? You could also push Rikishi Fatu as a main eventer, as I feel that Fatu wrestles better and is quicker than his COUSIN Yokozuna. You have Taz coming in at January, but the question is...do you push him? It's always a morale killer when someone new gets the push over someone who has been there for years. Do you make him earn it like Jericho is? Only time will tell...

-Is anyone else angry by the so far scheduled main event at Wrestlemania which will be the Rock vs. Triple H? I sure as hell am, as I've seen these two fight each other too many damn times. Is there any other main eventers you can have win the world title instead of Triple H for the Rock to fight? Hell, you might as well put Shane McMahon vs. the Rock for a much better and more entertaining match up. Alright, I'm done ranting, so you can open your eyes now. What will lead to this match up? Ok, Triple H will defeat Vince McMahon at Armageddon to recieve the title shot at Armageddon. Triple H will beat the Big Show's ass in the main event at Royal Rumble, which is a guaranteed borefest for that match up. Also at the Royal Rumble, the Rock will win the 30 man over the top rope battle royal to become #1 contender. Now ain't that a peach?

-Tonight, everyone who gets UPN can experience Smackdown...which will contain many matches you have already seen before. Stuff like this makes you feel like the WWF has to start raiding small federations for talent. They need something because they are forced to use wrestlers like Too Cool on their big shows now! They need some decent sized names, and not just former olympians like Kurt Angle. Of course, you have those old WWF names floating around in the independents, but there is no need to hire any dinosaurs. Hey, ECW has some decent talent still to maybe take. You've already taken their World champion and their tag champs. I don't know, just some ideas because I feel that the WWF needs some new, fresh talent badly.

+Like I mentioned up top, Rikishi Fatu is Yokozuna's cousin!!! He is NOT Yokozuna. You don't understand how many e-mails I get about how Rikishi is Yokozuna, and I've even seen one site refer to him as that. Time to set the record straight I guess. Rikishis Fatu was Samoan Swat Team member Fatu, Headshrinker Fatu, Fatu "let's make a difference", and he was the Sultan. For his recent role, he put on lots of weight from his last stint as the Sultan in the WWF. I suppose he along with the WWF agreed on this, and thus you have Rikishi Fatu. Yokozuna is over 600 pounds still, as you would have seen him on television by now if he would have lost weight. The WWF released him due to health problems due to his blimping weight. Yokozuna, who isn't Japanese if you didn't notice, is the cousin of Rikishi Fatu. Maybe that's where people see the comparison.


-If WCW is going to make cuts on money, they should look no further than the valets. Those ladies make a killing on WCW payroll. I heard that Torrie has been recieving $3,000 per appearance..and lately, she wants to negotiate a contract which will continue to pay her that for every appearance she makes or more! Symphony, I also here, makes a good bit of money as well...and just to be that LOSER Maestro's valet. How do you pay a bunch of money to a valet who manages one of the biggest panzies around? Geesh. And WCW forces hard working wrestlers, like Vampiro, to take large pay cuts. I see who you should make take a paycut.

-My God, Chunder looks way better than what Nitro was. Is this further proof that Nitro will be very tough once they get it down to two hours come next year? Could be, but I really wonder what WCW will be doing with Thunder after these first few weeks. Will it return to the midcard ruled show that it was? If it's like the main event Thunder that it is, I see the same burn out signs that happened to Russo and Ferarra in the WWF. How can you book two main event shows in one week? Even though it's with more wrestlers, it's still the same thing. Oh well, we'll see what happens in this situation in a few months.

-Speaking of Russo and Ferarra, there is already confidence lost in those two men. They have been there a few months, and yet they are back to the ratings they recieved before they came. A lot of wrestlers feel that their careers are in better hands with them, but they aren't happy that they are still continually losing in the ratings and that their angles are always being compared with the WWF's angles. The funny thing I heard was that if the new creative team doesn't produce significant ratings in a short time soon, that they will be force to bring back those dinosaurs (Flair, Hogan, etc) sooner than they wanted too. Russo and Ferarra better step it up!

@That's it for today's edition. Remember, this column contains many opinions on my thoughts on the wrestling world. Anyway, just chill till the next episode.

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