Welcome to another textbook edition of the Phat Daily Column. Why on Earth am I writing long columns lately? Today is no exception, as we have 3 things, 3 things, 3 things to do. One, we'll discuss the WWF, since it is still WWF day. Two, we'll go over No Mercy and how to fix those darn glitches. Finally, we'll have a Phat Video Review of ICP's Stranglemania. Yes, I bought that badboy, and that one should get interesting. Well, let's get to it.

No Mercy Fixtures

Yesterday, I promised you I'd post the best advice about fixing the No Mercy glitch, or at least something that explains it well. So here goes:

Chris Slate writes:

When you edit/create a wrestler, and sometimes when you press B to get out of it or save it.... you know how the yes/no box will pop up, that doesn't always work I've found out. What I do is press start, and it usually works that way.

As for the championship mode... say if you started the womens title run already... you won't be able to exit that and start the world title run, until you've completely completed that whole section/chapter(s), then you can try another belt. Also, when you press "B", to back out of the screen where it says 'continue/save'... a screen pops up that says exit/quit, or some shit like that, one of those deleted my whole series before, and I had to do it over again.


Expresso 83 writes:

I believe and have also read that the main problem with data getting erased from No Mercy is having saved Wrestlemania 2000 data on the Gamepak itself. However, you cannot save your saved title quests on the Gamepak maybe I am wrong.

However, I am happy to report and have had no such problems with data getting erased and I have had the game since it day of release.


Frank Maneri writes:

I've heard from sources online that if you have a memory card in the controller with WrestleMania 2000 memory on it, that will mess up the saving of the game.


Shawn Shoemaker writes:

I've been reading a lot about this because it happened to me recently and really pissed me off. I've emailed THQ numerous times requesting advice on how to fix this problem and have received no answer. THQ actually has acknowledged this problem and has an address on their website where you can mail your cartridges to get a new one if you are having problems. There have been many complaints about this. THQ also says that not all the cartridges are bad. They suggest taking it back to where you bought it and exchange it for a new one. Like many people I think this is a stupid idea because there is a chance that you will get another bad cartridge. There next suggestion is to rest the cartridge by holding the start button when you turn on your 64 and deleting all the saved information. They say that should fix a lot of the problems, but from what i've see that's total crap. If anyone else comes up with any other ideas let me know. If you want to check out some of the sites that are talking about it, I just did a search on "No Mercy for Nintendo 64 Problems" and got a bunch of hits on several different search engines. Another thing you might want to point out to other No Mercy owners is about one of the "so called" hidden characters in the game. Many sites have reported that Raven is in the game if you beat the survival mode and eliminate 100 people. I've beaten it. Raven is not in the game unless something is really wrong with my cartridge.


Brett Power writes:

My advice on saving information on "No Mercy", tell them to use a memory pack. You can go to data and transfer it to your pack. I haven't had any problems with the game erasing, but I have had the game freeze up once or twice.


Nathan Gower writes:

My local Babbages (props to Derek and the gang there) knew what was up. They said that it was a glitch in some of the first ones that were sent out. I got another one and its fine. There is no way to "solve" the glitch but to return it for another. It happened mainly with the first batch.


Joe R. writes:

I don't use a memory card with Wrestlemania 2k things and it works fine for me. Others have said this as well. Some games are just glitched to begin with (70%!) and you can send it back to thq I think.


Switzer writes:

I had the same problem twice with No Mercy. One when I just got the game and them later on when I had already unlocked every wrestler, arena, all the nice moves, and a slew of CAW's. The only way to stop it from happening is to go to "Data" under the commissioner page and move all of your files from the game pack to your controller pack. Hope I helped.


Mike C. writes:

The problem with the game is when you do the championship mode with a created wrestler it had some sort of a bug. You can write an e-mail to thq and they will reply just print out the reply and bring it back to the store and they should give you a fixed up version of no mercy with out the Bug.


Shawn Valloric from WrestlePalooza.com writes:

I guess what is going on is that the first few batches of the game were bad (memory wise) THQ has/had something about it on their site. Someone I talked to about it said that (as a last resort) THQ had them send it back to them for a newer on that didn't have that problem. I had it happen to me, if it happens again I am definitely sending it back.


Goose writes:

First of all if you have any WWF Wrestlemania 2000 notes on your controller pack (or ANY controller pack that is plugged in to the game) ERASE them. For some stupid reason the designers of the game didn't think about this and sometimes the game gets confused about which game notes are which. After you've erased all the game notes from 2000, save as much as you can from No Mercy onto the controller pack. (really only created players are what you can save but you can clone some of the superstars who's costumes you've changed too.) even if you already have saved these, do it again. Now take your controller pack out of the controller, and turn off the 64. hold the start button on controller 1 and turn the 64 back on (keep holding the start button. select "initiate game info" or soimething to that effect. This unfortunately erases everything and puts ! the game back to how it was when you first played it.. (it defaults the game basicly) but it also (supposedly) gets rid of the Wrestlemania 2000 game note confusion on the cart. restart the 64. Now insert your controller pack with your no mercy info on it, and transfer everything back. That's about the best you can do...


Pete writes:

I have read about the glitch in No Mercy. DO NOT play career mode with a created wrestler. This is what resets the game for some reason. I read THQ is knows about the problem, but I don't know if they have done anything yet to fix it.


The Great One 3:16 OK writes:

Clone all your CAW's to a memory pack.

If you have won all the belts and want more money play Survival Mode not Championship mode.

Here are some tips from Thq:
-If you are using a Game Shark or Non-Nintendo peripheral, please discontinue using it.
-If you have a Controller Pak in your controller, please remove it for the time being.
-Re-initialize the game cartridge.

To reset the game to factory defaults, follow these steps:
1) Place the game cartridge in the N64
2) Turn on the N64 while holding the START button on controller 1.
3) Select the "Initialize Game Pak" option.
4) Exit the Controller Pak menu. Please remember that this re-initialization process will return the game to factory defaults, and will delete any progress or created characters saved onto the Game Pak.


Nassim Abouzeid writes:

Basically there is a bug with the first set of games that came out. No matter what you do, anytime you create someone or unlock someone eventually it will get deleted. They said to delete everything off your memory card and try that but when I did that it still would erase stuff. Basically THQ has no idea how to fix it. So what I did and what I would recommend doing is going back to the store you got the game from and return it for a new one. Just tell them you got one of the games that doesnt work and I had no problem exchanging it. The new game is working fine now. Creations are still there, unlocked guys are still there, and we were able to go through a few seasons (with a created guy) and have not lost anyone. I think that is the only way to fix it!!!


Brendan Campbell, who writes I Know What You Did Last Monday here at LoP writes:

I bought it and played it at home and it was fine through an entire Heavyweight Season. I then brought it to my girlfriends house and played it there. That is where my problem started. For some reason during the Royal Rumble match in my Heavyweight Season mode the game froze up. This pissed me off, but it happens so I started over. Then it happened again. Obviously this is where my frustration set it.

I ditched the Royal Rumble idea since it was freezing up like mad, as I tried it a third time, threw out 20 or someodd guys from the original 33 and it froze. So I started the IC title run. I played half through and had to fight the Acolytes in a handi-capped match. I lost, but then rematched and beat them. This is where my game went ape-shit so to speak. I fought Kane next, won and then something happened where my create-a-wrestler came out as the original looking create a guy. I was confused and mad as the interview and game conitnued but my guy was erased. I exited the season only to notice my bank account was gone, as was all my created men and bought items.

I called the game store I bought it from and said it was messing up and I returned it for a new one the next day. Needless to say I kept this one at my house and haven't played it at my g/f's house since and it works perfectly. She has the green Donkey Kong system, so I don't know if it was something that had to do with that. But what I would recomend to anyone having trouble with things erasing is to call the place where you bought it and ask for an exchange. It may seem like a pain but maybe some of the games have a bug in them as my second copy hasn't done anything wrong. So if all else fails go and get a new game, if the same thing happens then try again.


Robbie Medlin writes:

A few of the first cartridges shipped were corrupt and were not able to save anything. That happened to me on the first one I had. The owner will need to take the game back to the store where they got the game and get an exchange.


Sean Hand writes:

Hey I work at a computer store in Canada. The word on No Mercy right now is that there is no possible way to fix no mercy. THQ keeps making suggestions and they just dont work (i have tried them myself). So right now, apparently there not even shipping No Mercy anymore until they get rid of the "glitch". All the glitch really does is delete your Created Wrestlers, Season Status, Smackdown Mall stuff you've bought. Well it deletes everything and sets it back to factory default. It's all bullshit and there isn't anyway around the glitch, but you can backup your created wrestlers and that is it. But everything else will be gone!


Justin Gilbert or Wrestling-X writes:

There is a glitch in the game and the company knows about it but they don't know how to fix it yet. Even when they do it's not a PC game so it will be hard to fix it without a recall. I heard that from Electronics Boutique here in Las Vegas.


Adam Gougis writes:

This is a glitch in the game, that affected many game cartridges, is two easy solutions.

1. If you saved your receipt just return it to the store you got it from and tell them of the defect.

2. Send an email to THQ, for the Email go to THQ.COM. And ask them for help, but I do know for a fact that they will replace your game if you do not have your receipt.


Todd writes:

From what me and my friends have figured out, it stems from saving your championship modes at a chapter. You basically are forced to go through each 25-30 percent of it (since it goes in like 12 chapters or so in each percent) and it will save it automatically. If you want to save it say in chapter 9 because you have to go out and do something, we have found thats when it deletes information. That could just be our game, but we haven't had any problems in a while. Hope it helps.


Mike Maillaro writes:

The problem is with many copies of the game (rumored to be as high as 80 percent). THQ offered a solution by reinitializing your game (hold start when you turn the game on and you'll get that option), but that doesn't help. Best solution? Exchange it where you bought it. If they got a second shipment, they should be in working order. Or email THQ, they may replace it for a new one (this was just a rumor at this point, but I know Rare did it with perfect dark)


Victor Garcia writes:

The problem is this, If you are playing in championship mode and you resert or turn off the game without get it out of the champinship mode by doing and exit or quiting your match and making and exit all the information get lost money, stuff that you buy, you created wrestlers and even if you give a new look to any of the wrestler that already are in the game it get (default) reset or if you are playing in the survival mode its the same.


Tito's Conclusion: Well, I hope you've enjoyed this forum for No Mercy problems. My theory is that the game is flawed, since THQ might have tried to finish it too quickly with the new options and the beefed up options.

If anything, I suggest that you go to THQ.com and go to the "Games" section to find No Mercy. I warn you now though, the damn site has Flash on it.

See, I told you I'd post ALL of them.


Decent show leading into a Pay Per View, although it was all Vince McMahon again.

On the show, Vince called out his wife, which breaks WWF rule #452, and that's to NEVER let Linda McMahon near a microphone with that monotone voice. But anyway, Vince pulled a heel turn by screaming "I WANT A DIVORCE!!!!" Yes folks, Vince is sooo hungry for ratings that he'll give the impression that his personal life is falling apart. That's how sick he's become because of the lowered ratings due to the TNN switch. Now that he's getting a divorce, he can play heel all that he wants now, which means much more Vince McMahon than we've seen this week! Oh boy!!

Oh yeah, to stop the flood of e-mails, let me say this: Vince and Linda are NOT getting a divorce in real life, since it's just in the storylines.

They should have had Kurt Angle pin someone in that 4 way to give some extra uncertainty of who will win the event. Of course, Angle was the one who I was cheering for in that match, so I better stop while I'm ahead. You would have to be braindead not to predict that Rikishi and Triple H would come out of no where and attack. However, I did like how Angle, Rikishi, and Triple H just broke their alliance, instantly, in order to add more hype to the show.

Man, those Dean Malenko and Lita sketches were cracking me up! Who said Dean couldn't handle "sports entertainment"? I found it strikingly funny that Lita mentioned his wedding ring, when Dean has been escorted by 2 hos for the longest time. Somebody better remove the glass from Malenko's head, please.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! The WWF is soo recycling the Lex Luger bionic forearm with Hardcore Holly. Excuse me, I mean Bob Holly. That evil steel arm of doom "knocked out" Regal in a sleeper of all moves. If that doesn't tell you who will win this Sunday, I don't know what to tell you.

Ladies and Gentleman, Molly Holly has carried Trish Stratus to another good match. HOLY COW! The funny thing is that Trish lost via DQ, but she's still in a match with Ivory at Armageddon. Molly is taking that division to new heights!

That was the WORST Stone Cold Steve Austin interview ever. It was like he was mumbling or something? It was horrible!!! He tried to make the Rock look like a fool, but in the mean time, he looked like a fool himself with a bad interview. Yes Steve, those kind of interviews worked in 1998. Welcome to the year 2000.

FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for having Edge/Christian lose to the NOT OVER team of K-Kwik and Road Dogg. No, make it a DOUBLE FINGER OF SHAME for that tragesty. Edge/Christian are your top heel team, and you dump them for your worst face team. That makes about as much sense as shoving the RTC down our throats.

Speaking of those idiots, the RTC was fooled by the Dudleys. But the fact remains that they screwed out the Hardy Boyz in the process of fooling them. If the Hardys don't follow up on that, it's bad booking.

AHH! Chris Benoit making Billy Gunn tap out last night scared me. It could mean that Gunn is "paying his dues" for a big win at Armageddon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Should we fill a missing persons report on Eddie Guerrero yet?


I was reading through a summer edition of WCW Magazine the other day, and I saw something that made me laugh for a while. In it, they had the Women of WCW training at the Power Plant. There, ladies like Ms. Hancock, Torrie Wilson, Paisley, Major Gunns, and Midajah were learning wrestling skills. Oh, and guess who was teaching them? No, it wasn't the Sarge, although he was overlooking them. Yes, Madusa was training them, but she had an assistant helping her out. Her assistant was one of Macho's escorts back in the day named Mona. Mona is now Molly Holly of the WWF, you know, the one who is bringing good matches out of Trish? You see, WCW is soo stupid on talent, that they missed this jem to try training supermodels instead. How stupid is that? A WCW loss is a WWF gain.

It appears that Rob Van Dam has been talking with the WWF (and WCW). Wow, I guess the 420 stuff isn't keeping him out of the big 2 afterall? But anyway, could you imagine him in the WWF? For one, his style would be different without the bouncy ring and the foreign objects, BUT, if the WWF picks him up, guys like Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit could carry his ass to great matches! Just think if the WWF picks up Jerry Lynn too so that they could have great matches there. Now that's money. The WWF should pick him up anyway since he does have SOME starpower in Hollywood. Notice I said "some".

The WWF is attempting to steal some "Survivor" thunder with their created series "Manhunt", and that's bad since they have failed to realize that everyone and their mother has forgotten all about the hit show, Survivor. Plus, the show will be on UPN, which means it will bust anyway. But hey, at least on UPN, it won't be cancelled after the first week of sucking.

It's funny.... In Chyna's theme song, it goes "Don't treat me like a Woman... Don't treat me like a Man". Ok, so what are we supposed to treat you like, a hermaphodite?

WWF Phat 5

5. Rikishi Phatu: Holy clean win over the Undertaker on RAW!

4. Dean Malenko: Great week for Malenko.

3. The Rock: That interview from RAW was too much.

2. Chris Benoit: Great win over Bob Holly at RAW, and again, he makes Gunn tap like a bitch at Smackdown.

1. Kurt Angle: Hey, it's his last week as champ, so let's show some love.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

After lots of recommendations by the reader, I felt it as a duty to buy this tape for a review. Plus, it has ICP in it, and anything that lets me poke fun at them works for me.


Basically, this video is just a handful of Japanese Death matches with good old Insane Clown Posse as your hosts. Oh WAIT!! I'm sorry, 3D and Gweedo. Oh, pardon me. They do their little routine, and sort of get overboard on every call. It gets rather annoying to hear them screaming, NON STOP, during some moments. Then, there are other moments where they are funny as hell. It's called "over-doing it".

The matches themselves are legendary though. They have some of the famous King of the Deathmatch matches here, mostly involving Cactus Jack. Oh, I'm sorry, Cactus Sac, according to the announcers. My bad. The first match was the first round match-up with Cactus Sac and Lama Namaneumi, which is the made up name by our "funny" announcers. I forget his real name, but I don't care to know, so we'll use these lovely given names. Damn, this match was F'N brutal! The bed of nails has to be the most retarded weapon you could use. Although Cactus took some rough bumps on that bed of nails, Lama was punctured pretty good on it. Cactus had a nasty barbedwire incident in this one, where you can see that famous scar on his left arm being created. Yecch!

The next match is a violent battle between two brothers, Ponderosa and Sweden House. Yeah, that's the ICP names, but they are really the Headhunters if you have ever heard of them. You might have, as they were in the WWF for just a few seconds. If you blinked, then you missed them! It was either Royal Rumble 96 or 97 that they were in. Anyway, these two brothers KILLED each other! Many off the top moves, lost of barbed wire, and glass everywhere!! I can't believe how one of the brothers took a moonsault while two beds of barbedwire were on them. OUCH!!! The glass stuff was devastating, as one of the bros. got slammed hard onto a case of it. I can't believe how agile these two guys are, in terms of climbing those flexible ropes. By the way, ICP was very annoying calling this match.

Then we get Deadly Fred against Lama Namaneumi in a boring match until the thumbtacks got involved. If you thought Mick Foley took some sick bumps with Thumbtacks, watch this match please. It hurts just watching it!

Then we have Cactus Sac and Leather Neck against the "close" duo of Deadly Fred and Lama Namaneumi in a rather boring match if you ask me. Of course, these guy would pound each other, and then rest up, and then fight again. "Sabu" match baby! I laughed at how Leather Neck had the crowd running away when he came near them. Now that's funny!

Finally, they had Terry Funk against Cactus Jack in the Deathmatch finals. Funny thing is that both competitors have already fought 2 brutal matches before this one, and they still killed each other here. Lots of C4 explosions here, as I'm grossed out to see that barbed wire is attached to those bombs. OUCH! I wonder how Mick can still function properly, and I also wonder how Funk is still alive!

But...... they had a special feature to this tape. They had a classic Battle Royal of the Nobodies for a whole.... get this, $25.00. I was in tears from laughing at that. That battle royal defined SUCK, as it was in a gym where the walls were just a few feet away from the walls and with wrestlers who would make any jobber look good. I'm serious! It actually had a decent ending to it, surprisingly, although the idiot under the mask, who won it all, tried to act like he was from Mexico.

LAST WORD: The wrestling is extremely violent, and that should be a good enough reason to buy this tape. Plus, for the fact that it has history on it, with Mick becoming King of the Deathmatches is yet another reason. However, the Insane Clown Posse sort of over do it on most of the announcing, and if you particularly don't like them, then that could be a problem. I liked their WCW announcing, but on Stranglemania, I found them to be too loud and annoying. Therefore, this video gets a grade of a


Tito Recommends: Out on the market now, I'd suggest that you should get Tables, Ladders, and Chairs from the WWF. One of the best produced videos out there. Also, be on the look out for the Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling, which is a quality documentary on pro-wrestling. I haven't seen the Jericho or Angle tapes yet, but I plan to in the future, if you can dig that.

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@That's all for today. I shall be back to discuss the WORST year in WCW's life, and I'm not talking about this year of 1999. I'm talking about 1993, where the federation was in the gutter! So until then, why not chill?

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