Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the slight delay today, as I needed some extra sleep this morning. Just be lucky that I don't decide to delay you around 5 or 6 pm everyday. Anyway, the ratings did come in, so why not analyze them. On to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 2.8
Third Hour: 2.5
Composite: 3.0333


First Hour: 5.6
Second Hour: 6.3
Composite: 5.95

Head to Head

RAW: 5.95
Nitro: 2.65

-Look at those head to head numbers. Does it look any different than it did a few months ago? NO! So far that darned new creative team hasn't made much of a difference thus far. Sure, they took some of the ratings back before, but now it's back to where it was. So what is the problem? Like I said in my Monday Night Impressions, it's the surrounding angles that are hurting Nitro. Nitro is loaded with great matches everyweek, but you have garbage like the gambling of Disco, or the Revolution becoming anti-American. They really need to fine tune that stuff or eliminate it completely. They also need to get rid of those darn WWF similarities, because I know from e-mails, fans really hate it. The matches on Nitro are great, as they are all like pay per view matches, and that's why I gave it a higher grade this week. RAW had a subpar show which featured many midcarders. I felt that it wasn't the strongest performance by RAW, but still a decent show. I enjoyed Nitro's matches very much, but the other crap has got to go..or at least fix them somehow.


-It appears that the rumors of Shawn Micheals wanting to appear in ECW has lit a fire under the WWF's ass, and it seems that Micheals now might return to television. Rumor has it, that he will return either at Royal Rumble or the night after on RAW. If he would actually come back during this time, he would most likely assume the commissioner's role again. I really hope these rumors are true because the WWF needs to realize that HBK was telling the truth. Stone Cold was becoming really bigheaded in terms of losing, and Shawn only told it how it was on Byte This. Besides, why let ECW cash in on something that they can already use.

-WWF Smackdown..without spoilers, looks like this:

Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg
Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman vs. the Dudley Boyz
Christian vs. Bulldog for the European title
Bossman and Prince Albert vs. the Hardy Boyz
Mankind vs. Al Snow
Test vs. X-Pac
The Rock vs. Mr. Ass
Triple H vs. Kane

It looks decent on paper, but I see many repeat matches on the card. Triple H vs. Kane has been the main event of many television shows..with damn Triple H usually cheating his nuts off for the win. I'd imaging that the Al Snow vs. Mankind match should be the match of the night. I don't know if it's a hardcore match or not, but usually good friends in real life put on great matches together. Enjoy Smackdown tomorrow!

-Hey, WWF stock jumped up from below the original price and up to 19 1/5. I guess all of the insanity of the PTC pressuring the advertisers to leave is over...for now. This is good for the WWF, as I hope that no more controversies head their way. They've gone through hell the past few weeks, and they don't really need that. I also hope that the PTC has realized that they have done enough damage to the WWF, and maybe get off their asses to attack some other adult themed shows on television for once.


-Wow, I got this one right on the predictions this week. ECW on TNN got a 1.0 in the ratings this week, as it's down from the 1.15 rating that it got last week. It's not much of a loss, but it's still nothing significant from when they first started their show at the end of August!!! Yeah, that's right..it's been a good 3+ months now, but absolutely NO improvement in the ratings. That's truly sad. You'd figure that it would be slightly larger in the ratings even though that it's on a Friday night. However, it's still the top rated show on TNN, which is truly sad for those ratings. I don't know what they can do, as TNN is advertising ECW now. I hope this Acclaim deal will bring some attention coming up.


-Wow, looking at the Thunder spoilers, WCW has really beefed that show up!!! Finally, some superstars are forced to do Chunder, and make Chunder much better to watch everyweek. Here's a quick preview:

Booker T vs. Dean Malenko
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea vs. Vampiro
Madusa vs. Rhonda Singh
David Flair vs. Jerry Flynn in the boiler room
Creative Control vs. Goldberg and Bret Hart
Stevie Ray vs. Perry Saturn
Total Package vs. Buff
DDP vs. Sting
Outsiders/Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid Vicious/Dustin Rhodes/Chris Benoit

Just from reading the spoilers, I'm pumped to watch Thunder! Seriously, a lot of stuff happens. It's an action packed two hours, and many of the wrestlers who had guarantees where they didn't have to wrestle Thunder are here! This is the Chunder that you just don't want to miss, as a few important events happened..which I won't reveal in this spoiler-free column.

-As for the Kevin Nash/Scott Hall variety show that rumors keep saying might happen. It appears that they are still discussing the idea, as I guess WCW management is unsure of the idea. I think they should heavily involve it with the Saturday Night show, as they could just joke about everyone in WCW, and make fun of some matches that would be a part of the show. They could really lay into the youngsters, and it could be a very entertaining show. I really hope that something like that would go down.

@That's all for today. I'll be back with some more tomorrow, so just chill till the next episode!

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