Welcome to the WEEKEND edition of the PDC. I am your host, as always, Mr. Tito. Today, our objective is simple: hype and attempt to predict WWF's Pay Per View, tonight, Vengeance. First, I'll bring everyone up to date how this whole card came about. Secondly, I'll give my predictions. Finally, I'll try my best to look into the future for the WWF's storylines. Not that hard to figure out.

Although my employer is working me like a dog, I have been slowly getting through the "special project" that I hyped a few weeks ago. I'm thinking about opening it early, if I feel I have enough of it done, and adding to it after it's opened. I'm please with my progress so far.

On the subject of the Pay Per View.... In my area, the local cable monopoly is AT&T Cable, and for this month and on, they've made the decision to feature Pay Per View EXCLUSIVELY on Digital Cable. That means nobody, in this area, can get Pay Per View without the Digital Cable service, meaning that if you have basic cable, you have no chance in hell at getting a wrestling Pay Per View. That also means that those darn descramblers will no longer work. I bet if this occurs nationwide, I bet there will be less people talking about the Pay Per View on Monday morning! Most people, especially with the current WWF content, don't feel the need to chuck out $29.99 - $39.99 every month, and/or can't afford it.

PDC FEEDBACK ALERT!!! For those of you who are wondering how to contract me, as I'm having ridiculous e-mail problems. If you have AOL Instant Messenger, you may contact me with my new AIM name "BookerTito". The name, by the way, is a play off of wrestler Booker T, and NOT meaning that I'm a booker, like one who decides angles or storylines for a wrestling promotion. So if you ever see BookerTito online, feel free to message me. I will show up on that name from time to time.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


-The Story-

So how did this mess show happen? Well, it's the first Pay Per View based off the "new direction" that the WWF claimed to have, after the end of the Alliance at Survivor Series. However, that new direction was seeing more of Vince McMahon on television, who has a Kiss-My-Ass-Club that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Pay Per View. Go figure.

After Survivor Series, the quest was to have a big title unification for the prospective "World Titles". So Ric Flair booked a Rock vs. Steve Austin match for Vengeance. However, Vince McMahon had the idea of making a mini-tourney for the unified titles, and he booked two of his "boys", Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle, to wrestle Rocky and Steve Austin in the first round. Odd reasoning for this, but at least we are guaranteed 3 good matches on the show, so who gives a flying fuck?

For the Intercontinental title, we'll see William Regal against Edge. This feud started when Kurt Angle confronted Edge, backstage, before their match. Regal was with Angle, and after talking trash, Angle and Regal attacked Edge. Regal had a strap with him, for his match, later, with Steve Austin, and he whipped Edge to death, thus weakening him for his match later against Kurt Angle.

Then, we have Rob Van Dam vs. the Undertaker. The Undertaker is coming off a heel turn, in which he needs some help to gain heat from the crowd. Pitting him against Rob Van Dam is a good idea, for the fans love RVD! The Undertaker has been attacking RVD after his matches, although RVD has had a few shots in, himself.

What about the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match? It began months ago, where Matt was beginning to show some bizarre behavior, like having weird meetings with women, like judging a bikini that Stacy Keibler was wearing, etc. Then, he began accidentally hurting Lita in her matches or "accidentally" helping her to lose, which caused Lita to question Matt's behavior. Matt also sees something going on with his brother Jeff and Lita, and he's also still mad at Jeff Hardy losing the title unification match at Survivor Series. Matt's brotherly anger caused him to challenge Jeff to a match at Vengeance, and one argument made Lita the special guest referee. Let the swerves begin!

Then, we have Trish Stratus vs. Jackie for the Worthless Women's title. I guess heat is added to this match because Crash Holly had to cheat to beat Jackie? Uh huh.... Another match will be the Dudleys vs. Big Show/Kane. The WWF is working on splitting up tag teams right now, and their only options were to tag up two big guys to make fans believe that they are a dominant tag team. The WWF resorts to this all of the time.

So that's the Vengeance story in a nutshell. On to my predictions!


WWF Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Jackie
Even if Jackie wins this match, nobody will give a damn about this match unless someone gets naked. It's nothing strange to Jackie... I say Trish wins, possibly by interference by Crash Holly, who needs a breather from that dreadful Jakked tour.
Tito's Pick: Trish Stratus

Brother vs. Brother: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Look for a solid undercard battle here. This match may have swerves that even Vince Russo would be proud of. I liked Jason Powell's idea from PWtorch.com. Why not have Lita turn heel, too, with Matt? Her reactions to Matt could have been a swerve to screw over Jeff the whole time. You never know, but that seems pretty reasonable. However, it should be noted that Lita can't put together a sentence to say, let alone an explanation for turning on her precious fans. Whatever happens, Matt is winning this match.
Tito's Pick: Matt Hardy

Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam vs. the Undertaker
Is it really for the Hardcore title? If so, why would the WWF give it to the Undertaker? I'd say it could be a way to bury the useless title, but who knows? What is known is that RVD will NOT win this match, no matter what! Why? Because...
A) RVD beat the Undertaker recently on a television show
B) Undertaker is in the early stages of a heel turn
C) Because Undertaker won't lose a Pay Per View match to a guy he often criticizes
How about those reasons?
Tito's Pick: The Undertaker

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge vs. William Regal
Regal has yet to prove that he can remain healthy for a long period of time, thus Edge should retain. However, Edge does have a bum knee, which he's forced to wear a brace on now. Whether or not that affects the outcome of this match, I'll still stick with Edge.
Tito's Pick: Edge

WWF World Tag Titles: Dudleys vs. Kane/Big Show
Vince loves big wrestlers, and you know he'd want a tag team of epic proportions to hold the titles. Plus, Big Show is Shane's friend, and Kane's reason will be the sake for him doing something other than feuding with his brother, which I bet is eventually coming! Nooooooo!
Tito's Pick: Kane/Big Show

World Title Unification
For the finals, I believe that it will be Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Why? Jericho has been jobbing his nuts off this past week, and the WWF wouldn't do Angle vs. Jericho for the "unified" World Title. However, the Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin match will be ruined by the returning Triple H. Triple H (or even Booker T) will go after Steve Austin, thus making the ending either controversial, no contest, or disqualification. This will give Flair's 50% and Vince's 50% a world title on each side, I guess.

-In the Future...-

Yuck, what a mess we have right now in my crystal ball. The outcome of the finals will truly determine the future. My guess is that because of Triple H, no true champion will be declared at Vengeance. Therefore, we'll see the WWF slowly splitting up into two divisions, with a possible draft set in January. I can't predict that draft.

I'm guessing that we'll see Triple H vs. Steve Austin vs. the Rock at Wrestlemania 18, but how we'll get there... well, that's a journey to behold.

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