Welcome to the Friday/Smackdown edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, I'm on the trusty laptop and I'll be reviewing Smackdown as it happens, since I need to get up early in the morning. Oddly enough, many people like the live reviews, so I guess I'll satisfy their cravings for one day.

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The WWF started out with a match, instead of a damn interview, to start of Smackdown. It was Edge/Big Show/Kane versus Dudleys/William Regal. Big Show and Kane, if they are going to be a tag team, should have an entrance together. No need to burn up so much television time on entrances. I still want to know who designed Regal's horrible tights. Funny how the referee checked him for foreign objects. If only the refs did that for every match, as that was a great old school feature back in the day. WWF entrances seem to produce too much smoke anymore. Good, but short six man match. I liked the finishing sequence, which led to Edge getting the pin for his team on D'Von. D'Von always does the job.

We are backstage, and it's Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle talking. Angle is happy to see Vince there because he can kiss Rock's ass. Vince apparently has a plan to avoid this, thus guaranteeing that he'll be on television way too much again. Will Vince ever learn? Vince does NOT currently equal ratings.

Wow, the WWF gave us a replay of the horrible Hardys/Lita backstage segments. What a reminder of why the Hardys aren't main event material. In the locker room, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are talking, and they continue to be horrible actors. Someone teach Matt to make facial expressions.

Angle and Vince are talking again, and Angle reminds Vince about kissing the Rock's ass. Another stalling segment.

Next match was Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy. RVD is the "Whole DAMN Show". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, that's funny. Matt is sort of trying to act like a heel for his entrance, which will only prove that his future as a heel might be very uncertain. Awesome Vandaminator to finish the match! Up and until then, the match was just typical hardcore. The Undertaker attacked RVD afterward, thus reminding us on how RVD will be used as a punching bag, this Sunday at Vengeance.

More stupid humor from Angle and Vince. Vince sooo loves himself!

Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert vs. Test/Christian was our next match. Wonder which two wrestlers will carry this match? Hmmmm..... That was cool of Albert to bring back the airplane spin, when holding the legs. That move is funny to do on Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64. Devastating big boots by Test at the end, which will be something else for Jim Ross to jack off about on RAW.

Oh joy, it's time for Sports Entertainment. The Rock came out, and it was time for Vince to kiss the Rock's ass. Nice cheap pops involving the surprise team of the NFL, Da Chicago Bears. The Bears are super-lucky this year, and have "No Chance In Hell" of going anywhere in the Playoffs. Speaking of that, Vince McMahon came to the ring, mic in hand. *Yawn* Steve Austin would then interrupt Vince's egotrip, and the crowd was hot with the "What"s. Funny stuff with Austin attacking Angle, as Kurt was Vince's back up plan to not kiss the Rock's ass. Crowd just loves Austin!

Ric Flair would then come out to ensure that Vince would kiss the Rock's ass. This stuff is just too tasteless. I hate this lousy sports entertainment. People truly wonder why I complain about the WWF these days. It's garbage like this that annoys me. At least the Rock was somewhat funny, in this segment, to carry this sports entertainment bullshit.

But hey, we are writing this LIVE, remember. It was a sick, yet funny way for the return of Rikishi. However, let's not forget that Rikishi and the Rock had a heated feud over who hit Steve Austin back in 2000. Segment went on forever, though, as it could have been used to put over the Pay Per View... Yeah, remember WWF, we are trying to sell that thing, ya know.

LOL! Crash fought Jackie! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Welcome back to Smackdown, Crashy-Poo. I suppose Crash is playing the heel in this match? All I know is that Crash is wrestling a woman, and preparing her for a Pay Per View which Crash won't be in. HAHA! Crash had to cheat to win the match! Oh wait, Crash is telling a story, yadda yadda yadda. I don't know if that pumps me up for Jackie vs. Trish or not?

Booker T is shown backstage, and he finds Ric Flair in Vince's office. Flair questions Booker T stealing Austin's vehicle from RAW. Flair isn't going to hire Booker T, in a somewhat funny segment.

The Undertaker is seen with the APA backstage. Man, the WWF should turn the APA heel along with the Taker. The Undertaker made some speech about respect, and he will be fighting Bradshaw coming up.

Next match was Bradshaw vs. Undertaker. GET NEW MUSIC FOR THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!! However, I know that a lot of people HATE Limp Bizkit.... but still, his Limp Bizkit entrance symbolizes a good Undertaker. Wow, the Undertaker got a haircut. At least he's making an effort to change his look as a heel, so why not change the music? It's quite interesting to see how Bradshaw no-sells everything for other wrestlers, yet looks weak for the Undertaker. After the Taker won the match, RVD came out and attacked the Undertaker. Decent hype.

It's kind of eery to see the Owen Hart botched tombstone piledriver during the Steve Austin Creed segment.

Look at Chris Jericho! He's talking himself so well for his heel turn. Can the Undertaker do that? Um, no. Kurt Angle can do it as well. And who always beats those two? Thank you.

The main event was Chris Jericho/Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin/Rock, in the match I predicted would happen as a "big money match", likely to be on Smackdown instead of RAW. By the way, I was actually getting used to Austin's newer theme, and then the WWF reverts back to the old Austin music. Oh well. More entrance smoke problems. Good one production crew! The crowd was incredibly hot for this match, as they should be. Two great faces, and two solid heels that can talk. Great tag match between the 4, but I question the ending, as Jericho jobbed yet again! I hope that means that Jericho might win the unified World title, or at least get to the finals. Cool salute between Austin and the Rock to finish out the show.

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: This was one of the more solid hype shows that the WWF has done for a Pay Per View in a while. Vengeance features one of the best cards, on paper, in a long time. Let's hope it pans out. I'll give this show a


(B Plus), which appears to be a common grade in my gradebook recently. The show had some long Sports Entertainment, some worthless stuff, like Crash vs. Jackie (no pun intended for Crash). On to Vengeance!

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