Welcome to another wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. It's a muggy day here in my area, with some snow starting to cover the roads. Well, last night, we were treated to some Chunder to enjoy, which means that today is WCW Day. Wait, I mean Dubya Cee Dubya Day. Also, I have other crazy ideas in my head before we hit WCW Day, so on to the PDC!

Oh yeah. Many of you are asking about why the PDC comes out later now. Well, I'm able to sleep in, since I'm currently off from school, so I'm milking it! Expect the PDC to usually be out around 12 - 2 pm (or until 3) in this case, until school starts for me again in January.

A Wrestling Television Show

If you ask me, the WWF is truly dropping the ball here on their deal with Viacom, concerning their produced original series. The WWF is creating a "Survivor" type show called Manhunt, and since many will say it's a Survivor rip off, it will fail.

But my point here is that the WWF is missing out on a HUGE opportunity to create an awesome show. Before we get to my idea, let's discuss an ABC idea which happened last year. Riding off the successful Behind the Scenes Sports Center commercials, ABC created a show called Sports Night. Now, looking in the TV Guide, I don't quite see that it's listed any more, so either I'm blind or it was cancelled... However, when the show first started, it was critically acclaimed for being one of the best new shows on television. Why? There was a lot of intrigue of what goes on behind the scenes at a sports show or whatever.

See where I'm going? Why not have a wrestling show, where you have behind the scenes operations going on. You could have corrupt bookers, ego-maniac wrestlers, and just behind the scenes of a day to day operating wrestling federation. This federation could start out as a very small federation, where it would be barely surviving each night. Then, it picks up steam and becomes a decent success. Then, they could show the federation in decline, showing how bad the morale can get.

I was thinking you could have a rival federation "buying" up their talent, which means that a certain wrestler would leave the show. Oh yeah, the wrestlers! Well, the WWF certainly has a vast roster of guys who need some sort of spot on either RAW or Smackdown. If they aren't working out well, then make them one of the wrestlers on this show! Also, a lot of the Ohio Valley Wrestling prospects could help star as wrestlers here, and the same with the Memphis ones. If the show were to be a success, you could use it to grow new WWF superstars.

The WWF would be able to do it now since the business is very exposed right now. Any book you read will tell you about the locker room status, and so forth. So you could reveal how tough it gets back there. Wrestling fans, and easily new people would tune in, every week, to see who gets screwed over by the booking, or something like that. Hell, the WWF could even create a "Hulk Hogan" type person, who has an ego that gets WAY out of control backstage.

Seriously, this kind of show would be a huge hit if thought about, if you ask me.

No Mercy Concerns

Ok, I keep getting e-mail from many video game players about some problems with No Mercy. Many have complained about how their saved information, like their season, created wrestlers, and unlocked hidden characters getting erased. That stuff takes a lot of work to do, as I know with Wrestlemania 2000, and I have no idea what is wrong.

Sooooo.... I want some gamers opinions here on how to fix this problem. I will indeed post it on the PDC tomorrow, if you do send in good advice. If you are sending an email, please put "No Mercy Concerns" in the title of your email so that I know what it is in case I accidentally discard it.

This way, many can fix their problem, and many of those who haven't asked yet can find out in my column tomorrow.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Where is he??? That's a huge question that I get asked at least twice a week or so. Since his brief return to help during a #1 contender's battle Royal at a Thunder, many have wondered where Savage has been. Well, he's actually sitting at home, waiting for some kind of offer to arrive. Like:

1. Million Dollar Deal from WCW: This is the main reason why he never returned to WCW, since he wanted a sweet deal that he felt he never got. He asked for a $3 Million deal back when they were trying to negotiate, and WCW just let him go.

2. Million Dollar Deal from WWF: This won't happen, since the WWF would only take him for a much lower salary. The WWF doesn't think they need Savage, especially since he was sort of stiff during his last run at WCW. Cheap is the only way you'll see him here. (On a side note, I'd love to see Savage back in the WWF to shake up things)

3. A possible Eric Bischoff WCW Return: Bischoff always has a heart for guys like Savage or Hulk Hogan, so if Bischoff's team buys WCW, you should expect the Macho Man to return to WCW in a heartbeat, and become Hogan's flunky again!

4. Hogan's WCW contract to run out, and maybe form a new federation with FOX?: It's rumored to be happening when Hogan's contract officially runs out sometime in the year 2001, and I guess Macho is being patient for that too. Again, he'll be Hogan's flunky.

5. Make an ECW Appearance: He's asked for too much money for Heyman to afford here before.

But until certain things happen, like Savage asking for a lower price or if Bischoff buys WCW or whatever else, don't expect to see Savage on TV anytime soon, except for those wonderful Slim Jim commercials. Slim Jim loves Savage as their head guy, and they probably will never drop him.

By the way...... guess how Savage got that Slim Jim deal? Macho Man got it when the Ultimate Warrior left the WWF, and then Macho Man was handed it. I forgot to mention that during the Warrior column!

Not a bad Thunder, especially since the previous ones have totally sucked!

I don't like how WCW jobbed out the #1 US title contender, Shane Douglas, to Bill Goldberg. Especially since the US Champ already lost on Monday, it really makes the US title division laughable. I'm sure that Shane will win at Starrcade, making an odd situation since Shane was squashed by Goldberg, Rection lost a tough fight to Steiner, and Steiner has been dogging Goldberg for a while now. I did enjoy the ending to the match though, with evil Flexy Lexy coming out and racking Sarge. Then, Goldberg was about to save the Sarge until Douglas hit him, and Bill quickly finished the match and ran up to Sarge.

It would have been interesting to see Goldberg actually get counted out of that match to save the Sarge, thus ruining the streak. It would have more people talking at least, if ya ask me. :)

All I can say is that Arn Anderson still gives some of the best promos in the business. If you had any other wrestler, they wouldn't have made any sense at all, explaining the situation to Flair. Anderson is a guy who helped make the David Flair and Ms. Hancock situation look decent for a while, when Arn offered his advice to David. Arn still remains one of the smartest men in the business.

Man, this Reno and Big Vito, with Marie, situation gets stranger by the minute! It's really odd how they have added this "family" thing to the angle. I bet ya that Marie is paying Kronik!

Buff Bagwell tried for the "Billy Gunn Look" last night, as he tried to puff his hair up. Sadly though, the way he was combing it used to hide his "expanding forehead" if you know what I'm saying.

Whoooooo!! Chavo Guerrero is your NEW Cruiserweight Champion. Good stuff, as I'm sure Sanders will either get it back on Nitro/Thunder next week, or book himself to win it at Starrcade. I believe this move was made to "butter up" Chavo into signing a new deal, even though Uncle Eddie keeps telling Chavo that he MIGHT be able to get him a good WWF job. Well, whatever he does, I'm just glad he's no longer Lt. Loco. That was a bad, bad gimmick.

Why is it that everyone who fights Bam Bam Bigelow has the worst matches of their careers? A-Wall (get it?? A.... WALL?????) and Bam Bam put on an eyesore of a Hardcore Match. No, let me call it an Enema of a Hardcore Match. It was HORRIBLE! Two slow workers just won't mesh there Ace and Taylor.

Jindrak and O'Haire are F'N badasses, I swear! They manhandled Noble and Karagias, which makes me wonder where Jindrak/O'Haire will be for Starrcade? I don't know? But what I do know is that there was a lot of dry spots in their match last night, which made me wonder. Was it because the crowd was tired after being "hot" for Nitro?

Lovely how WCW was censoring the name Scott Hall out of the interview. If they don't want his name mentioned, why don't you actually enforce DDP and Nash to NOT mention his name at all? Duh!!! Stevie Ray can't give a good interview if his life depended on it.

This crowd cheered their hearts out for Nitro, and they were quiet for the rest of the show, except for when Shane Douglas talked stuff on the crowd. This show was pretty good overall, and for that, I'll actually grade it with a B.


Reports are that Sabu is officially released from Extreme Championship Wrestling. So with that being said, WCW should go for him again. They wanted him so badly back in early 2000, without even asking if he was still under contract that they tried to sign him anyway, so why not go after him again? I'm sure good old Crowbar could carry Sabu's ass to a decent match.

It appears that Vampiro is off the ICP tour and he will concentrate on healing up, and then returning to World Championship Wrestling. Yeah, I'm so sure he'll do that. Vamp will just return to wrestling, maybe bring ICP back for a few more dates, and then disappear again with a new bullshit excuse. His head keeps getting pulled in so many directions that I'm not sure he's made a single decision about his own life, ever.

I like where the Ric Flair and Scott Steiner feud is going. It's actually well thought out, for a change, and we are no longer subject to retardation like many other angles in WCW. However, if this is actually leading to a HUGE Steiner vs. Flair match down the road, I feel bad for Slick Ric then. No matter how Steiner acts on camera, he HATES Ric Flair for real. Remember, he was suspended for actually shooting on camera about Flair, and he's dogged Flair in many interviews for magazines or internet sites. Steiner just might toss Flair around like a rag doll, something that Flair's now older body can't handle. Not good at all.

Of course, that big pay off match MIGHT not happen. You see, the Time Warner-AOL merger is said to be happening around early January of 2001. That means that AOL wouldn't want a non profitable organization under their belt, so WCW will most likely be sold. The only buyer left................. Eric "Ken doll" Bischoff. Put a nail in the coffin when that happens.

WCW Phat 5

5. Crowbar: So hardcore that he'll work with a torn abdominal muscle!

4. Jeff Jarrett: Still willing to work that midcard!

3. Chavo Guerrero: Finally, some credibility to this man! New Cruiserweight Champion, with a meaner attitude. He should bring back the horse on a stick for even more fun. Remember when Norman Smiley killed that thing?

2. Bill Goldberg: Good feud with Luger, with destructive wins over MI Smooth and Shane Douglas.

1. Scott Steiner: Already a better World Champ than Booker T ever was, even though I mark out for Booker totally. It's called "actually using your champion good".

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