Welcome back to the One and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Well, the Monday Night Shows went by, with both of them hyping their upcoming pay per views. Both shows are now in a dogfight for the ratings, with the WWF still keeping a good position..but WCW is charging! Do I think that WCW has a chance this week? Let's find out, on to the PDC!

Monday Night Impressions


Horrible angles continued this week, as I really think that the new creative team can get away with anything. I think in the WWF, Russo was held back on some of the horrible storylines that he wrote, but he's allowed to do them here. The Revolution/anti-Americans angle is F'N horrible. Having Jerry Flynn fight in those "block" matches or whatever is sooo boring to watch. Mr. Flynn has great fighting skills, so why not show them in the ring? This whole Disco/Mafia thing. Complete crap! They have many more angles or segments that were poorly scripted, but since they go very fast during the show, it's hard to keep up with it.

The teams for the Powers that Be vs. the WCW wrestlers are really taking shape this week, as it seems that WCW has Goldberg now fighting for them. I'm loving that the Outsiders are helping out the PTB, as that should help their heel status. Good war developing here. Too bad they don't do those War Games cage matches anymore.

Quick Rants: What was with Larry Zbysco coming back last night? He's a great, classic wrestler..but he's too old for this day and age. However, he got screwed pretty good in his match with Hennig. I like how Arn saved him last night..oh, those memories of the great tag team known as the Enforcers. How dumb is it to have someone ref their own match? WCW has some really tough women! Joy, Jushin Liger is champ again. I'm sure Russo isn't too thrilled to have him in WCW for a month. DDP shot down the rumors of him thinking about jumping to the WWF. Funny stuff. Enough with Oklahoma...it's getting very old now. Just have Dr. Death and Vampiro rumble..that's all you need. Referees walking out? Look familiar? Anyone now marking out for Lex...err Total Package like I do now? His new attitude is perfect for Russo's style of writing. It's funny to see the man formerly known as Vincent sum is gimmick up in one name...Shane! God I love lumberjack matches.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 15
Clean Wins: 8
Screwjobs: 1
No Contests: 3
Disqualications: 3

Last Word: Nitro was good, as it had some pretty good match ups. WCW still has a few flaws that they need to work out in order to really jump at the WWF's ratings. Overall, the matches were good..but the surrounding angles sucked! Nitro gets a


for a few flaws that they need to fix. Matches were good, but everything else wasn't up to par. They will probably get around a 3.0 in head to head competition.


TAZ signs were evident, as he's on his way come 2000. During Steve Blackman's entrance and Jacky's entrance, you saw some kind of Orange and Black symbol, which I believe is one of the shapes of the many tattoos on Taz. It played weird music too. Great build up for the human suplex machine.

Why the hell does the WWF have to resort to having Bossman do that kind of garbage by having him force Big Show's mother to tell the world that he's a bastard son? Can Big Show get any recognition as champion without fighting someone who embarasses his family? Seriously, if the WWF can't get Big Show over this way, what can they do? Absolutely nothing.

Gee, this whole Too Cool/Holly feud is rather lame! First off, the Hollys run in during the New Age Outlaws/Too Cool match, and then they have Fatu literally squash Bob Holly for them. I think Fatu needs to get his ass out of this feud quick, because for some reason, he's become a very tough wrestler. He's as agile as Yokozuna was, and just a little quicker. Push him without Too Cool around. As for Hollys vs. Too Cool...nah, I'll remain quiet to stop those e-mails that say that the teams fighting is a very over feud.

Al Snow is getting heat?? Oh my God, it's finally happened!!! Shame on him for throwing Mankind's book in the trash and blaming the Rock. He's in a perfect position by having heat with both the Rock and Mankind...the two most loved wrestlers in the business. What more could you ask for?

Quick Rants: I knew stipulations would be added to the HHH vs. Vince McMahon match. The main event was ok...as the surprise tag partner wasn't much of a surprise. I don't know how Triple H can win without cheating his nuts off. LoL, it looks like Miss Kitty will be very tough to beat the pay per view in the evening gown 4 way dance! Hmm..I can remember her wearing panties back when she would help out Jarrett with those short skirts.. Wow, Godfather won for once. Everyone has been defeating him lately. Nothing like a contender match for the Euro title between the top two contenders, and the Euro champ runs in to screw up the match. I hope Blackman beats Angle's ass, but that won't happen.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
No Contests: 3
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: A bunch of dull matches and angles happened tonight, as it really looked like a set up for Smackdown. They didn't tone this down much, as I kept getting annoyed by the many bleeps during the Triple H interview. Raw had some good matches, but they had some run ins by wrestlers who I didn't care to see run in. Oh well, RAW gets a


this week in my gradebook, because they can do better than this. RAW will probably get something around a 6.1 or so in the ratings.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-I guess Bill Goldberg is now following the trend of publishing a biography, as he inked a six figure deal to have a book about his life story done. This one comes after Mick's successful book, WHICH HE WROTE HIMSELF, the Rock's bio coming out January 9th(if I'm not mistaken), and Chyna announcing that she would have a biography come out as well. So who will be the next to come out with a biography? Of course, no one except for Mankind will be writing their own book, which means you are reading someone's life story through another writer's words.

-Oh my, the WWF has suspended Shawn Stasiak for unprofessional conduct according to WWF.com. No details of what happened have been released, but you can say his career is pretty much shot already. Ever since they took the "Meat" gimmick off of him, he's been nothing but a lame jobber who just can't find any crowd reactions using his real life name. This suspension will definately hurt his career, as the WWF wouldn't push him for anything now. What a shame.

-Recent word is that Stone Cold will have surgery on February 17th. After he takes a few weeks to recover from the spinal surgery, he will need around 6 to 8 weeks of rehabilitation. That means NO Wrestlemania for him! It's a damn shame, because the WWF could most certainly use him. The question is...will he ever wrestle again? Well, many already are saying that his career is over. This injury shouldn't be treated lightly, and it should be a great consideration for retirement. Of course, when the late Owen Hart injured Stone Cold's neck, Austin was told then to never wrestle again. However, he did return, but he wrestled without taking any moves that would affect his neck. Maybe the same could happen again....but it's dangerous to risk a third bad neck injury.

-Finally, the WCW House Shows and Thunder will have some names on it! It seems that the one true great thing that Russo has added was the new taping schedule and house show schedule. The tapings are now on Tuesdays for Thunder and WCW Saturday Night, so you will finally get to see some names on Chunder..and maybe Saturday Night. The Houseshows will actually have lots of main eventers for once now, as they have been filled with midcarders before. This will help boost interest in WCW, and it's much needed. You can't just beef up one thing(Nitro), as you must have an overall good product.

@That's it for today. Keep an eye out for the ratings, as they will pop up later this evening. I'll be back tomorrow with Ratings Analysis, so chill till the next episode!

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