Welcome to the column that reeks of Tito, the Phat Daily Column. My apologies for not having a column up yesterday, for I was called in to work a double shift, therefore, giving me no precious time to whip up a column. My employer just loves to sink its teeth in me when I'm available more often, like now, since I have no school until January. Oh, here's a message for everyone who is still in school right now:



HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, excuse me there. I shouldn't laugh at those who are still in school, while I have all of this time off to stay up all night and sleep in during the day! Of course, I make up for it in the summer, because I choose to take classes then. So laugh at me for that.

Lots of interesting feedback on the Video Game lecture from Monday's column. The bottom line is this: I'm right. You know I am! Some of you just chuck out too much money towards video games, especially when companies, like Nintendo or Sony, keep producing new systems about every 4 or 5 years. Most people, at least who I know, always end up selling their systems once they get the new one, as if they didn't shell out lots of dollars for the previous system. How stupid is that?

But the point of the whole lecture was to say that you probably won't be seeing any reviews on the recent wrestling video games, unless someone lets me play those games on their system. I'm not going to even bother wasting my hard-earned dollars on a brand new video game system that will become obsolete in a few years, nor will I spend $40-$60 on a video game that I can't truly enjoy because I paid too much for it. Not me.

But hey, who am I to tell anyone how to spend/waste their money? On to the PDC.


-The recent edition of RAW scored a 4.2 in the ratings, which is down from the 4.4 that RAW got last week. Wow, what does that say? It proves that fans aren't into the "new direction" of the WWF. Actually, it proves an even bigger picture: nobody wants to see Vince McMahon on television. As Ric Flair entered the WWF, we began to see more of Vince McMahon on WWF television. Flair's entrance jump-started the ratings, but once fans saw the same crap with Vince McMahon, over and over again but much worse, they stopped watching again.

Again, we go back to the proposal I discussed on several of the PDCs before Survivor Series: get all McMahons off of television. It just sickens me to see the extreme lack of confidence that Vince sees in his own performers to make the television shows great. Any McMahon feels that they MUST get their hands in an angle, or else it won't be a success. That's their mentality, created by the huge Austin vs. McMahon feud. Lightning can only strike once.

-It's interesting to see the list of HWA WWF prospects cut by the WWF on Wednesday. Most of them were members of the booming Cruiserweight division Eric Bischoff created in his final run to possibly by WCW and save it from the WWF buying it. Former Cruiserweight tag team champions Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo got the axe, and damn it, they were one hell of a team! Kwee Wee was released, too. My opinion on him was that he was always a good worker, but he was stuck with the gimmick from hell that buried him forever. Too small, as well.

Yang, one member of the Jung Dragons, was released. He wasn't a favorite, back in the day, of Eric Bischoff's, as he laughed at Bischoff's request to add more muscle tone to look better on camera. Speaking of not adding muscle tone, Lash Laroux was fired as well. Laroux was a promising Cruiserweight for WCW, until he got wind of having no potential in WCW, therefore no longer caring about conditioning.

The only non-WCW Cruiserweight, from WCW, that was released was Reno. Reno was a member of the Natural Born Thrillers, but was oddly injury prone. He was good when he was healthy. Now some readers might think that I'm being negative here, but that's not what I was trying to accomplish, well into the 3rd paragraph for this topic. Nope. I just wanted to inform anyone of the past or current reasons why these guys were released by the WWF, just a mere 19 days before Christmas. Vince McMahon has a big heart for doing that. I suppose he just couldn't spare a few more weeks of payroll for revenue losses that are his OWN fault for poor storylines to keep the attendance, merchandise sales, and advertising revenue up.


Tonight, we are supposed to see Vince McMahon kiss the Rock's ass, or Kurt Angle won't be on the Pay Per View. I'm guessing that Vince will either weasel his way out of this, or he'll actually do it, and then make his usual facial expressions because he's the main part of the show! The WWF can kiss my ass for such stupid storyline ideas.

And as I suggested on Monday's Column, we are going to see the Rock/Stone Cold against Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho. I just knew it!!! Typical and predictable WWF. This should be a great tag match, and I'm predicting that Jericho/Angle will somehow get the win to put the fans in disbelief, heading into Vengeance, since nobody thinks that Angle/Jericho even have a chance at winning the World Title.

To slap together more Pay Per View feuds into tag action, we'll see William Regal and the Dudley Boyz, former Alliance members, taking on Edge, Big Show, and Kane. Could be good, although six man matches suck when they are short. Both feuds need more heat.

In another predictable match, we'll see Scotty 2 Hotty/Albert against Christian/Test. Man, the WWF should just dump the two big slugs, Test and Albert, and push the Christian vs. Scotty 2 Hotty feud. I guarantee that they'd get better results. Or at least depush Test and not shove him down our throats, and push Christian, an actual good heel who actually receives lots of crowd heat, unlike Test. Christian can talk, too. However, Test loves to give head to Shane McMahon, and that's what counts in the WWF!

We'll also see Matt Hardy take on Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Title. The personal conflict that the Undertaker is attending to is really killing his heel turn and his Pay Per View match with RVD. Looks like Matt will lose this hard fought match, and gain heel heat at the same time (since he's fighting RVD) because of a Lita error or screw up by Jeff Hardy. Good booking here, especially if Matt Hardy is going to turn heel very soon. It's funny to see RVD being used as a rub for other wrestlers.

Hopefully, we'll get some answers to why Booker T stole Stone Cold Steve Austin's pick-up truck. It would be ridiculous of the WWF not to explain that.

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