Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope everyone is ready for what could be a very interesting Monday night. Tonight we'll see if RAW can keep it's dominance from last week over Nitro. I'm sure neither will pull any punches tonight. On to the PDC.


-To reword what I said yesterday about RAW still being as lude as it usually is, that might change. A few of the advertisers that pulled their ads from Smackdown have also pulled their ads from RAW as well. So it seems that the WWF will have to tone down their whole product, and not just what is on Smackdown. Yesterday, I figured that the WWF would get out all of the smut for the RAW show, and have the wrestling for the Smackdown show. That doesn't appear to be that way now, as the WWF needs to hold on to what advertisers they have!

-As for RAW itself tonight, it should have a large follow-up to the marriage angle. Those darned direct TV previews say that Test and Stephanie will ponder their separation. What is there to ponder? Triple H got her drunk beyond belief, and practically forced her into marriage. Also, it was clearly caught on tape!!! So that's grounds for an easy divorce. Oh wait a second...this is the WWF, so it's not that easy. You can easily expect more hatred from Al Snow tonight, as he should be fired up after what happened on Smackdown. This angle is really bringing out the best in Al Snow. Hour 2 of that darned direct TV preview says that there will be an update on Stone Cold's condition..for those of you who haven't seen the constant updates on wwf.com. They'll probably say that he's having surgery real soon. Maybe they will have one of those one on one interviews with him about it.

-Nothing new with the Undertaker today, as he is fully recovered from that torn groin. When will he return you keep asking? Well, many people think he might return at Armageddon since A) he's on the poster and B) Armageddon was what the Undertaker said would be the time when he stabs Big Show in the back. Although some say he's returning then, which he could, it's more likely that the man from the darkside will return sometime in early 2000. With the loss of Stone Cold, the comeback of the Undertaker is something that the WWF really needs..so it wouldn't surprise me if he did come back at Armageddon.


-One thing I really like about Nitro is how they announce their matches a couple days ahead of time. Tonight, you will see Bret "the hitman" Hart vs. the Total Package for the world heavyweight title. This comes after the Total Package defeated Sid, pretty cheaply I might add, on Thunder. I'd expect Sting to mess with this match. Also on the card, you have Kevin Nash vs. Chris Benoit, as I'm wondering of Kevin Nash will put Chris Benoit over. Dr. Death Steve Williams and Oklahoma(Ed Ferarra) vs. Vampiro and Gerry Only should be an interesting bout, as you have a wannabe wrestler, Gerry Only, and someone who only writes wrestling, Ed "Oklahoma" Ferarra. I just want to see Vampiro and Dr. Death get it on, because Vampiro can take those stiff shots that Death is accustomed to giving. Finally, we get to see Meng vs. Dustin Rhodes. Was Meng's push over from last week? This match will definately show it, but I expect Jeff Jarrett to screw Dustin Rhodes chances of winning for this match up. I guess you can now say, "all this and more on tonight's Nitro".

-You can also expect for WCW to attempt to fix what they broke of the IWGP jr. heavyweight title. Juventud's hurt, so the rumor is that Psychosis will defend it for him? Hey, they could say that he defeated Juventud, thus making it his second "phantom title change" of the year. Too bad Psychosis doesn't have his mask anymore, because if he did, he could lock horns with Jushin Liger in this match. Anyway, I'd expect this match to be a good, highflying wrestling match. It's probably going to be in the first hour, so you'll be able to see it.

-Oh my...here we go again. Joy, joy, joy, ICP is having talks with WCW, again, about coming in and doing whatever again. Now you watch, WCW will sign them, again, and they will bitch and cry like they did the last time about being performers and not wrestlers. WCW needs to close the door on these clowns because they give WCW nothing but trouble. Besides, what can you do with ICP now? Vampiro is doing good with the Misfits right now. The only way I see ICP's use would be maybe going after the Misfits..but of course, that would mean actually signing ICP again..and they won't last 2 months in WCW.

@That's it for today. Damn slow news days..thank God the Monday Night shows will deliver the news! Thanks for reading, and just chill till my Monday Night Impressions tomorrow.

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