Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. No pay per view tonight, but there are lots of strange rumors flying around for the Monday Night Shows. Enough small talk, on to the PDC.


-My God, how many WCW guys are headed to the WWF? Rumors about Eric Bischoff, like I mentioned yesterday, keep coming up as he's pushing to get out of his WCW contract. Also, we keep hearing stuff about Macho Man Randy Savage signing a WWF contract soon. Didn't some site say that he was signing with them on November 21? With Macho, he has a large asking price for himself, but he might stick around maybe on a pay per night basis due to the fact that his real life girlfriend, Gorgeous George is stuck in WCW until around June or July. Wade Keller and Jason Powell of prowrestlingtorch.com said that Ric Flair also wants out of his WCW contract to maybe also try to get into the WWF. I wonder if the WWF gets wrestlers like DDP, Macho, and Ric Flair..will they now be considered a senior tour?

-Not only are the older WCW wrestlers interested in possibly jumping the the WWF, but younger ones are interested as well...especially Lenny Lane and Lodi. Those two can't get on television no matter what they do, and they have been already declared finished in WCW. They could probably do their gimmick again in the WWF(on RAW at least), so the WWF is the place to be for these two. The WWF is interested him them, and it's only a matter of time before the salary killer, Bill Busch, cuts them loose. Can you just imagine a Too Cool vs. West Hollywood Blondes feud? It seems like it will happen.

-More of a follow-up to my PDC vs. PTC column. It seems that Smackdown will be the only show really toned down. The PTC mainly targets network television, and not cable. You could just about say that anything is legal on cable. I look for the WWF to do their raunchy segments on RAW to set up "wrestling" matches on Smackdown. Of course, RAW already sets up Smackdown already, but now it will really get out of hand now that Smackdown can't be what it used to be in terms of language, sex, and violence. RAWs should get a little more interesting from now on.

-Looking at WWF.com's mail forms for Wrestlemania 2000, it came to me as a shocker. The front row seats for this event are $400. Damn, that's a bit steep! Oh wait, you get to keep the chair. Ok, not a bad deal....HELL NO IT ISN'T! Who the hell does the WWF think they are...Madison Square Garden for Knicks games? Seriously, that's ridiculous. WWF events have signs everywhere, and I had ringside tickets for RAW one time and it was rough. Damn signs are always in your face, and the same would go for Wrestlemania 2000. If I was wanting ringside only, I'd look at the price, say hell with it, and buy the pay per view and relax at home for it. Just imagine if the event was a disappointment...would the ones who bought ringside tickets riot? The cheapest seats, the peanut heaven area, are $30. Again, that's worth buying the pay per view and relaxing at home.


-I've seen various transcripts of interviews done by Konnan, and I must say that he is a true idiot. He verbally bashes many wrestlers in WCW, as well as continually badmouthing WCW management. This is what got him in trouble during the Bischoff days, and it seems that he wants to keep the same patterns of garbage going. He did, however, mentioned that he liked Russo and Ferarra as persons, but he doesn't like how they mainly push the older guys still. Russo and Ferarra keep insisting that the younger wrestler's time will come.

-Oh my, I keep seeing rumors popping up about the returning Varsity Club! Life is good. If you didn't see the classic NWA until it turned into WCW, you missed a great stable of wrestlers. The old Varsity Club consisted of Kevin Sullivan, Dr. Death Steve Williams, and Rick Steiner(I think. It's been so long, so correct me if I'm wrong). Rick Steiner would be replaced with Mike Rotunda to form one of the best group of rulebreakers around. Of course, WCW employs all four members of the Varsity Club, so the rumors of them returning seem very legit.

-I heard that Russo mentioned that Nitro would probably be cut to two hours in January on Dave Meltzer's online show. He also said that it will probably be on the 8-10 timeslot, so can you imagin the hour of 9-10? That will be a battle! It would be good for wrestling if it did change to that time slot because now everyone can enjoy a part of each federation. However, those federations thrive on competition, and by having just one hour of competition, for the other hours, the federations will get lazy. What's the point of putting up top quality shows for no competition is what they will think.

@That's all for this edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with a Monday Night preview and then some. Have a nice Sunday, and thanks for reading.

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