Welcome to an all new Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look at Monday Night RAW, as we always do on Tuesdays. I'm very strapped for time, as I'll be writing this column as the show goes on.

On to the PDC!


Opening interview was with Chris Jericho. Any superstar could do an opening interview, and I'll still not like it. Why? I'm a firm believer of having a hot opening match as opposed to someone talking. It pumps the crowd up more, anyway. At least for this week, the WWF changed it up and had someone else out there instead of Vince McMahon. Jericho talked smack about the Rock and said he'll become the unified champion. Ric Flair took offense to Jericho's ego, and told him that he'd have to fight Steve Austin, later in the night. Not a bad opening segment, overall, thanks to two good talkers who aren't named McMahon.

First match of the night was Kane vs. Bubba Ray Dudley. Hardly a match to jumpstart some higher ratings, but it was a good effort to hype the Big Show/Kane vs. Dudley Boys match at Vengeance. The ending saw chaos involving D'Von and Stacy Keibler, with Kane somehow getting the victory off the chokeslam. The Dudleys would 3D Kane, and then the Big Show came to save the day. Whatever match, but at least it was something good to hype the PPV match. Congrats to D'Von, by the way, for becoming a father recently.

Vince McMahon was on the phone with the Undertaker, saying he didn't need him tonight. Why can't he call the Undertaker and tell him that everynight?

Next match saw Test vs. Albert. I told you that the WWF would find a way to do this match. Boy did it suck, too. The only reaction the crowd gave was at the end with some false finishes and the good finish at the end with the involvement of the mega-over Scotty 2 Hotty. I found it very funny that Jim Ross didn't nut over Main Event angles during their fight, as he personally went out of his way to put over both Albert and Test. When the fuck will the WWF get the clue about Test and Albert? I mean, the WWF has loads of young and good talent under contract, like several of the held back Alliance members or the prospects of Ohio Valley Wrestling, but yet they continue to push big slugs like Albert and Test, who DO NOT bring in any new fans, ratings, nor do they sell merchandise.

Backstage, we saw Trish Stratus asking the Brooklyn Brawler and Crash Holly where the Rock was. I know lots of readers are just itching for me to make a comment about Crash hanging out with one of the WWF's biggest jobbers, ever. I don't know why the readers would want me to comment on such a talented, entertaining, and story-telling wrestler hanging out with the biggest jobber in WWF history. I will say that it was Crash's first RAW role in a long time, and that's all I will say about the PDC's most loyal reader.

The true value of Christian's stock was shown in the interview against Rob Van Dam. If the WWF thought RVD was out of it in an interview with the Rock a few weeks ago for Smackdown, then they should have taken a look at RVD in this one. Christian talked circles around him, as RVD stared off into space. RVD and Christian would set up their match for later that night.

Trish Stratus would finally find the Rock, as he was in his locker room. Why not look there in the first place? She would reward the Rock with a kiss on the cheek, and the Rock would respond with an even longer kiss, but on the lips. I figured the Rock would brush her off, but I was sort of shocked to see him plant one on her. I guess the Rocky fans will start screaming for Trish Stratus now.

Hardy Boys vs. Tajiri/Spike Dudley was next. Man, where have Spike and Tajiri been recently? I believe Spike has been hurt, and Tajiri has been backstage, waiting for the writers to figure something out for him. Match was ok, but short as every match involving Cruiserweights will ever be. No need to have undercard wrestlers making the top tier guys look bad, oh nooooo! The Hardys won, as Jeff Hardy got the blind tag from Matt to hit the Swanton. Sadly, after the match, the Hardys would display more of their poor acting and talking skills backstage, arguing over Lita. Lita was made the special guest referee of the match, thus probably giving us a "sports entertainment" finish at Vengeance.

Our next match was our 1st hour main event with Chris Jericho taking on Stone Cold Steve Austin. I wonder if booking this match guarantees us of one possible Finals match up at Vengeance. My money is on the Rock facing Kurt Angle for the World Title. Solid match between Jericho and Austin, with Austin cleanly beating Jericho. Man, that makes Jericho look bad for Vengeance, but then again, he could be "paying his dues" to possibly make it to the finals. Jericho looks stupid with the added red coloring to his hair. No need to look like Christina Aguilera (sp?).

Since it was the RAW before the Pay Per View, we are treated to yet another long interview. This time, it was Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon, with Kurt Angle doing the majority of the talking (thank God). Angle had to talk through the crowd saying "What" after everything, and quite frankly, he did a good job of it. Vince would make an ass-kissing stipulation for Smackdown on a Trish/Rock vs. Angle/Vince match, after the Rock came down to fend off Angle/Vince's comments. Ric Flair would then make a second important appearance, and make another stipulation. Funny how the Vince ass-kissing is STILL the main storyline in the WWF right now!

Next match was Christian vs. Rob Van Dam. Christian is such a hated heel, it made the fans chant "RVD" louder. For the short time given, Christian and RVD made the most of it, with RVD dishing it out and Christian selling it. The ConChairto/Van Terminator spot was very nice. That spot led to RVD getting the win with the 5-star Froggy Splash. We saw NO Undertaker afterward, thank God.

Next, it was Bradshaw vs. William Regal. Jesus Christ, this was short! William Regal got the quick win after hitting Bradshaw with brass knucks, which Regal pulled out of his own trunks. I'm at least appreciative that the WWF has brought back that element from wrestling. It must be from the return of Flair to the WWF, who was legendary from the stuff he hid in his trunks. After the match, Tazz would distract Regal to allow Edge to jump Regal.

The WWF used their Desire slogan and Creed's "My Sacrafice" for a look back at Steve Austin's WWF career. Unless I missed it, because I was typing my column while the promo was going on, the WWF should have used some of his WCW footage as Stunning Steve Austin.

Backstage, we saw Vince and Kurt Angle talk about what COULD happen at Smackdown with the Kiss My Ass stipulations. Although I hate the ass kissing storyline, at least the WWF put heavy emphasis on the main event and will have extra hype to carry over to Smackdown.

The main event was Trish Stratus/Rock vs. Kurt Angle/Vince, and it was somewhat entertaining. It wasn't so much of a good wrestling match, but that some of the chaos in the match was kinda funny. The ending saw Steve Austin run in and help Rock/Trish win the match, therefore setting up Vince McMahon to kiss the Rock's ass on Smackdown.

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: The show started off slowly, for me, but picked up and became a decent overall wrestling show. Take a look at the Phat Stats, and you'll see no DQs or No Contests, meaning that the WWF didn't throw away matches for once. Good show before the Pay Per View, therefore earning a


(B Plus) in my gradebook. Let's hope to see some good stuff on Smackdown, too, to provide a good mood for Vengeance.



@That's all for today. I hope to be back, tomorrow, with more PDC, although it could be likely that I'll be catching up on some sleep. See you later!

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