Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I recieved lots of feedback yesterday on my "PDC vs. PTC" column, which I really expected on that issue. Yesterday, I told you that 7 advertisers have the left the WWF recently due to pressure by the PTC. Well, you can add another to it, as I heard that Ford has decided buckle under the pressure too, making it 8 advertisers that have left the WWF. Ouch! That cult is really putting the screws to the WWF. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Hey, according to Jim Ross, Ken Shamrock is cleared for his in ring return which is slated for December 17th. That's great news, and you have to wonder if this neck injury stopped his attempt of coming back to UFC. He can come back to the WWF easily, as he can do what Stone Cold did after he hurt his neck badly the first time, and that's to not take moves like a piledriver and so forth. It can be done really easily, as Stone Cold has been getting away with it for the past 2 years.

-Oh my?!? PANIC!!!! The WWF stock has dropped below it's original asking price. No, don't panic. It's just a slight drop due to the WWF losing 8 advertisers lately. Hopefully, that doesn't increase. The stock should go back up once this mess finally ends.(I saw that there was a large increase in the Stock market yesterday..hmm) It's a good thing that the demand for advertising there is still high, or the WWF would be really grabbing their ankles by now. 8 sponsors have left...my god, and they were 8 of the most loyal sponsors that the WWF had. But now they are gone, replaced, and they may sponsor the other wrestling program that gets, at most, 3.4s.

-D'Lo Brown is NOT leaving the WWF..according to Ross..again! Oh boy, the war of words starts again. I'd believe Jim Ross in this case, just because he's head of talent coordination in the WWF. I think he has a good idea of who's contracts ends when, just like he knew when Jarrett's contract was ending, and did nothing about it. Jarrett did leave the WWF, but Ross didn't care because of the rocky relationship between he and Jarrett. Anyway, D'Lo still has a year and a half on his contract, and again, we'll see in January if this out clause is true.


-It seems that the WCW is a laughing stock for screwing up the Juventud-Liger match from Nitro. Juventud supposively won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title from Liger, but now they might say that it was "non title". This comes after Juvy hurt his elbow during their last match, and plus, realizing what a mistake it was to have Liger job that title away on his first appearance in years with WCW. Speaking of Liger, and I don't know about Thunder, did anyone notice how WCW didn't seem to make Liger much of a focal point? Like they didn't give him much respect, and it was like they didn't care at all for his appearance. I wonder if the fellas in New Japan are noticing this if they hope to make another deal with WCW to trade talent.

-I have heard from a few places that not only does Diamond Dallas Page want to jump to the WWF, but Eric Bischoff too! That's right, the man who badmouthed the WWF for years and did everything in his power to steal their talent and defeat them in the ratings. Of course, who could blame him? Anyway, why would the WWF hire him if he did get an early release. It's highly doubtful that they would trust Bischoff in a front office job, nor would they let him handle anything with the talent. The only way I could see the WWF being interested in him would be for managerial purposes. That's the only way I see Bischoff joining the WWF.


Good opening segment between the Impact Players and Candido/Rhino. Candido worked the mic well during that segment, and it's really good to see him and Tammy Sytch being heavily involved with ECW again.

Wow is the word I had for the Super Crazy vs. Ikuto Hidaka match. I was laughing when Gertner kept using those darned Pokemon references. I hope Hidaka sticks around in ECW, because that boy has some moves!

Good match as usual between Raven and Sandman, but their bouts in their earlier days were better. Not saying that this match was bad, just saying that I've seen some of their old bouts recently on tape and they are impressive! They still went at it hard, as two real life friends tend to do. When they were in WCW, they used to go at it hard at House Shows, which would cause both of them to suffer from injuries. Anyway, I was mad at how Raven was trying to help Dreamer during the match. Now you are going to hear how "he did the right thing" over and over on next week's TNN show. JOY!!!

I wonder how much ECW payed off Limp Bizkit to do that sketch with that worthless Corino. Fred Durst didn't need Axl, Balls, and New Jack to beat him up. Not saying that Durst is tough, but Corino is a panzy.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 2
Clean Wins: 2
Nuff said.

Last Word: Not a bad show this week by ECW, as the two matches that they had were very good. Too much of baby Corino and Limp Bizkit but publicity is what ECW is looking for. A few odds and ends happening this week on the TNN show, but overall, it was pretty good.


I predict..and I'm going out on a limb here, that ECW on TNN will get a 1.2 in the ratings.

@That does it for today. Enjoy your weekend, and get your X-mas shopping done early! Anyway, I'll be back with some more goodies for tomorrow, as there is no such thing as a day off for me.

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