Welcome to the Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I should, however, rename this column Mr. Tito's Bad Fur Day, as I can't keep my hands off that damn Conker's video game. Damn it, it's soooo addicting! Of course, my addiction comes at a smaller price than most, since I waited for the price to drop instead of buying when the N64 was Nintendo's top priority.

And speaking of that, it's time to be lectured about Video Games. That's right, as I get hammered with requests from fans or readers to review future WWF games on Playstation 2, X Box, or the Game Cube. Unless I find a friend willing to let me play the WWF games on those systems, you're NOT going to see a review because I'm NOT going to buy a brand new system. Let me explain why...

You see, back when I was around 14 to about 16, I was a HUGE Super Nintendo fanatic. I spent lots of money for the system, and I'd spend all of my allowance, Christmas money, and/or Birthday money on brand new Super Nintendo games. I had upwards of around 40 to 50 for that system, with only a few used games. That's all my money basically went to, and looking back, if I saved that money, my bank account would look very nice right now.

What hurt my Super Nintendo addiction was the release of the Nintendo 64. The system I spent tons of money on was becoming obsolete. Right there showed me that I just wasted a great deal of money, and it would later burn out my video game cravings for a while. I found out that it's no longer worth investing in any NEW video game system because it only appears to be "new" in just 4 years now, because the companies keep coming out with new systems. Why waste a perfectly good $200 on one of the new systems? Why spend $40 - $60 on video games again? I'm certainly not up for that, again, as I could use my money elsewhere.

And you know, I got my video game addiction back from one system: the Nintendo Entertainment System. That's right, the original system from Nintendo. Me and a few buddies dusted off an old NES one night, and we had more fun than we ever had with video games. With that, I eventually bought my own NES, again, but for real cheap. Then, I began buying up every game that I've always wanted for the NES, but just didn't have the money for when I was little kid. I'd find games for like $5 at Video Game Exchanges, and my selection was unlimited once I hit Ebay. My NES video game library is up to 60, and only of the games I wanted. Too much fun!

And I'm currently doing the same thing with the SNES, too. Although I somewhat did have a dream collection with the great deal of money I once spent on games, I'm getting the collection back up, but for much less money.

With the Nintendo 64, I did fall into an addiction spell when somebody let me play Wrestlemania 2000. However, it was already announced that the N64 was on its way out, so I bought a system really cheap, instead of like $200 when it first came out. I did chuck out $$$ for Wrestlemania 2000 as a new game, but that's the only one I spent top dollar on. Now, I'm slowly buying up the video games I've always wanted for the N64, like Conker's Bad Fur Day, and having the time of my life because I still have some money in my pocket.

So for anyone who continually buys new video games, just think about it. Is it really worth $40 - $60 to buy a brand new game? Will you actually be happy for spending so much on a system? Would you enjoy playing video games if you could spend less money on them? How mad will you be when you have to shelf yet another video game system, once Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft come out with yet another system in 4 years or so? Just think about it.

So anyway, I hope you got something out of this little video game discussion. I guess we have to talk about wrestling now, so on to the PDC!


If you didn't notice already, in the midst of seeing Vince McMahon's ass each and everyweek, the WWF will be putting on a Pay Per View next Sunday. Vengeance is its name, and the WWF actually has a nice handful of matches already booked for the show. Isn't that great? Usually, the WWF only has the main event booked, and they half-ass the rest of the card. Not this month, as it looks to be, on paper, a good show in the making. Of course, many might miss that fact because of the attention focused on one man.

So how many segments will be dedicated to Vince McMahon tonight? I'm guessing 10, with 2 of them being extremely long. Seriously, because Vince's ego and spotlight hogging is getting way out of hand, and guess what, IT DOESN'T GET RATINGS! But Vincy-poo doesn't realize that, and he'll continue to keep himself as the main part of the WWF television shows. Soon, we are likely to see the return of Stephanie, and I'm pretty sure that Shane won't be able to resist a return, either. Funny thing will be that their returns won't equal higher ratings. I always find that amazing.

The goal of the WWF has been to maximize the amount of viewership for their television shows, which in turn, bumps up the buyrates, merchandise sales, and houseshow attendance. So why does the WWF pull off stunts that risk losing even more of a decreasing fanbase? Well, it's because the McMahons are *that* stupid. Only in the face of competition, like Time Warner WCW or the independent promoters of the early 1980s has the WWF been able to boom with a great deal of success. Other than that, they suck!

Since this is the Week before Vengeance, look for lots of tag matches to be formed. First, I'm guessing that we'll see the odd pairing of Edge and Steve Austin take on Kurt Angle and William Regal, and/or we could see The Rock and Rob Van Dam teaming to fight Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. Those seem likely, and hey, they seem to be great television matches! Also, it's very likely that we could see the WWF do Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho vs. The Rock/Steve Austin, which would probably be on Smackdown. Sounds good.

Also tonight, look for some VERY BAD acting by the Hardy Boys to put over their match at Vengeance. You know, I once heard that Dan Rather of CBS had a lot of work done on his speaking ability, from the accent to putting together elaborate sentences. Maybe the WWF could do the same for the Hardys, who have a thick southern accent and they can't put together a promo to put over an angle if they tried. That's why nearly 90% of their angles occur in the ring. Lita is just as bad, but she can't talk because nobody taught her how as she was learning to do spot moves in wrestling training.

With 8 current matches, and one being derived at Vengeance with the finals of the World Title Unification mini-tourney, making 9, I really hope that the WWF avoids booking any more matches for the Pay Per View. Give the current 8 or 9 some significant time to develop, and we'll have one of the better "wrestling" Pay Per Views we've seen in a while. However, if you add any more matches, the current card will have a few matches getting significantly less time to develop, therefore giving us lots of rushed matches we could have seen on Smackdown or RAW. NO MORE MATCHES PLEASE!

Oh yeah, and note that tonight's RAW is indeed the final RAW before the Pay Per View. You know what that means: MORE SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Geesh, from the current content of RAW, more Sports Entertainment would flood an already overstuffed RAW of crappy promos or Vince McMahon stroking his very own ego. Lord help us!

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@That's all for today. Time to, um, play more of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Gotta get in some rounds before going out tonight. I'll be back, tomorrow, with MORE PDC in the form of a RAW review.

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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