Welcome to another splendid edition of the Phat Daily Column, coming to you on this wonderful Sunday. Today, we'll discuss various stuff and also, I'll *try* to predict the thrown-together ECW Pay Per View. Yes, who had the idea to prepare for a Pay Per View every month, eh Paul Heyman?

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday's Warrior column. Again, I'll state it again, he is NOT DEAD. Oddly enough, some e-mailed me to claim that. Geesh. Speaking of columns, you do NOT want to miss tomorrow's PDC, for not only the Monday Night Hype, but the Bill Goldberg review. Yes Mr. Goldberg, you're next on Tito's review list!

Without any further introduction, on to the PDC!

Random Stuff

Jim "I love my BBQ sauce" Ross reported that the WWF has released Thrasher. Oh boo-hoo. It's funny, because many were predicting Thrasher to be the next standout star. Like a Shawn Michaels type deal... well, at least something. However, a nasty knee injury stopped what could have been that, and reuniting the Headbangers also helped to flush his talent down the tubes, if there was any potential. Hey, maybe WCW will instantly pick him up and make him a Natural Born Thriller!

Ross also shocked me when he said that you should expect for X-Pac to turn face once he returns. Oh god, that only means he'll rejoin Degeneration X, with Chyna, Billy Gunn, K-Kwick, and Road Dogg. Yes, rehashing the year 1998 won't get you anywhere. I suggest that the WWF gets tapes of X-Pac while he was Syxx in WCW, because that there was the BEST Sean Waltman around. Or, give him a new name please!

Very odd title change on the WWF Rebellion UK Pay Per View show. The WWF booked Crash, of all people, to win the European title of William Regal. Why, why, why? For one, take a page out of WCW's book, and have the hometown boy win! Having basically a hardcore jobber(even though he won the tag titles) even defeat this man is more ridiculous. All I hope is that it gets Regal up the ladder, as he's deserving of it if no personal problems get in his way.

That stuff with ECW and XSE is just ugly and stupid. For one, this little independent show scared ECW off from having two Texas shows, so now the wrestlers will most likely get more behind on Pay. Two, the ECW wrestlers backed out of it anyway in what is rumored as a travel argument. Good lord. Crazy stuff like this, and for the fact that the TV deals just aren't happening is why ECW could truly have their backs nailed to the wall this time. Paul Heyman has survived many shots before, but nothing as bad as this. I'm just hoping that the many jumps by ECW wrestlers will let them have successful careers elsewhere, instead of being a total flop (eh, Tazz? Raven? Sandman/Hak? and more!).

Hey, it's RUMORED that Vampiro just may be in talks with the WWF right now. Yeah, you know what that means... With Vampiro, you get lots of luggage, like stupid music personalities who want cheap publicity by escorting him to the ring. Yes, that's acts like Misfits and mainly ICP, who would probably kill to get airtime on WWF right now. I remember a day when Vampiro was the most promising talent in the business... then one day, odd influences got in his way of being a good wrestler.

Oh god. Run and hide when you watch Nitro this week, as General Rection gets a World Title shot on Scott Steiner. If there was ever a time to point out a match that could be as bad as the one with Stevie Ray and Steiner last week, well, WCW just might out-do themselves. Even though Steiner doesn't have much to work with these days for matches, at least set up a stupid tag match with Sid or something. Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a good match, but I highly doubt it.

By the way...... there is a decent angle that Sid could use. If you remember when the half-assed Russo-Bischoff era started(which it started out good...), it was decided that the titles be reset and to have a new tournament to decide the new champs. Sid was actually a stable champ at the time, and he was stripped in honor of having the tournament or whatever. So maybe he could use that or whatever? I bet you that Sid will disappear after Starrcade, because Steiner's style is going to easily injure his fragile body.

Remember the Bill Goldberg book review tomorrow...........

ECW Massacre on 34th Street Predictions

Ok, I'm very behind on ECW right now, thanks to the TNN shutdown, but hey, why not give it a try!

Mikey Whipwreck/Tajiri vs. Super Crazy/Mystery Partner
I can't exactly predict the mystery partner, but if it's anybody on the current ECW roster, then don't exactly expect to be surprised. I don't think the mystery partner will pan out for Crazy, and the excellent team of Tajiri and Whipwreck will win.
Tito's Pick: Whipwreck and Tajiri

Tommy Dreamer vs. C.W. Anderson
How many want to bet that Dreamer takes CW for a brawl in the crowd. Typical Dreamer match will occur here, I suppose, and we'll get a "EC fucking W" shout before he hits the DDT. Yes, the DDT is still devastating somewhere in this world, thank God.
Tito's Pick: Dreamer

World Tag Titles: FBI vs. Doring/Roadkill
Since this may be the final opportunity of Doring and Roadkill to win the titles, not cause they won't get another shot, but for the fact that talent will jump in ECW and this company's future is uncertain, especially for the Pay Per Views. This shall be an excellent match!
Tito's Pick: Roadkill and Danny Doring

TV Title: Spike Dudley vs. Rhino
Bump for me Spike, says the Rhino. Maybe Rob Van Dam will surprisingly show up for this match, and maybe he won't. Who knows anymore? Spike will put up a great effort, but only wish he was selling Mike Awesome right now instead of Rhino.
Tito's Pick: Rhino

World Title: Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Jerry Lynn may be going to the WWF, Corino's status in ECW is currently unknown and he may jump somewhere, and good old Justin Credible said he'll stick with ECW no matter what. Just lovely.
Tito's Pick: Justin Credible

Oh by the way, Scott Hall wasn't mentioned at all for being on this card, or to make any kind of appearance. Yes, let's thank that to Hall's idiotic lifestyle. Throw away the key!!

I feel very bad for ECW right now, because it appears as though their number could be truly up. I'm sure we'll be hearing that XPW will be your new #3 federation soon, with their strong following on the West Coast, extending television coverage, and tapes distributed throughout. This ECW ride was fun for the time it lasted.......

Speaking of XPW...... there are plenty of their tapes in this area to purchase. Maybe I could muster up some cash or borrow one for a fun review. We'll see how "great" many people hype them to be. Many writers or whoever have criticized XPW for signing too many ECW "has-beens". Well, if I get a hold of a tape, I'll certainly be the judge of that one!

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