Cause I'm easy.... easy like Sunday Morning.. Welcome to the FINAL Phat Daily Column of the year 2000. In this lovely edition, we'll present the Tito Awards for the BEST in Professional Wrestling. I did this type of thing last year, so why not do it again. Let's not waste any time here, so on to the PDC!

Year End Tito Awards

Wrestler of the YEAR: Triple H

This category was very hard to choose. It was a toss up between Chris Benoit and Triple H. With Chris Benoit, I considered that he made Sid look good, fought great matches with Triple H, Rock, Jericho, and that he was a great Intercontinental Champion. With Triple H, I saw a guy who continually busted his ass during matches, despite having lots of booking power. In the end, I thought about the complete package, which Triple H has been this year. Benoit is still off on his charisma and mic skills, while Triple H is top notch for it and he receives huge pops for whatever he does. Again, it was a very tight race, but the Game gets it all.

Tag Team of the Year: Edge/Christian

These two came into their own the second they turned heel. Before that, everyone just wrote them off as a team who could put up great matches against the Hardys. They became very funny by dogging their opponents and they slipped by many opponents in very cheap ways. Plus, they won both of the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (Oh My!) matches, and that my friend, is a terrific feat. The sick thing is that these two guys are still very young, and have many years to come. I hope the WWF doesn't break them up anytime soon, like rumored.

Federation of the Year: World Wrestling Federation

While I'm not too thrilled with the WWF these days, thanks to their bad booking, I can't deny that they were the top federation. Besides, they were the only federation out there to make a profit in the wrestling business. That's good enough proof of why the WWF wins it this year.

Best Announcing Team: ECW's Joey Styles and Joel Gertner

While Jim Ross was overhyping matches and Jerry Lawler started slipping this year, the announcing team of Joel Gertner and Joey Styles came into their own in 2000. The chemistry they didn't have in 1999 was discovered in 2000. I really enjoyed recapping ECW on TNN just to listen to those two call the matches. Styles is always strong at calling a match, while Joel would whip out a one-liner for some great comic relief. Great stuff from these two this year.

Match of the Year: Triple H vs. Cactus Jack from the Royal Rumble

Lots of great matches this year, but this one takes the cake. The 2 TLC matches were close in this contest, as was the great 10 man match involving the Radicalz when they first arrived. Many of the Jericho/Benoit matches were insane, as was the Triple H-Jericho last man standing match. However, this brutal match was the best of them all, with Triple H going hardcore to a huge victory to start the year off on a high spot.

Best Screwjob: Shane McMahon screwing the Rock's match at No Way Out

One of the few that made my jaw drop. Shane McMahon, who hasn't been on television for a while before this, came down during the Rock and Big Show's match at No Way Out. Then, BAM, he hits the Rock with a chair and the Big Show gets a HUGE victory on a Pay Per View. Just awesome!

Best Valet/Manager: The Sinister Minister

From his great rhymes to his support for Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri, the Minister has been a good manager. This is during a time, however, when good managers or valets aren't utilized like they used to. Those segments where the Minister and Whipwreck were acting stupid put me in tears sometimes. Laughing tears that is.

Best Television Show: WWF Smackdown

Not as much interviews as RAW is WAR, which makes this a better "wrestling" show. The intro is fresh, and the look of the show isn't old like RAW. Plus, it now consistantly gets higher ratings than RAW is WAR.

Best Wrestling Website: ECW's Official Webpage

(Note from Tito: This category is for official pages by the federations) improved itself this year by gaining an ad system that didn't make the page take forever to load. Plus, they have been consistant on updated Pay Per View cards and other news. has lost a lot, and just sucks.

Best Mic Skills: Kurt Angle

It's true, it's true. What made Angle was NOT his wrestling ability, but his attitude on the mic. For every speech he made, he could piss off a city or a wrestler that he was feuding with. He hasn't been the same, lately, on the mic, but he might get better once the WWF gets their head out of the clouds.

Best Entrance Music: Chris Jericho

BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!!! Perfect theme for Jericho, as I hope that the WWF doesn't get crazy ideas and change it... like they did with Austin's... like they did with the Rock's... like they did with Triple H's!

Best Wrestling Video Game: Virtual Pro Wrestling 2

This game reigns supreme over any wrestling video games that THQ released this year. Ooops! I forgot EA Sports and Acclaim video game companies, but their games are no where near as superior as the THQ games. No Mercy is the most botched game this year, with slowdowns and errors killing it. Royal Rumble is OK at best, and Smackdown 2 is good, but not the best(note: I haven't played Smackdown 2 enough for a review). You can get this, I think, at or something like that. VPW 2 has ALL of the Japanese wrestlers, including many American wrestlers who have toured Japan. Great moves added here, along with actual masks in the create-a-wrestler mode.

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    LAST WORD on the Year 2000: The year 2000 was the year that we saw a total decline in wrestling. Why? Well, WCW made bad company decisions, ECW was getting the shaft by TNN, and the WWF got lazy due to the lack of competition. It looks like ECW might hit financial hardships if they continue to get behind on payroll and if they don't find a cable network soon. WCW is slowly making progress with simple booking, BUT they could get the nail in the coffin if Eric Bischoff buys them up. The WWF seems to be in lazy mode, still, despite weaker ratings and show attendance. The direction with Stephanie in charge won't help much matters, either will the lack of main event draws.

    1999 and 1998 were great years for mainly the WWF, while WCW went downhill and ECW put on good stuff, but overspent on their budget. It should be interesting to see how either WCW or ECW bounces back from the year 2000, or if the WWF finds a way to refresh themselves to 1998/1999 glory. Only time will tell, and I'll be watching.

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