Hey, welcome to the final Phat Daily Column of the year, but first I want to address something. I just want to thank all those kind people who sent me the Raw results, everyone is so kind for doing that, and now it's just wonderful that I know what's gonna happen on Raw this Monday. I guess I will have more fun watching it now that I know the results. I just wish I was as cool as everyone that sent me results. Anyways, on to the column.


-Hogan will most likely be involved with the Nash-Goldberg match on Nitro. NBC thinks Hogan is the shit still, that's probably why Hogan is coming back, to star on the new stupid WCW NBC show. JOY-Nitro lost a close one on monday to Raw, but I have a feeling that Nitro is gonna win monday...-Many are pointing fingers in the back at Terry Taylor for the slip-up in the ratings, in fact, he just got fired for it. The real ratings slip: Boring wrestlers like Hogan and Goldberg being champs.-WCW should be on the right track, as long as they keep Nash as champ, and make the Flair commissioner for 90 days interesting. I hope.-Rumor has it, the blond Sting might return..stay tuned.


-WWF.com killed themselves in the Monday Night Wars this Monday, by posting the winner of the main event on the front of their page. This even kills the WWF some more, cause some people just don't know Raw is taped. They will get a better idea now, and it could hurt the WWF now.-I guarantee that Rock and Mankind will fight in the main event at Royal Rumble. I bet the farm on this one!-Raw is gonna be great as long as you don't know what happens.


-The main event of Guilty as Charged will now be Franchise vs. TAZ, and look for a title change here.-Tammy Sytch and Candido want out of ECW, and badly!

Well, that's all for today, have a safe New Years, and have a great one too. You can e-mail me with anything about wrestling, and I will try to reply!

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