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-Nothing is final with Jericho yet. His contract ends in July, so he has lots of time to decide. The JOB at Starrcade was just to show Jericho that if he didn't sign, he was gone. Malenko and Benoit have resigned, and big pushes are in order for them, so maybe Jericho might consider resigning. I hope so, cause I hate Jericho, and I couldn't stand his whiney ass in the WWF.-Giant is finally confirmed to be gone. Look for him to pop up in March. -nWo Wolfpac is breaking up. With Lugar joining Scott Steiner soon, Konnan due for another singles push, Nash reforming the heel outsiders, and Sting coming back as Crow Sting, the Wolfpac will be no more. So I hope everyone has enjoyed buying Wolfpac gear!-Nitro is supposed to be huge this Monday at the Georgia Dome, and Hogan is coming back, either to interfere with the Nash-Goldberg match, and/or to officially announce his retirement. God, I hate Hogan.


-Raw, I hear is gonna be huge, and it's taped, and Mr. Tito refuses to read Spoilers. Raw's gotta be huge, being taped, and going up against the huge Georgia Dome Nitro!-Many don't know when Stone Cold will return. Raw needs him badly, so that WCW doesn't get an edge in the Monday Night Wars.-Giant, or maybe Titan, anyways Paul Wight will probably debut at Wrestlemania. It would be great to see when Stone Cold wins the belt, to have Vinnie Mac lead Mr. Paul Wight down, and crush Austin!

Anyways, that's all for today! But in other news, I just want to tell everyone to see the Faculty...that's a bad-ass movie! You can e-mail me with anything about wrestling, and guess what? I will reply!!!

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