Yes indeed, it's another installment of the Phat Daily Column. The good fellas at Nielson sent the ratings out, finally, for the Monday Night shows...and boy can a wedding make a difference! Enough hype, on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 2.8
Third Hour: 2.8
Composite: 3.13


First Hour: 6.3
Second Hour: 6.7
Composite: 6.5


Nitro: 2.8 Tito's Prediction: 2.9
RAW: 6.5 Tito's Prediction: 6.5

-Just when WCW was getting cockier about getting back on top, the WWF comes back and blows WCW out of the water again. Amidst the controversies, the parental groups, and the constant bashing by WCW, the WWF prevailed this week by looking like the RAW of old in the ratings. WCW slumped back to their old ways as they tried everything Monday to prevent fans from wanting to watch the wedding. In my opinion, this is the break that the WWF needed to keep their fans right where they are. I personally felt that their current angles were very stale in the WWF, and by having Triple H, who seemed to bore me, marry Stephanie will help make things fresh again. Just think of the possibilities with this angle. This one will keep WWF fans intrigued for a long time, and probably help Armageddon's buyrate since Vince will be fighting Triple H there. As for WCW, they better try harder. They put on a good show, but the obvious excitement was on the WWF on Monday Night.


-Wade Keller reported that Shawn Micheals has had some talks with ECW wrestlers and maybe a few officials about some appearances in ECW. Do you know about this WWF? If ECW gets to use him, they will get the popularity that you could have WWF. You guys are angry at HBK for his comments towards Stone Cold on how he should have jobbed cleanly to Triple H at Summerslam. Yes, it's true! He was telling it how it was! Stone Cold was very selfish during this time, as he only cared about himself, and not the company. It's nothing big, just the truth. So let HBK back on television because HBK does equal ratings. WWF would be letting opportunity out the window if they let him show up on ECW television.

-The WWF's stock has slightly dropped due to the recent loss of advertisers such as Coke, AT&T, Air Force, and Army. The PTC doubts to whether the WWF will tone it down, so my thought yesterday about them continually attacking are true. The WWF gave into them by toning it down, and now they will keep going. They won't stop until the WWF's violence compares to that of the Carebears cartoon. They don't hate the violence, the language, or the T & A..nooo. They are just jealous of wrestling's success and the grasp it has on society now. They want to eliminate wrestling all together, and if they have to attack a federation's source of money by chasing advertisers, then that's what they'll do. Maybe if those assholes would be responsible parents in the first place by not allowing their kids to watch wrestling, then maybe this whole mess wouldn't have happened.

-What the hell is up with D'Lo? One, Mark Madden, a WCW insider, insists that he's heading to the WWF since he's rumored to give a 90 day notice in January, and two, Jim Ross is insisting that D'Lo is going no where since he has a guaranteed contract that has another 1 and a half years on it. Who the hell are we to believe? Some rumors said that D'Lo was close with Russo...but then again I hear that he's happy with his role in the WWF working for the McMahons. Damn it, when will it end? We'll see in January!

-Oh my, the so-called backstage heat rumors against Jericho seem to continue. But he's getting good television time, right? I mean that how could he have heat when he's on television everyweek? Could it be because his t-shirts sell really well at WWF events? Could it be because the fans love him? That's exactly what it is no matter who he pisses off backstage. The fans pop loudly when he comes out, and the WWF can't deny that. I don't know if it's true or not, but if he doesn't win the IC title at have to wonder.


-Keller said that DDP seems to want out of his WCW contract, as he wants to jump to the WWF. Oh my. Let's look at some recent situations. DDP was backstage at WWF's houseshow in Toronto when both were in town, and he met The Rock. DDP said in his address that he enjoyed meeting the Rock very much, and he'd gladly love to wrestle him one day. Also, DDP isn't well liked in the WCW locker room. Many wrestlers hate him because they consider him a huge suck up to WCW personnel. You could say maybe that this incident with Buff might have been the icing on the cake, so to speak, of what might be DDP's final days in WCW. Of course, no news on whether WCW would give him that honor of releasing him or not.

-Hmmm...rather strange of WCW to possibly break their relationship with Torrie Wilson, and then put up a new Superstar Photo Gallery of her. Of course, if there is problems, they just might quickly take it down before I post this column, so if it's gone by the time you read this, just trust was there. The news came out 2 days ago, and it's up this morning. Beats the hell out of me.


-Oh my, it seems to be a bidding war on Mikey Whipwreck between ECW and WCW. Why? Before I rip this man to death, let's go over the news of it. WCW, for some reason wants Mikey back in WCW. They release him, but now they show interest in him again. Why? Ahem. Mikey wants to stay in ECW because he'll be a bigger draw there. In WCW, he knows that he'll be nothing but a jobber or get lost in the mix. Why are both ECW and WCW fighting over this guy? For one, he's very small. He can do some decent moves, but do you think he can be a top superstar? Hell NO! He's a midcarder for life! Ok, I'm sorry...he was a triple crown champ at ECW. I don't think the competition was up to standards during that time, but he was that. You must remember how injury prone that man is. Those knees blow out all the time. I don't think he's worth bidding over. Save your money WCW. This is just my opinion on Mikey.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with more tomorrow to continue the streak known as the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading, and why not chill till the next episode?

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