Welcome to the FRIDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss the WWF, which had Smackdown on last night. Also, we'll review ECW's "Path of Destruction", which I finally was able to finish up. We'll have such wonderful fun! On to the PDC.

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You'd figure that the WWF would "go out with a bang" and put on a strong Smackdown, but they didn't. Instead, we had a full night of Stephanie McMahon's ego.

At least, though, that Smackdown started with a hot opening match. Chris Jericho took on both Edge/Christian in a handicap match, which he lost. Yes, he's not superhuman like the Rock or Undertaker, so he actually lost the match. Jericho got his at the end of the match, where Stephanie slapped him hard. How ironic that Stephanie is not only slapping him there, but she's also slapping him in the face in terms of the matches he jobs.

Next, we get Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy. Talk about recycling feuds, as Benoit has gone through both Hardy Boys before. Awesome counter at the end for Benoit, where he slapped the crossface out of no where. Hey, if Bobby Heenan were calling the show, he'd overhype that the Crippler crossface can come out of any direction, and that it has many variations; just like he did for the Diamond Cutter.

Man, that Right To Censor parody of the Jim Ross/Chyna interview was sooo bad. You know the RTC is pathetic if they can't get a parody over, especially since the Misfits in Action can. Vince needs to give up on the RTC already.

Buh Buh's punishment for putting Eric Angle through a table: get a world title shot! Really.... imagine what kind of push a wrestler could get if he shot someone in the ring. Anyway, it was another good match between these two, as they've fought a good match during the King of the Ring prelims. I hope that a Edge/Christian vs. the Dudleys match is set up for Royal Rumble, so that the Dudley Boyz can get their long overdue World Titles.

AHHHHH!!! Stephanie interview!!! At least it wasn't an opening interview. The crowd could use a bathroom break in the middle of the show, you know? Funny how Steve Austin poured beer on Stephanie's head. That was sooo WWF 1998.

Pretty good hardcore match between Raven and Jeff Hardy. Had it been anyone else besides Jeff Hardy, then the match would have sucked like no other. Why is it that EVERY hardcore match in either WCW or WWF has fucking trashcans as weapons? Oh big deal, hit me with a sheet metal trashcan! Please. Hit them with chairs, put them through tables, jump off ladders, and pull off crazy spots if you are going to wrestle hardcore.

Holy COW!! Too Cool has made it on Smackdown, too, this week! WOW!!!! First RAW, and then Smackdown. Oh, their stock must be rising.... After T&A defeated Two Fools, Prince Albert gave Test the worst attack I've ever seen on a tag team partner. Oh Albert, you are sooo intimidating! Please. I'm sure Jim Ross will hype that "Prince Albert has BIG THINGS in the future planned for him" in his Ross Report. You just wait and see that. Test should be the one who gets pushed to a strong midcard wrestler, as he has the ability to take that role. Too bad he's minus an attitude and charisma.

Funny how Rock and Undertaker can pull out a Handicap victory, when others can't. They defeated Regal, Kane, and Rikishi last night. Kane and Regal are OK, but damn Rikishi sucks now! The WWF has totally screwed up his heel turn by giving him a lame attitude and very lame entrance music. He's not even over as a heel, since nobody was booing when he came down originally.

Last Word: It wasn't a bad show, but it was too centered around Stephanie. Sure, I enjoyed her running down the rampway, but the second she starts talking, UGH! The matches were decent, since the WWF has a nice stockpile of wrestlers who can actually go these days. Thank God for that, since the storylines absolutely suck. I'll give this show a B.


Apparently, good old Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon are now in control of the backstage decisions for the WWF, since Vince is too occupied with the XFL. This past week of wrestling could be blamed on them! Really though, I think that both Stephanie and Shane should have enough sense to strengthen the storylines, just a little bit. Oh wait, they don't, cause Stephanie is putting herself over constantly now. The only thing Shane has done lately was to ban wrestlers from creating their own websites. This WWF boat is sinking slowly.....

If you ask me, the WWF needs to start JOBBING their wrestlers. Nobody wins anymore in the WWF, since many DQ finishes occur. If you job out guys like Rock, Austin, Undertaker, or whoever else in BIG matches, then people will notice. I agree with many other writer's opinion in that the WWF is pulling what WCW did in 1997/1998, and that was to have stupid NWO guys run in for EVERY match. Hey, if you can't learn by past mistakes, then what good are you really?

But remember, I'm just a VERY negative person. I guess I'm just imagining the half-assed storylines, the NOT over wrestlers, the rating drops, the lower attendance, and the fact that the guys who are working harder in the matches aren't allowed to get to the top. Oh, I must be wrong on that. WWF is so lucky that competition is weak right now.

WWF Jackson 5

5. Jeff Hardy: The WWF's future.

4. Raven: NEW Hardcore Champion. Too bad it won't mean much, thanks to WWF booking.

3. Kurt Angle: Two pins over Jericho and Buh Buh this week. Too bad it can't be Austin, Rock, or the Undertaker. Isn't he World Champion?

2. Chris Benoit: Took Matt Hardy to a good match this week, again. Benoit deserves better respect from the WWF. But hey, the WWF didn't have to pick up Mr. Benoit when he wanted his release from WCW. I guess that's their excuse.

1. Chris Jericho: He's performing well, and jobbing with pride. Too bad the WWF keeps dropping the ball on his career.

Hey, no Rock or Undertaker on this top 5 list. How odd is that?

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

It's back!! The final of 3 promised reviews is here, as we'll go into ECW's territory with their latest video. Time to get EXTREME!

-ECW: Path of Destruction (Uncensored)-

Coming into this tape, I would have liked a better choice of matches. However, after watching this tape, I was pretty satisfied with it. It's like "Extreme Revolution", in that it has Joey Styles narrating it, with 5 or so matches. Let's go match by match, shall we?

TV Title: Chris Jericho vs. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2 vs. Too Cold Scorpion
Great match overall. It was very long too, being the longest match on the tape. But this was an elimination 4 Way match for the titles, and not a first pin match. Many insiders say that a few WWF wrestlers don't like Jericho cause he's too out of control during his moves. Ha, then you should see him here. However, the other 3 ECW wrestlers here take his moves like men and they don't bitch about it later! You gotta see Too Cold nailing Jericho with a sick dropkick to his face, while Jericho attempts his Lionsault. Oh God, that was so nasty. Great spots from Scorpio, who was just about to go downhill in his career. This was the match where Francine turned on the Pitbulls, in a very great heel turn. You know, the one where she drops her skirt to reveal that she has the word "Franchise" on her ass? She takes a nasty powerbomb through the table, Dudley Style. Oh wait, this was long before the Dudleys were even a team!!! You know what tapes they are watching.... Evil Shane somehow pulled out the victory in this match, which led to the longer feud with the Pitbulls.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD only looks good when he has a good opponent to carry the match. Bam Bam is OK at carrying opponents, so we had a pretty decent match here. Rob Van Dam took some mighty sick bumps during this match, including the famous flip off the top rope and over the guardrail. Rob Van Dam, here, was supposed to "soften" up Bam Bam for Bigelow's match with Sabu. Well, RVD defeated Bam Bam, setting up a match against Sabu for the TV title. That match, by the way, disappointed me cause it had no finish. It should be noted that ECW gave away the winner of this match, when they accidentally started hyping RVD vs. Sabu for the TV title, long before RVD even won this match.

Stairway to Hell Match: Sabu vs. Sandman
Phew! I was worried that this was the Pay Per View match(I believe it was November to Remember 1997), where both Sandman and Sabu fucked up about ever spot in the match. This was from another show, thank God. This match was their best, by far, as about every spot worked! The one where the Sandman is on the top of the ladder, grabbing the barbed wire, while Sabu pushes him off is just sick. Sandman dropped so hard on some tables outside of the ring, and he even cause some of the guardrail on the outside. Sabu broke his Jaw in this match, by missing the Sandman on the outside and eating guardrail. Crazy thing is that Sabu continued this match. Sandman won this one after some brutal cane shots. I think it ended quicker than expected cause of Sabu's injury.

Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten
I've never really been fond of the Rotten brothers, even with glass glued to their fists. This match was so bad, despite their bloody faces. Both Rottens are lazy workers, especially Ian. At least Axl hid his physical condition with his baggy clothes, but damn, Ian is a lardass. I wouldn't mention it if he wasn't just lolly-gagging around the ring. Axl, I think, got the win during this match. The WORST match on the tape here.

Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn
Tajiri is an evil heel here, and he's managed by Steve Corino. It should be noted that Corino had different tights on, since he wasn't the "King of Oldschool" yet. I actually like Tajiri better as a face, cause he does a lot more moves. Good overall match here, although it's not anywhere near each wrestlers' best. Lynn won this match.

Last Word: This video is better than "Extreme Revolution", but I don't particularly agree with the order of matches. I would have put the 4 Way match or the Stairway to Hell match at the end, but that's just me. The Rotten match(which it was), was the only thing holding this tape down from being excellent.


Maybe for the next video, we could see some Tables and Ladders action from the Eliminators vs. Rob Van Dam/Sabu? Maybe some classic ECW Benoit matches? How about putting the famous Raven vs. Tommy Dreamers matches on it too? How about letting Mr. Tito pick the matches for the next video? Now that's a stretch.

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