Welcome back to my Phat Daily Column! Monday night came and went, and what a monday night it was!

Monday Night Impressions


-I felt this was the best nitro in a long time. The Ratings will be close this week. -The ending of Nitro was great, one of the best ever. Macho came back, and nobody called that one. His valet looked just like Pamela Lee! -New TV champ, but it's kinda sad when you are the head of nWo Hollywood, and you are just the TV champ. -Nash wants a re-match with Goldberg now...what the hell is he thinking? Take the belt and run! I have a bad feeling that Goldberg is gonna win it back. -No Chris Jericho, so he's long gone now. The Giant showed up, but only to get beat down by Macho. Giant is finishing up his contract requirements.


-I felt this was just an average RAW, but still a good show. -Shawn Michaels delivered sweet chin music to Vinnie Mac, but that was the worst looking chin music I have ever seen. Shawn's been gone from wrestling too long. -Nothing can stop the Big Red Machine!!! I don't think Kane will stay corperate, because he only attacked when they told or threatened him to. -Nobody deserves the Hardcore title but Mankind, and I mean nobody!! -The Rock was hilarious doing play by play! It looks like he's fighting Mankind, AGAIN, at Royal Rumble! -No Stone Cold or Undertaker again...they need them or else, WCW will start winning!


-Lots of rumors say MacMahon will win the Royal Rumble, but those rumors are said to be planted so that Stone Cold could win it. -Stone Cold is still having problems with his injury. The Royal Rumble is gonna be real hard on him. -Undertaker was supposed to be at Raw, but it looks like they want him there when Stone Cold comes back. -WWF is trying to figure out something for Marc Mero to be, since Marvelous is dead. -WCW is gonna try to destroy the Giant as much as they can. Look for losers to beat him in the upcoming months. -ECW is stressing for talent! They are trying to sign Wreckless Youth full time, and they have been talking to the WWF about some talent trading.


Mr. Tito's Phat Movie Reviews!!!!

-The Best of Wrestlemania. Great video, probably the best wrestling video I have ever seen! Covers all wrestlemania's, but leaves out some important main events and super matches, but still a great one, and a must buy! A+ -The Best of Survival Series. Alright video, but it left out a lot of great matches, and it focused too much on the last 2 survival series(not the recent one though). Butters up Stone Cold too much, and milks the Bret Hart-Michaels match. B -Sting Unmasked. Very good documentary on Sting. Shows a bunch of old matches, and even goes behind the scenes a little with Stings career..very reveiling. A -Bret Hart: Wrestling With Shadows. Great Documentary...but it makes me wonder how everything was on camera back in the day, and how Bret had a wire on that time. Hmmm... A

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed my new movie review! Anyways, you can e-mail me with anything on wrestling, and I WILL reply!

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