Another PDC is upon us. I'll have to warn you though, as I wasn't able to finish up ECW's "Path of Destruction" video. I'll try to get through it tonight. That video was my whole gameplan for today's column, but now that's gone. Doh! Well, improvising is such a wonderful thing. On to the PDC.

Quick WWF Ratings Analysis

RAW is WAR received a 3.8 rating, which is low due to the holidays. Many readers insisted that the RAW rating would be higher since "families could gather around the television to enjoy the show". Uh huh. The WWF is such a family experience, especially when the youngest generation at the Christmas gathering are the only wrestling fans. I'd really laugh to see my aunts, uncles, and grandparents sitting with me to watch it.

Heat did a 1.4 rating, which is a new low for the show. It was on X-Mas eve night, so we'll cut it some slack. Superstars did a 1.0 rating and Livewire did a 1.1 rating. Those two ratings are very strong, considering that they came on the holiday weekend. It's a good sign to the WWF that the demand for their product was high last weekend, despite the joke of the ratings that RAW did last week.

Rock as Beast in X-Men 2???

Rumor has it that the Rock just may play the role as Beast in the next X-Men movie. Now if you didn't read the comics, you should know that Beast is sort of short, blue, and very smart. He'd hang from ceilings, with his feet, and read books to pass time when not fighting bad guys and so forth. He could get a mean streak when he wanted, but for the most part, he was a very pleasant character.

However, I don't understand how the Rock could play a good Beast? Sure, the Rock has some decent acting skills, but we're talking about a character who is very short. I guess maybe if the Rock was in a crouching position the whole time, then maybe he could pull it off. I understand that the does have the size for the role, but he doesn't really look like him in the face. I guess make up and costumes are good for something?

Great Wrestling Comebacks

Last night, we witnessed the return of Mario Lemieux to the ice. He came back from retiring 3 years ago, and he scored 1 goal and 2 assists. Now that's a great comeback. But coming into today's PDC, I wanted to talk about certain comebacks to wrestling, like from massive injuries. We don't see many wrestlers coming back from retirement, but we can look at those from injury.

Like the Rock. I believe he suffered some kind of knee injury as "Rocky Miavia", which was actually blessing in the sky. No, I don't wish anybody injury, but it allowed for the Rock to return in a new fashion. That new fashion was that he joined the Nation of Domination. From there, he slowly grew into the superstar that he is today!

Sting's comeback from major knee surgery is a good one, although he needed Robocop to protect him one time. In the storylines, the Horsemen attacked Sting to hurt that knee. Sting eventually came back later that year to defeat Ric Flair for the World Title in a very dramatic year. Of course, Ole Anderson was the booker back then, and he made Sting go on to face the evil Black Scorpion.

X-Pac made a good comeback too, as he had a major neck injury that many predicted he had no chance of returning from. That neck injury got him fired from WCW, where he then signed with the WWF. Within months, he made his return, and helped to fuel the WWF revolution in 1998.

Rob Van Dam came back from an ankle injury against Rhino, although his huge comeback only became known on the television shows. RVD put over Rhino on the television shows, since RVD is a great company man. I like how many of the ECW wrestlers are complaining about how RVD is wrong for filing a breach of contract. Yeah, that's nice, especially when he's carried the fed through most of the rough times when most of those wrestlers weren't even there yet.

But who could forget the comeback of one Jushin Liger. He had, what, a brain tumor I believe? It was something within his head, and coming back from that kind of circumstance is just rare. Not only did he return, but he didn't miss a beat and is still doing great in Japan. It's such a shame that Russo wasted him the last time he was in WCW.

There are many great comebacks to wrestling. Some might say that Hulk Hogan's return to wrestling, meaning his WCW debut, should be listed. Not bad, although I didn't like Hogan's tactics upon the booking team back then. Stone Cold's return was a disappointment, if you ask me.

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