There's nothing finer than Scott Steiner. Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, the Monday Night Wars heated up as both the WWF and WCW wanted to give wrestling fans something to chew on for the year 2000. Hey, I don't know what else to say in this intro, so on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


The Outsiders were stripped of the titles, and WCW decided to have a lethal lottery about it. Joy. I hated the pay per views with these in it, and I wasn't too thrilled with these matches tonight. Having enemies paired has been done so many times, it's ridiculous. This concept was not fun or interesting at all up until the end, and it's definately a ratings killer. Nice way to get ratings Russo.

The NWO was in full force tonight, as Nash had to help Bret Hart beat Jerry Flynn. You might as well consider the World Title as a joke, because if Hart can't beat up a jabronie like Flynn by himself, he's no world champion. Every match that the NWO was in, they had interference, like the great match between Jarrett and Kidman. You just couldn't avoid it. Very pathetic.

Nothing is finer than Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner is one hell of an actor folks, as his retirement speech was excellent. He was in tears and he sounded like he meant it. Now that he's joined the NWO, it's going to be Vince Russo's savior. Vince Russo's prayer has been answered, because Scott Steiner can deliver the goods. His chances of grabbing ratings have now increased. Now maybe if the NWO could ditch Bret Hart...then maybe I'd agree that bringing back the NWO was a good thing.

I will say that Devon Storm as Crowbar is definately a good thing. He looked excellent in the ring, and it slaps the WWF in the face when they could never use him right.

NYE Phat Stats

Matches: 12
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 6
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Well, the whole Lethal Lottery thing wasn't very pleasant for me, but the return of Big Poppa Pump certainly was. His return impacts WCW bigtime, as he was the best heel until he was injured. Now that he's back, he can create chaos like he did before. The show alone was weak, but with Steiner's return, it get's a


in my book. I believe this show will get a 2.7 due to the Lethal Lottery borefest matches when going head to head with RAW. Two hours next week baby!!! 8-10!!!


Tori was paranoid after being raped over the holidays, thus going crazy when Test touched her and when she was Kane. Rather disturbing, and she said she enjoyed her weekend!

Mick Foley was ever so sweet this week, as he was fired earlier due to the pink slip match with the Rock, and he then came back and helped the Big Show beat Triple H(I called that this match would happen by the way yesterday). I suppose this is the first step to Cactus Jack's return.

New Age Outlaws are not a worthy tag team. They needed to cheat to defeat Too Cool. Too Cool is a fairly young team, and the New Age Outlaws are a very experienced tag team. See what I'm getting at? Oh well, I guess the WWF wants to put Too Cool more over so that I don't keep insisting that they should headline Jakked.

The situation with Mark Henry, Mae Young, Harvey Whippleman, and Moolah was just too messed up. Is that wrestling? Oh wait, it's "entertainment".

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 10
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Not a bad night of wrestling for RAW to close out a great year for them. A couple of off-the-wall angles were interesting, while some of the matches were pretty good. The main event was excellent this week, as it's the first time I saw the crowd go nuts when the Big Show won. I'll give RAW a


for an all around good show. I'd imagine that it will get a 6.2. It should be interesting to see how hour 1 of RAW is next week when Nitro is only head to head with them in their first hour.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Nitro finally announced that they will be going to 2 hours starting next week. They will run from the 8-10 slot, so expect a blockbuster second hour from Nitro. I'm glad Nitro chopped off the fat to their show because 3 hours was rough. They tried to do way too much in 3 hours that it got confusing. With 2 hours, however, the great long matches won't happen often anymore. That's a damn shame because that's what I mainly like about Nitro. Nitro now has just one hour to worry about in head to head competition, as they will only have the 9-10 slot to fight about. I wonder if the WWF will let WCW get away with this, or will they also jump to 8-10 to combat them. Of course, talk was that RAW would be bumped to 10 for a 10-12 show. You never know.

-I don't know if this is significant news, but what the heck. I was looking all around the lovely Ohio Valley Mall yesterday, and I couldn't find Wrestlemania 2000 anywhere. I was shocked, as I MIGHT get hooked back into the video game industry again. The game is nowhere to be found, as the retailers told me that everytime they get them in, they are sold instantly! I know my mall area well, and I've seen the stores when other games are out, and nothing has been that bad. But I agree that it's selling, because I feel that it's the best wrestling video game of all time.

-A few people have asked me if Tazz can appear on the WWF's New Years Eve special. The answer is NO. Why, because the show will be taped for New Years, and not live. Tazz can't work tapings, just like he can't work houseshows either. He can't work anything at all for the WWF until the ball drops to start 2000. Only then can he even consider doing a WWF event. His debut seems to be slated to be January 3rd, but I haven't heard any news reports lately to confirm that. I hope he debuts next week!

-For those in my area, you'll be happy when we finally get UPN...if it's true. The UPN that my shitty AT&T cable system would pick up would be the one based out of Pittsburgh, which also carries ECW HARDCORE!!!!!! That's right, so if the rumor is true, I'm getting two action packed shows on my television. Life would be so good if it is true. I'm going to call AT&T cable soon to see if this rumor is true just to fill those in who are in my area.

@Oh well, that's all for today. Keep having Happy Holidays, as we approach New Years! I'll be back, but I doubt I'll be back with Ratings Analysis due to the holiday season delaying them. So just chill till the next episode.

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