Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column (December 28, 1998)
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Well, Starrcade is over, and Nash won! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!! Finally, a real champ in WCW! As for my column today, I got home at 9:30, and my hook up for Starrcade wasn't available, you know since I now refuse to buy shitty WCW pay-per-views. So besides the DDP-Giant and Nash vs. Goldberg, which I listened to, the other results are made reference to PPV posts on this page and other pages and/or friends. Anyways, on to the PHAT column!

All Hail Big Sexy

New WCW Champ


-WCW is now going in the right direction with Nash as champ.

-But that could be killed by Hogan coming back soon.

-Not to mention that Giant and Jericho are probably gone now.

-Nitro should be very interesting, cause Hogan is rumored for return, and what will Goldbore do now?


-Jarrett and Ken Shamrock are the next to be up for contract. Ken's is up in March, I think, and Jarrett should be let go, he just plain sucks.

-Many are worried that Stone Cold will struggle with being first in the Royal Rumble, due to his injury.

-WWF is now licking it's lips, with the new arrival of the Giant in the upcoming months. I have heard everywhere that he will be called Titan, and be coperate. Perfect!

Well, no ECW news today..sorry! E-mail Me about anything involving wrestling, and I will reply!

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