Welcome to the LATE edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, I know it's late. 3 Morons from work decided to call off, so who do they call in? Good old Mr. Tito. Ah yes, I enjoy picking up the slack for others. Don't worry, tomorrow's my last day working for the holidays, as I'll go back to the University soon. Today, we'll do Kurt Angle's video review, and whatever else comes up. It's time to improvise baby! On to the PDC.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

It's true, it's true. Now, you Angle-marks can stop bugging me about reviewing this tape, because it's finally here!

-Kurt Angle: It's True, It's True-

Like the Jericho and the Rock video, it's perfect for huge fans of Mr. Angle. Now I like Angle, but I won't bow down to him, so no bias here.

This video goes in order, from the start of Angle's career to Angle's World Title victory over the Rock. My only gripe about this is that Kurt Angle is in FULL character throughout the video, as he didn't give any insides to what went down during matches or angles. Jericho's video did that, which really helped it since it didn't go in order.

I also would have liked for Angle to discuss more about his wrestling background and his LONG year before he made his television debut with the WWF. You know, how he wrestled dark matches FOREVER. But I guess this is aimed at anything good in Angle's career, so they didn't go there.

Another thing is that this video didn't include many of Angle's great speeches. His mic work is HALF of his character. In fact, that's what got fans attached to him. But noooo, they weren't included like the Rock's and Jericho's. Major strike right there. The video mainly consists of his matches and his own commentary, which is in full character.

It starts out with the odd pairing with Steve Blackman. I found this angle or whatever to be pretty funny, as anybody who's paired with Blackman ends up being. Even Al Snow is funny with Blackman, and that says a whole lot. Blackman screwed him over, and then moved on... Thank God!

Angle was getting so over that he went after the European title, beating a NOT over Val Venis. Angle then won the IC title from Chris Jericho during a good match at No Mercy. Next, he fought Jericho and Benoit at Wrestlemania, where he lost both belts. You know how he was pissed about losing both belts, despite not getting pinned? Well, he goes out of character, for once here, and gives you his REAL thoughts.

Angle won the King of the Ring next, which is probably his best night of wrestling. Best night being his best night performing. Next, we see the odd stuff with Stephanie and Triple H, along with all of the matches here. It's a damn shame that the WWF screwed this angle up, as Stephanie should have ended up with Angle as a love interest. But noooo, she's gotta remain with Triple H, who said he used her many times. I just love WWF booking these days.

We then go to Angle's large victory over the Rock, where the Rock actually put Angle over on a Pay Per View. Amazing, isn't it? Throughout the video, we are treated to LOTS of behind the scenes filming of the commercial for Smackdown 2. He does about 50% of his talking from the site, where he was in FULL character.

Also in the video, we have lots of comments made by other wrestlers about Angle. Many respected his wrestling ability or where he came from, but NOT his ego. Especially the Brooklyn Brawler, who dogged him throughout the video. Very strange, as I wouldn't exactly put the Brooklyn Brawler of all people to rip on Kurt Angle.

LAST WORD: Pretty good video overall. I would have enjoyed it more, had Angle stepped out of character during the video. But hey, it's somewhat aimed at the fans who really love the man, so I guess that's the point of the video. The Brooklyn Brawler ripping is just so strange though. Like Jericho's tape, I'll give it an


and I'll recommend it because it's a good recap of Angle's early career. If you hate Angle, don't buy this video, because it would probably annoy you.

Possibly Tomorrow: ECW's Path of Destruction

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  • Of course, I might not be able to watch the tape tonight since I'll probably be watching Mario Lemieux's return! Go Penguins!

    Mark Madden, you're Fired!

    Inside sources are saying that Mark Madden has been fired from WCW for making unauthorized comments during his television commentary, and possibly an interview. Whatever. Point being is that he's probably gone from WCW. Now will he be a poor man?

    NO. He's a huge radio announcer on ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh, PA on 1250 am, from 4 to 6 pm Eastern. I tried to pick it up today to see if he'd make any comments, whatsoever, but all I got was fuzz. Madden also writes an article for a Pittsburgh newspaper about the Penguins, and he also has LOTS of internet jobs out there. So I don't really think he's in trouble. However, he won't get the easy money that WCW hands out.

    It's very doubtful that Madden will jump to the WWF, since he wasn't very liked to many within WCW. Plus, he's made many offhand comments about the WWF for the past few years. Besides, the WWF should go after Bobby Heenan as an announcer, and not Madden. :)

    We can now take out our earplugs when watching Nitro, since Madden is no longer their to scream about matches.

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