Well, well, well, it's time once again for the ONLY column that comes to you everyday of the week. Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. The Monday Night Wars continue, as both of the shows should be excellent....or at least trying to entertain you. Does WCW think more people will watch due the name change of tonight's show? Who knows, as the genuises before Russo thought of it. RAW, I hope, breathes life into the Triple H-Stephanie angle, because it was starting to die last week. Oh well, on to the PDC.


-I've heard that with many of WCW faces either hurt or gone that a certain Hulk Hogan was given a call to come back. Ouch. Looks like the creative genuises are giving Hogan the head he wanted, and that's to save WCW. Joy Joy Joy! Having Hogan around is doom for WCW because he'll make it seem like the Creative Team has no talent at all and he'll take over backstage in politics. Then after that, we will revert back to what Russo has tried to avoid, and that's Hogan's federation. It's going to happen, as there is no avoiding it. If they made the call to Hogan we can then console Vince Russo on failing to turn WCW around.

-Nice one with the injury Goldberg, as it stopped a great opportunity to wrestle a match in New Japan. He was scheduled to wrestle on the January 4th Tokyo Dome show, but nooo, he had to put his hand through the windows on Thunder. Whoever made the decision for Goldberg to do that, fire them now! For one, making any wrestler do that is dangerous anyways, and they could really sue the company if they were severely injured. Also, who thought that Goldberg should do it. That man is too intense, and I'm sure he jumped at the opportunity to do it. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

-Tonight, we have some interesting stuff on Nitro....err, New Year's Evil. Reading WCW.com's preview, they have mentioned something about revealing what has happened to Sting. They say it's a huge announcement. I guess they want to build up the excuse for Sting to take time off to get elbow surgery. They also have another announcement to do on Nitro about everything I guess, and they claim that it will "literally change the program forever". Hmm, I thought that was Starrcade and last week's Nitro? Oh joy, Lenny and Lodi will be back as Standards and Practices. Lame gimmick, but at least they get the opportunity to get back on television after being held off. There is only one match announced so far, and that's Billy Kidman vs. Jeff Jarrett, which should be a good "wrestling" match-up as long as they don't make it one of those 5 minute spots like they usually do. You can probably predict that this show will be loaded with New World Order. Will it draw the ratings? We'll see.


-Tonight on RAW, you can expect for Triple H and Stephanie to rule the world...ahem, the WWF once again without anyone getting in their way. It seems that Vince and Shane McMahon won't be back until the January 3rd RAW, where they will finally confront Triple H/Stephanie. So for this week, we are stuck with their booking once again, as it was slowly getting old last week. Triple H MIGHT beat Big Show tonight for the world title, as long as that hyper extended knee feels good. Triple H is slated to win that title anytime that his knee is ready. What better way to fight off New Years Evil with a World Title change? You can imagine that Mick Foley and Triple H will heat their feud up more, as it will continue the final days of Mick Foley. Look for some more Tazz hype tonight, as he can debut with the WWF at next week's RAW if he chooses or if the WWF chooses. Should be a good RAW if the WWF wants it to be.

-Speaking of the January 3rd RAW, it's supposively going to be HUGE as the WWF wants to get their fans on the right track to start the New Year. RAW will be at Miami, FL that night, so you know what that means....the loudest Rocky chants of all time, as the Rock finally comes back to Miami. It's also a big homecoming for D'Lo Brown as well, but whether or not the WWF puts him in a decent angle or match for the show is unknown. This so-called HUGE RAW might finally have the debut of Tazz. He can officially wrestle after December 31, and this would be a monster opportunity to not only get him over, but put him in an angle to instantly put him over. The biggest thing will be Vince and Shane returning. They will finally put an end to Stephanie and Triple H ruling the WWF. That's a huge ratings draw, as WCW better be ready to combat that.

Alright, the end of this year is coming and what better way to end it than with the 1st annual Tito Awards! That's right, as I will be reviewing the best wrestlers, tag teams, angles, and whatever else that I can think of when writing that column. It's been a rather interesting year of wrestling, as the second half of the year is when things really got heated up. So be on the look out for those, as I will either have them on the 30th or the 31st. Joy.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. News is slow again today due to the holiday season, but I'm sure it will pick up after the Monday Night shows hit. So enjoy the Monday Night shows, and I'll be back with the usual troubled Monday Night Impressions. Until tomorrow, just chill till the next episode.

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