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Mr. Tito (December 27, 1998)
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Hey, I'm back, sorry I didn't put a column earlier, I was called in to work a double shift this morning..anyways, we have Starrcade coming up soon, and I hope I see Nash win the belt! On to the column...


-Starrcade could be the end of 2 careers in WCW: The Giant and Chris Jericho. Whoever loses their matches, will probably leave WCW. Giant has been said to be gone, but nothing has been said about Jericho, except his contract is up soon.

-Many have stated that Sting was gonna show up soon, like in early January, but now it looks like February again, so that Bret Hart is healthy.

-Reports are that the LWO are gonna self destruct soon, and turn on Eddy. Great!

-WCW and NBC are confirmed somewhere to have an agreement for a show, or a series of shows. WCW plans to have an NBC show during February's WWF In Your House show, to try to screw over the WWF's PPV buys.


-Triple H has resigned with the WWF!!!! A very smart man.

-Undertaker is rumored to show up on the next raw, or the one following it. Maybe he will go after Coperate Kane?

-Savio Vega wants to return, and will attempt a comeback on his repaired back. Savio has been working in WWF offices, and backstage lately.

-Rumor has it that Stevie Richards could be interested in the WWF. Stevie's good buddie Blue Meanie is there now, and I hear Stevie likes how the WWF is concerned about his neck, and the WWF would take it easy on him, not pressure him to work injured like WCW. I hope Stevie goes WWF, as he is my personal favorite wrestler, as you can tell by my e-mail address.

Well, that's all for today, no ECW news, sorry about that. You can e-mail me with whatever about
anything about wrestling, and I promise I will reply!!!!!!!

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