Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas yesterday, as I especially had one. Yesterday, we were treated to RAW is WAR, while Nitro had its tail between its legs. Hey, it was Christmas, although they were pre-empted earlier this month and they will be on New Years Day. So for today, I have my RAW review, and I also have a Phat Video Review to deliver as well! It's the reason why I'm so late today, cause I was up watching Chris Jericho's tape late last night. So let's go to the PDC already.


Thanks for the X-Mas gift WWF, of giving me another boring opening interview. That interview SUCKED until Chris Jericho came down and started to talk trash. Hey, if the WWF is clueless on how to use Jericho, then there you have it. Oh wait, we can't do anything to make Jericho good now, even though the crowd cheers sooo loud for him. He needs to start kissing the boss's ass and then start making friends with Steve Austin if he ever wants a real place in the spotlight.

Wow. Hardy Boyz and the Radicalz put on another good match. Yes WWF, that's where your REAL wrestling talent is, but you insist on pushing others to the top.

YESSSSSS!!!!! Raven is the NEW Hardcore Champion. I guess Shane McMahon wasn't around the night of the taping, eh? Anyway, that Hardcore match was pretty brutal, considering it's a match involving Steve Blackman and Bob Holly. I never knew you could cave in someone's skull with a trashcan lid. Amazing. Hopefully, the WWF makes something out of Raven as Hardcore champion. But that would be too easily... Awesome German Suplex pin on the car by Blackman. Now that's innovative.

Time to take a Tito Pop Quiz!!! Here is the question:

To build heat with Steve Austin during his match with Kane, what would you do with William Regal?

A) Have Regal distract the referee, and have Kane's chokeslam destroy Austin, with Kane getting the pin. That way, it sort of helps Kane's career, since it's needed, and it helps add heat to Regal, who seems to be feuding with his real life friend Steve Austin.

B) Have Regal jump into the ring, and do a lame DQ finish. You know, the ending he's done to Austin before?

If you guessed "B", you would have won a big fat cookie! It's just my thinking that selection "A" would make much more sense. However, I'm not a booker here, and Austin books his own matches, remember? Lord knows that he can't put over Kane, who has put him over several times.

Holy Too Cool appearance on RAW!!! They came in and defeated the sucky T&A, as evil Stephanie helped to screw Test out of the match. This prompted Albert to hint the break up of a very bad experient by the WWF. Trish Stratus was said to be out with Vince McMahon, getting her silicon massaged.

Wow! Kurt Angle got a clean win last night. Oh yeah, did I mention it was against Chris Jericho? Sure, Jericho's respectable, but who exactly has put over Jericho now? Lord only knows that the Fab 4 (Austin, Triple H, Rock, and Undertaker) can't put him over, even though he got a decent win in the Hell in the Cell match. I'm talking one on one matches. Rock did lose to him, but it was tainted and the Rock has been pounding him ever since. Good 6 man match by the way.

These feuds with the Right To Censor never end.

You know what's funny? I'd rather watch a Mike Tenay interview than the one with Chyna and Jim Ross. All Chyna did was cry. WAHHHH!! She's not really hurt folks, as the WWF is doing an injury angle here. Oh yeah, did I mention that any federation is completely stupid for doing an injury angle? Fans care, you know? Luckily, many know that it's only a "work" so that she can make a huge return. The WWF wouldn't need this cheap tactic, had they put Chyna in the Women's division for a short while. That would have drawn some good interest to the division, and she could then say that she was the only one to hold a women's title and a men's title in the WWF. Too bad that won't happen.

Hey, a good Rock interview. He's been hot on the mic this month. Good job.

Good match between Rock and the Undertaker, although the heatless Rikishi came down. (No, I didn't mean "heartless", I meant "HEATless") I suppose Rikishi is mad cause the Undertaker threw him off the cage.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: Besides the interview at the beginning, which actually got better with Jericho, this was still a pretty good show. I think maybe that I should stop reading into the locker-room politics, cause it's making me mad to see Austin book his own stuff, seeing Angle get mistreated as champion, and then having the McMahon family still all over the show. That's probably a good idea, but it's hard to ignore when you write a DAILY column. I liked the show, overall, so I'll give it a


for this week's show. I won't predict the ratings since I'm uncertain on how many would watch during Christmas. Now can you dig that?

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

This is the first of 3 Days of reviews! Today Jericho, tomorrow Angle, and on Thursday, ECW Path of Destruction! By the way... thanks to those who got me those videos, if you are reading right now. Let's Break Down the Walls of Jericho....

Chris Jericho: Break the Walls Down

If you are a Jerichoholic, this is your video. I could sum it up as a great Jericho fan video, easily.

However, I like Jericho, but don't worship him. The video starts out with fans and a few wrestlers talking about Jericho, which I'm glad to see that it didn't last long. Then, we go to Jericho's WWF Debut, where he interrupted the Rock's interview. If you've been looking for this interview, buy this video! It has the WHOLE thing for you to enjoy. No lie. It also has some explanations behind it too, including the Rock's thoughts on it. Great stuff, and that entrance is easily the best ever in wrestling.

Then we go to the Chyna feud, you know, the one that made Chyna look good as a wrestler? Man, he was ripping on her hard back in the day. It's funny too, cause it was said to have Triple H pissed off backstage, back then. Triple H was dating Chyna during that time, by the way.

He then explains his early career as a wrestler or as a youngster. He explained how he used to play hockey, and when he got into wrestling. He said that he was wrestling Canadian independents, and then he wrestled in Japan. He showed a picture of him being the ECW television champion, but made no mention of him being in WCW. Well, the take is entitled "Break Down the Walls", so it's supposed to focus on his WWF stuff.

From his explanations on his Japan career, he went on to the brutal Chris Benoit feud. Damn, they put on some great matches, even though they were back to back to back to back to back to back... They showed how he blackened Benoit's eye that one time, which actually got Jericho in trouble backstage.

Next, we go to Jericho's "Fozzy" career, which about put me to sleep. It's the only BAD part about this video. I want his WWF wrestling, and not his little side job. He was trying to make us buy his CD, which is like those "big-whig" internet sites telling us to "Please Click on Our Banners".

The video then goes to the Triple H feud, which the WWF failed to push Jericho on. Not saying that Jericho should have won, but that a lame feud with X-Pac, which SPANNED TWO PAY PER VIEWS, shouldn't have happened. By the way, any of the X-Pac feuds weren't included, so what does that tell you? The video then ends with an odd sequence of Jericho jumping into a pool with a suit on. Strange.

Last Word: Pretty good video, although it forgets many parts of his WWF career, like his first Wrestlemania. The Fozzy section was a snore, but including the whole debut interview wins you points here. I'll give it an


just because I enjoyed the video for the most part, plus for the fact that the WHOLE debut interview is included. Isn't it funny how the WWF released this video due to the fact that they thought it would sell, since the fans love him? Yes, the fans DO love him, but the WWF insists on jobbing him and depushing him. Anyway, this video is recommended to Jerichoholics, and mainly to anyone. Maybe if you REALLY hate Jericho, then I don't recommend it. Recommended otherwise.

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