Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, as I had a great one yesterday. Yes, I did do the Phat Daily Column yesterday because I enjoy doing it every day of the week. No pay per views on tonight, as we just get to experience Heat! Oh well, we are heading into a week where we will see who will come out fighting in 2000. We'll see Monday how the shows stack up against each other and so forth. With all of this being said, on to the PDC.


-Heat has some decent matches, well at least matches designated for Heat, lined up for you today as they will have matches like Headbangers vs. Too Cool in a battle to see how is the looniest team on the planet. Also, we have a decent match with two good workers in Gangrel vs. the Godfather. I wonder if Luna will come after any of the Godfather's hoes. Finally, we get to see Val Venis defend his covetted European Title vs. Joey Abs. This may look like a weak line up, but just remember, this is the WWF's third ranked show in their mind, and it still gets better ratings than Nitro.

-Stevie Richards seems to be coming along good in his recovery from ankle surgery, as he'll be cleared to wrestle in a few weeks. It's a shame that he was injured when Jericho tossed him on the outside during a RAW, because Stevie was showing some great potential skills and he was getting noticed. I would imagine that he'll do exactly what he was doing before when he comes back, you know how he imitated certain wrestlers. I wouldn't doubt that he jumps right into this whole Chyna/Jericho situation again, as he really made it interesting. I just hope Stevie does hurt himself so that he can shine in the WWF!

-People keep asking me what Tazz will be when he comes back. I hear that he's going to be a bad-ass just like he was before he fought Sabu at Barely Legal. WWF will push him to be like a killer, and he'll most likely have to earn his way up to the top of the ladder just like Jericho has been doing. Of course, Tazz was world champ forever at ECW, and he handled himself well as a champ, so he might get more of an early push. Once the ball drops to end 1999, Tazz can start with the WWF and finally give the Taz fans what they want after missing him from ECW action ever since he lost in his final ECW match with Rob Van Dam. I know I can't wait for Tazz to debut.


-Already, there is lots of speculation about how Sting will re-enter WCW once he returns from his injured elbow. His surgery, by the way, is sometime in the middle of January 2000, and he'll be out 4 weeks after that to recover. Some say he'll remain with the Crow gimmick and act like he has been doing, but there are small rumors that he might be walking the rafters again...history repeated again if it happens. There are also some crazy rumors about how Sting might revert back to the blond Sting. Ah yes, that would be very nice for me, but I have the feeling that it would only create some reaction like the return of Hulk Hogan did. I don't know, I just want him back soon!

-Like I've said before, the feeling about Thunder is that it will water down and be more or less a set up show for Nitro and/or a way for midcarders to shine. I think right now, the creative team is using Thunder to practice up on when Nitro goes to 2 hours come January. If that's the case, they need some more practice because I feel that the Thunder matches are way too quick. I have heard that many of the midcarders are thrilled about the new set up with the tapings the day after Nitro so that they can rest up more, while the main eventers are angry because they are now forced to wrestle or appear at Thunder. Aww, poor main eventers.

-Damn, no Bret Hart column this week which is probably due to the holidays. I was really curious to see what he had to say about his recent heel turn in WCW. Some readers are getting on me for what I felt looked to be a disappointing face on the Hitman on Monday, but hey, I just thought that is what he looked like. A few have pointed out to me that it was Bret's idea to turn heel, as I could have sworn that he wanted to remain a face for the rest of his career. Oh well, I could rant and debate on this for the rest of my life, but I'll give that up now as I saw that he looked to be enjoying himself by ripping on the fans on Thunder. I personally thought that Bret is an oddball in the new NWO, as I think that Jarrett and the Outsiders are great together, but not Bret in my opinion. Oh well, we'll see how it all works out.

@Happy Holidays once again, as this is all I have for you today. Be careful if you plan on going out and exchanging or returning gifts tomorrow because it's going to be rough out there! Thank you very much for reading, as always, and just chill...till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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