Ho! Ho! Ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Finally, the biggest holiday has arrived! Anyway, today, I want to do something special. No, I won't dress up as Santa and tell X-mas stories... However, I will give you *my* Christmas Wish List for wrestling. I did a wish list column in the past, and it was oddly successful. So I'll attempt to revive that Thunder, but only on Christmas. On to the PDC!

Christmas Wishlist

My first wish is for ECW. Now, I'm not a huge ECW mark like many, but I've always had a place for ECW in my wrestling enjoyment. It just hurts me that I'm no longer able to see guys like Jerry Lynn, Tajiri, FBI, Whipwreck, Corino, and many of the other crazy wrestlers which make ECW unique from the big two. I hope that Heyman finds a way to survive, and then continue on the path of growing to be a threat in the wrestling world, again. I especially wish that they strike a television deal in 2001.

Next, I wish that WCW would get a strong leader to run WCW. No, Eric Bischoff is NOT the man for that job. I want someone with guts to not take any shit from egos like Scott Steiner, Bill Goldberg, or Kevin Nash. Somebody to lay down the law, and make the locker-room unite for one common cause: to become a serious threat to the WWF again. WCW used their deep pockets to defeat the WWF last time, so now they could use their heads to defeat them, this time around.

Then, I want the WWF to start pushing the midcard guys, much better! Guys like Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and many more have been busting their asses, just to lose television time to the so-called "main eventers" who need to do 20 minute interviews. WCW burned themselves in 1998 by only caring about Hogan and pals, and by not growing the midcard division upward. Same thing is happening here. Guys like Steve Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, and the Rock cannot be healthy forever, so it's time to have those guys elevate some of the up and coming talent.

I think it's about time for the WWF to release some Owen Hart tapes. The trial is over, as the WWF settled out of court with Owen's widow. Ok, so I think it's time for the WWF to give something to Owen fans, or just those who really respected him. They should compile a video with either great highlights of his WWF career, or the complete matches themselves. The matches I have in mind are Owen vs. Bret at Wrestlemania 10, Owen's King of the Ring Win, Owen's Tag Title win with Yokozuna, Owen vs. Bulldog for the European Title, Owen's defeat over Rocky Miavia to become the IC Champ, and MUCH MORE. I hope that the Hart family and the WWF wouldn't be arguing over the profits on this tape, as they could be donated easily to Owen's children. Please give it to us WWF.

I really wish that 2001 could be the year that federation strains could really end. No more personal shots please, and maybe, just maybe, that the federations could work together to make something good. Now the crossovers could have occurred, had the WWF bought WCW. But that's not happening now, so it's time to move on and MAYBE work together. However, with Bischoff probably running WCW again, that's just a dream...

Hey, how about a 24 Hour Wrestling Channel? Linda monotone McMahon discussed having this before, but no plans really went through. If it's just the WWF, then maybe they could buy television rights to possibly old AWA and NWA television shows, and so forth. Maybe strike a deal with WCW too? But anyway, a 24 hour wrestling show would be God-Like, and as addicting as the Cartoon Network. Hey, if Golf has a channel, why can't Professional Wrestling?

I wish that Hulk Hogan would retire from wrestling and just relax for the rest of his life. Period.

I'd really like for THQ to get their act together, after their last N64 WWF disaster. No Mercy was an embarrassment to the video game industry, with it's many flaws and errors. Had they did their job and checked everything, it would have been the best wrestling game to date. However, they got careless, and are scrambling for excuses right now.

I especially wish that the Right to Censor would just end already. It's a big failure, especially when Goodfather, Val Venis, or Bull Buchanan are wrestling. Richards and Ivory seem to have a decent chemistry, which could be worked better, but they have 3 boring slugs to carry around. Vince actually needs to drop this gimmick because his fight with the PTC is getting WAY out of hand, and it's killing his own product.

Another thing.... I really wish that the year 2001 is the year that all of these stereotypes on wrestling would end. Lots of association with drugs, steroids, and deaths have given Professional Wrestling a bad name. Hopefully, the media could possibly give some respect to a type of entertainment that many wrestlers give their hearts to.

I hope that WCW finds someone to help out with entrance music. Jimmy Hart's arrangements for entrances just aren't fitting with the wrestlers, anymore, so it's about time to look for someone to help. Hart is great for working with wrestlers, so don't fire him. Just give him someone who is talented, musically.

Here's an odd wish from myself: I want Scott Hall to clean himself up, COMPLETELY, and make one last run somewhere, so that he can prove to himself that by being clean, he could have way more successful.

I REALLY want Bobby Heenan to make a WWF return! He'd be soooo perfect for hosting either RAW or Smackdown, but especially Smackdown with Michael Cole! Heenan needs to prove to WCW that he should have been respected more, OR that a good company can bring the best out of Heenan. He was great when WCW was in top form, and bad when WCW's booking went downhill. At least put him on Jakked or Metal, if you aren't using him for the two big shows... if he's signed.

I hope that in 2001 that the WWF does something good with Tazz. He had one of the best entrances, ever, by destroying Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2000. A year later, he's hosting Mtv Heat. Tazz's size is apparently hurting his "wrestling" career, and that's a shame. Something could be done with him, because the Human Suplex Machine can still go!

I really wish that the Hardy Boyz would go after the Dudley Boyz for screwing them out of the World Titles. Remember when the Dudleys dressed up in RTC attire, and then it killed the Hardy's chances of winning the titles against RTC? Odd how I remember such silly booking things.

WCW: Get new announcers, or make a permanent announcing team!

I'd like for WCW to push some of their wrestlers better. In particular, Lance Storm. It's sad that they pushed him so hard to be the US Champion, and then they depushed him as champ. Mike Awesome needs a pushing too, so let's hope that the NEW Team Canada benefits both of them. I think 3 Count could be used better. They should have them go after Jindrak/O'Haire for an awesome feud.

I'm sure I have many other wishes or thoughts in my head, but I'm short on time today. Enjoy your holidays!

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