Oh my God, a PDC on Christmas? Am I crazy? Well, no, I just have a little down time between opening my presents with my parents to travelling to my relative's house, so I figured why not do a Phat Daily Column? So anyway, on to the Christmas edition of the Phat Daily Column.


-Dave Scherer reported that Scott Steiner is rumored to be announcing his retirement on Nitro this Monday. This is a damn shame folks, as he could have been the biggest heel in wrestling. During his haydays, he could anger a crowd with his words and really add some heat to a feud. He might have been too stiff in the ring, but that helped shape his bad-ass image. It just sucks that his back won't heal right, as he'll need another surgery on his back. Of course, this rumor could just be a plant by the creative team, and he'll be back wrestling Monday, but I wouldn't put money on that.

-The e-mails keep coming in about Hulk Hogan, and what the creative team will do with his future. He is coming back in one shape or another, and he's NOT starting a federation with FOX like everyone and their mother keeps insisting. He's just on the shelf still so that everyone can forget about him a little, and I guess Russo thinks that he'll get him completely over with every wrestling fan again when he comes back. From what I hear, Hogan will NOT be a part of the New World Order, as it seems that he will be one of the many soldiers up against the front of the nWo.


-It's good to see that the WWF-ECW working relationship is getting better, as it seems that the WWF can send developing wrestlers down there again to help out with ECW's shows. They already have Vic Grimes(one of the Baldies) in there doing excellent work, and now the WWF sent down prospect Glen Kulka. I just hope that there wasn't any hard feelings from ECW about having lost their tag champs and their world champ to the WWF just when their TNN show was getting off the ground. I think ECW should maybe lay off really pushing the WWF prospects, because look what they did with Al Snow back in the day. He was completely over in ECW with the new Head gimmick, and he even was in the main event at one of ECW's pay per views vs. World Champ then Shane Douglas. After he was totally over in ECW, the WWF quickly snatched him back up. ECW better be cautious on that, and the WWF should pay ECW back for some of the services that they've done for them in the past.

-Already, there are a whole pile of rumors floating around about Ken Shamrock. The WWF struck down the rumor that Shamrock had his knee scoped after getting it banged in his efforts to come back. Last week, I guess the WWF felt that Shamrock was not yet ready to fit into the WWF storylines, so they are holding him back a little to figure out a position for the "World's Dangerous Man". Shamrock still wants to return to the UFC, but it's uncertain if he can at this point after recovering from his neck injury. Someone in that octagon would really take advantage of that injury, and really put the hurting on Shamrock. My money says that Shamrock will just wrestle in the WWF, although his heart wants him to return to UFC.


Wow is a word you can say when Masato Tanaka and Mike Awesome get together for a match-up, as they both can absorb so much pain that it's unbelieveable. A tornado DDT off a chair and a table, millions of chair shots, powerbombs through tables, and so much more couldn't keep either of these badasses down. Although they fight all the time, this is one case where you look forward to the rematches. I liked how it was set up with Cyrus, who was badmouthing Joel Gertner, talked Paul Heyman into booking the match. It's odd that an elbow defeated Mike Awesome for the title though. Tanaka is world champ, and I'm already looking forward to the re-match next week. Great turn by Awesome as well, as he faked the respect for Tanaka by powerbombing his ass through the table outside after their match.

Interesting backstage happenings this week, as Rhino helped the crybaby Steve Corino to really hurt Balls Mahoney. That was some intense stuff. Mike Awesome pissed at Cyrus was some good stuff as well. Mike Awesome also going off on Sign Guy(whatever his name is now, ripping on Paul E), and then getting on Jeff Jones as well. Another fun Impact Player interview...joy joy joy!!! I just hope ECW doesn't turn into more of a backstage federation like other feds.

Super Crazy vs. Hidaka(sp?) is a repeat match up, which seemed like the same as the last time they fought a few weeks ago. Gertner had me rolling as he called TNN The Nacho Network, and he kept calling Hidaka(sp?) Pokemon. Great surfboard by Super Crazy, along with a great folding powerbomb for the win. These two youngsters work well together, and I guess this rematch was good too! It was hard for this match though, as it had a super match between Awesome and Tanaka to follow.

Lame ploy to end the main event match between the Baldies and Raven/Dreamer. Raven got smashed pretty good though, and it furthered the angle between Francine slowly leaning more towards Raven again.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: If I could just grade the Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome match, this show would be an A+...no lie! Damn, what a match! But of course, I have to grade the whole show, and the rest of the show had a hard time to follow such a match of great proportions. The ending was weak, and the Super Crazy vs. Hidaka match was decent, therefore, ECW on TNN gets a Tito grade of an


this week. I'd imagine that this show will get just a 1.0 due to the holiday season, which is really high. I think the Tanaka-Awesome match kept viewers flipping around watching...and they are limited seeing that it was Christmas Eve. I can't wait till next week's show for the rematch between Tanaka and Awesome!!! There's one thing that I've seen a few other people mention is the fact that ECW is the place to be if you want to watch "wrestling matches". I totally agree with that statement, as it leans more towards spectacular and longer matches rather than just angles and storylines.

@Well, that's all for this Christmas edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to read the PDC, and I enjoyed doing this holiday edition as I enjoy doing the Phat Daily Column everyday of the week! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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Take Care, and Happy Holidays!

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