Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to spread some holiday cheer. Well, at least we'll spread some wrestling opinions. Obviously, there is NO Pay Per View to discuss or hype today. Last X-Mas Eve, we were treated to a great edition of ECW on TNN. Does anybody remember that violent Tanaka/Awesome match? I guess we have Mtv Heat, which isn't much to cheer about. Let's kick it Random style, so on to the PDC.

Random Stuff

I received a Chris Jericho calling card with my Kurt Angle video tape, and guess how much it's for? 5 Minutes! Ok, I know it's free from Sam Goody if you buy those tapes there, but for only 5 minutes? That's about as much time to say "hello", and then hang up the phone! At least give us 10 minutes, instead of 5, WWF.

Smackdown did a 4.5 rating, which is oddly down by 0.4 this week. Hmmm, how odd that Smackdown drops in the ratings when RAW also drops in the ratings. Remember, Vince McMahon equals ratings, right? Yeah, just like Eric Bischoff equals ratings. A good reader of mine(sorry, I forget your name) suggested that Vince is now the equivalent of Bischoff, in terms of trying to constantly put himself over in the ring. At least Vince can at least run his company backstage...

Thunder got a 1.9 rating this week. Yuck. The show was very subpar if you ask me. The crowd, especially, hurt this event. They must have put something bad in the water, cause they had no movement during both Nitro and Thunder. A hot crowd gives a the television viewer the impression that the show is a good one. If they see guys wrestling without any crowd backing, they change the channel to watch other stuff.

Weird e-mails about Mike Awesome's Canadian heel turn. Yes, I think it's a stupid way to turn him heel, and possibly the dumbest heel turn of 2000. HOWEVER, within that evil group of Canadians, Awesome will get his edge back; something he lost as the fucking 70s guy or Fat Chick Thriller. They need to push him as one mean son of a bitch. WCW could have avoided the 70s embarrassment, had they just pushed him with an attitude, anyway, from the start.

Rumors are that the Road Dogg was indeed sent home for either being "unable to perform" due a possible drug related problem. That's twice now that Road Dogg has been nailed for drugs, as if he doesn't start controlling himself, he could become the next Scott Hall. Now that's something I would NOT be proud of. Maybe it's been affecting his in ring work, because the Dogg hasn't wrestled too well late. Actually, he hasn't wrestled great in the WWF, ever.

Oh God. Monday Night RAW will have Steve Austin vs. Kane. Like we haven't seen that match before. Hopefully, though, it will be the main event of RAW. I'm tired of seeing Vince's ego ending each show. He's not drawing ratings for the shows, you know? Of course, Austin isn't either.

Even worse, it's being RUMORED that we'll see Rock vs. Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2001. Honestly, how many of you actually want to see that match, again? It's NOT a big draw match, because the heat behind it has already been used up. Funny, because that's what is wrong with every Main Event match that the WWF tries to throw at us now.

Jim Ross reported that Chyna's issue of Playboy outsold the Sable edition by 200,000 copies. I'm going to call the WWF bluff on that one, because when Sable's edition came out, it was one of the best selling issues of Playboy in 20 years at its time. I remember Sable's issue was sort of hard to find, as reported, whereas you could get Chyna's issue anywhere. Maybe more copies were printed out or maybe the suscribers increased this year? Who knows, but I'll call the WWF liars on that one.

Chyna's book, according Amazon.com, will be available on January 30th(may be a day before), with it being 304 pages long and $26.00. Hmmm, I don't know if I want to buy that one. I mean, I've seen many specials on Chyna's life, and the only things I'd want to read about would be the relationships with Triple H and how she got into wrestling. And that's it. I don't know... I didn't say I'd get Goldberg's book, but I did. If I'm in the mood, and I have some spare time, I'll go for it. If not, I'll wait on it.

The next book review will probably be Scott Keith's "Buzz on Professional Wrestling". Scott Keith, by the way, is a good show recapper/columnist at Rantsylvania.com.

Reviews of Kurt Angle's "It's True, It's True" and Chris Jericho's "Break the Walls Down" will be coming soon. Part-time X-mas working hell is killing my free time!

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