Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, seeing that Christmas is just around the corner. Well, I've got a column filled with goodies and I also have something new to the PDC at the bottom as well. So let's get into it!


-I caught most of Thunder, but from what I saw, it seems like the same things are going on with a few exceptions. Finally, Evan Karagias debuts with his boy group stable. I think it's rather overdue myself, as boy groups seem to be fading out these days..but oh well. I also noticed how every heel tonight was ripping on the crowd. I personally think that the NWO wasn't planned for a month like they said, as I feel that it was probably planned around 2 weeks ago due to that horrible thing that they called a set up. Oh well. It will hurt to get over for the NWO when they don't have Goldberg to rip on anymore...

-Which leads me to what pwtorch.com mentioned the other day about Goldberg being extremely upset about what the NWO said about him on Thunder. Goldberg was said to be irate and furious about what they said. Goldberg has been too intense lately, as many say that he needs to chill out. Maybe he got a little to into chasing down the NWO when he put his hand through the limo window. This injury will keep him out of action for a month, and maybe it's a good thing. It will enable for him to chill out and relax, just so he doesn't take it way too seriously when he comes back. Give him some chill pills please!

-Bret Hart said so himself that he wanted to be a heel for the NWO. Hmmm, that sounds fishy as I swear that he wasn't thrilled with turning heel in his early days at WCW. I thought he wanted to be a face all of his career? I think that poor Bret is just covering up the truth. All he is doing is sticking up for his company because he wants to add more credibility to it in the ratings war with the WWF. You can give me all the excuses in the world, but I saw how he wasn't enjoying the heel turn Monday Night. I'm sure he had some thoughts before doing it, and he was thinking just after he left the ring before he came back in to join the new NWO. It's just my opinion.


-It seems like the Dudley's are right in the middle of a strong push to the top, as tonight they began what will give them the added heat that any team could use. The WWF seems to be letting Buh Buh get on the mic, without studdering, and totally rip the wrestlers and crowd. This brought the Dudley Boys so much heat in ECW, but the crowds just laughed. Dudleys are messing with the wrong crowds as they might not get their joke. They used to call out the crowd in ECW, stuff that could probably cause a riot on WWF crowds. Oh well, I'm just glad to see them get the opportunity to become big because they are one of the most talented teams around.

-From the Smackdown report, I can see that it's two weeks in a row that Big Show has survived a tough opponent without dropping the strap yet. It seems like Triple H will be the man to take Big Show's strap away once that knee feels a little better after hyper-extending it. It seems to be scripted already that Mick Foley will fight Triple H in the main event, no matter what, at the Royal Rumble. I think this is the first real time that I can remember the world title didn't get a wrestler over, in Big Show's case. The WWF had dreams of instantly making him a WWF superstar by putting him in Stone Cold's position at the Survivor Series, but obviously, the plan failed. Oh well, maybe another time Big Show.

-I don't know if this is WWF news or not, but according to Al Isaacs, Vader is looking into returing to the United States once again after wrestling in Japan ever since he was released from the WWF. You might remember that Vader was in discussions with ECW about a few appearances or a Pay Per View spot, but I suppose those fell through. He's been wrestling in All Japan recently, as he's been doing ever since the WWF released him, and doing excellent in there. He's back in shape, something that he lacked in the WWF, and he's enjoying wrestling again. He has some stipulation where he could only work for the WWF, ECW, or any indy federation, but he can't wrestle for WCW now. For that to happen, something would have to be negotiated. I'd imagine that Vader would possibly try the WWF or ECW just to get in the spotlight again here in the states.

Here's a first.....

Mr. Tito's PHAT Video Game Review!

Wrestlemania 2000 for N64

Never in my life have I played a better wrestling game. Last night, I was over my brother's friend's house, and he had an N64 and WM 2000. I jumped on it, and I was immediately hooked! It has the best gameplay of any wrestling game, and it's always fun in each match. The moves are very easy to accomplish, and the opponent's energy bar isn't ridiculous like it is in Attitude, Warzone, or any WCW game. The finishing moves are very easy to knock off, and you can actually pin someone on them too, unlike the other games where your opponent would get back up and kick your ass!! It has great modes to choose from, as you can pick either RAW or Heat, and you can pick one of 5 pay per views to wrestle at. It has seasonal mode where the computer gets harder as the longer you stick with the season. The wrestlers are the best, by far, as they are evenly proportioned and they have all of their moves and entrances. The create-a-player is excellent on the game, as you can make your wrestler very unique with a vast choice of moves, although it takes a long time to perfect your wrestler. NOTHING but great things to say about this game, as it is by far, the BEST wrestling video game ever! Must BUY!!!


It's games like that that are just screaming for me to get hooked on video games all over again! Doh!

@That's it for today. Well, I haven't taken a day off since March 28th, 1999, and Christmas is tomorrow. Hmm, wouldn't Christmas be a good day to take a day off? We'll see. Happy Holidays!

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