Welcome back everyone, I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season. Now, on to the news...

WCW-The word on the street is that Warrior and the Disciple were released from WCW. Both fit no where in the storylines, plus they just plain suck. -I have heard that Benoit and Bischoff have agreed to a one month extension, but I heard elsewhere Benoit still has one year left on his contract. This situation is just too stupid.-Macho Man is set to return in February, or early spring. I hear his new hair cut(whatever is left of his hair) makes him look real stupid.-Kidman suffered a shoulder injury that will sideline him for 3 way dance match with Rey Misterio and Juvy. I hear Eddy Guerro(however it's spelled) will take his place.-Rumor has it that Terry Taylor's contract is running out soon. WWF is real interested in him, but I see WCW re-signing him, since he is now becoming more important than before, now that he makes television appearances for the "Championship Committee".-Lionheart looks to be on his way out now. WCW and Jericho don't get along too well anymore, and WCW, I hear has taken Jericho's page link off their site. -Bam Bam got his ass kicked when Nitro went off the air. Goldberg went after him, speared him, and put him in the Jackhammer, and I hear he held him up for a while.

WWF-Giant, again, has been telling everyone that he's signing with the WWF, and he will show up at Wrestlemania. I think Giant would be great as Vinnie Mac's Corperate monster!-Vince MacMahon is a favorite to win the Royal Rumble. This will set up a Vince vs. Stone Cold at Wrestlemania, where Stone Cold would defeat the Rock before Wrestlemania somewhere.-A rumored Wrestlemania looks like this now:Vince MacMahon vs. Stone ColdTriple H vs. Shawn Michaels (If he's able)Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn(if he ever comes back)The Rock vs. Mick Foley or Undertaker, but many feel the Rock will be face by this time, so he might be fighting a coperate wrestler.-Ken Shamrock's contract is up in February. He will most likely re-sign in the WWF, cause he's not ready to join the senior tour just yet.-Rumor has it that the WWF is bringing back the Slammy awards.-Giant's Biography will air on January 13th at 8 p.m. on A & E(Davy X) A & E is gaining huge popularity with it's wrestling specials lately.

ECW-Big Dick Dudley and Super Nova are going no where. ECW is their home. Nova is gonna get pushed soon too.-Wreckless Youth is not joining the ECW roster, but he is only wrestling a few dates for them, and maybe the PPV.

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