Have a holly jolly Christmas...it's the best time of the year. Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Sorry for the delay today, as my F'N alarm clock didn't go off. I know what I'm buying after X-mas. Oh well, at least this isn't as late as 5 or 6. We have the Thursday Night Wars tonight, as they both look to be very interesting shows. With all of this being said, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Bill Goldberg proved how intense he really can be as he severely cut himself at the Thunder tapings. How did he do it? Well, that's part of the spoilers, so it's hush hush in this column. What I can say is that what he did to cause the injury was stupid. I don't know if WCW told him to do it or not, but he shouldn't have done what he did. He could have damaged his arm to put him on the shelf for a long time, but instead he lucked out, and he will be out for around a month. Still, WCW needs to realized that they can't allow their so-called franchise pull stunts like you will see tonight on Thunder. He could have suffered some major nerve, tendon, or muscle damage and not to mention a broken hand on the stunt that he tries.

-The rest of Thunder is filled with surprises, as it seems. A gimmick that seemed to disappear has been brought back to life, and it will definately draw heat. As you can probably guess, you will see lots of the NWO tonight. Of course, the reason being that many WCW superstars are on the shelf right now, injured! There are a few disappointments for myself on this show, as a few of my favorites get a major ass kicking tonight. Oh well. Getting back to the NWO, you can expect some kind of explanation, I suppose, from the new group on why they joined forces.

-Oh God, according to pwtorch.com, Shawn Stasiak has signed with WCW. Oh, that's fine, as he is a talent with potential...just don't make him plain like the WWF did after he wasn't called Meat anymore, because it ruined his career. You probably know exactly what WCW will use him for, and that's to probably record everyone's conversations as an angle. Geesh, can the new creative team milk anything else from the WWF? Nah, I think this angle could have a decent potential, and it should be funny. I hear that he was somewhat of an oddball backstage, so I know the WCW backstage, which there is lots of tension, will really enjoy him.


-The Smackdown tapings look to be pretty decent tonight, as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon continue their power trip. I just hope that the WWF adds Vince to the equation soon, because I get lots of e-mails saying fans get bored easily with HHH and Stephanie. There will be lots of continuations on angles, and the usual strange matches booked by Stephanie and Triple H. I was informed yesterday by Shawn Valloric of wrestlepalooza.com who lives in my area that AT&T cable services, in beginning of 2000, will add UPN to their line up!!! That's right, I guess they got smart for once and noticed how worthless having 2 WB stations were. Thank the Lord, because Tito is going to have Smackdown....if it's true.

-Will Stone Cold be at Wrestlemania? It certainly looks like it, since he will be done with rehabilitation by the time it rolls around. Can he wrestle again? Well, it seems like the doctors, like they did when he hurt his neck with Owen, are suggesting for Stone Cold to retire. I have the feeling that he WILL come back to the WWF and wrestle, since he's been wrestling limited for 2 years now. Just no stiff moves on Austin, and he can wrestle. It's nothing from wrestling that cause the bone spur on his spine, as it can just happen to me or you at any time. If he doesn't wrestle, he'll still be around in some capactity.

-Many people are in a small panic for the WWF, as they feel that their talent is dwindling. Nah, after 2000, it will only get better. You have the debut of Tazz and the return of the Undertaker to look foward to. Tazz will be something of a bad-ass killer, so he's pretty much going to be just like he was before he fought Sabu at Barely Legal. I'm afraid that the Undertaker is coming back with the same demonic character. Ugh! That bothers me, because I feel that was the worst time for the Undertaker wrestling. He needs to return as the man from the darkside, and I'm talking about how he originally came in. EVERYONE feared him instead of just shaking their head at how evil he tried to be. Oh well.

@That's all for today. Again, I apologize for being late. Enjoy your holidays, Thursday Night Shows, and thanks once again for reading. So just chill...till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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