Ain't nothing like PDC baby, his wrestling opinions drive certain pople crazy.... Welcome back to another glorious edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, as with every Friday, is WWF day. Yes, that federation who shoves Vince McMahon down our throats. Oh wait, Vince shoves himself down our throats. But anyway, let's review Smackdown and discuss certain issues of the WWF too. On to the PDC.


AHHHHHH!! I can't take any more Vince McMahon interviews, or I'll explode!!!!!

Damn it WWF. Get rid of Tiger Ali Singh. It's killing you from ever having a chance. Oh wait, Tiger's father is good pals with Vince McMahon, therefore, we get to suffer. Nice of the WWF to play favorites, cause I remember that back in WCW during 1998, which killed them! The match with the Dudleys against Lo Down would have been better, without the interference.

Ivory fought Jackie to a subpar Women's match. Where is Molly Holly to have a better match? I'd like to see how Jackie would fair against Molly. Both women are two individuals who WCW didn't see any potential in. It could be a battle of former WCWers?

Good match with Jericho/Hardys vs. the Radicalz. I swear, it's Jericho vs. Benoit all over again, or at least these matches are pointing to it. See what happens when you half ass book WWF? They have to resort to going to the past to book their shows.

Weird stuff with Steve Austin being the referee of William Regal vs. Bob Holly. I've heard recent reports that Regal is only getting this push because he's long time friends with Austin. How nice. That's like when Hogan's pals got the push in WCW 1994, and how only Nash's buddies were getting pushed in WCW 1999. Oh, do we see the resemblance yet? Anyway, this was pretty entertaining. I don't know why Kane got involved, unless it's for helping out Angle/Regal last week? I'm sure the locker room is very thrilled that Regal is getting the push cause of Austin. However, I doubt anybody would confront Regal about it, because he could destroy them in real life. No lie there. Just ask Bill Goldberg.

Don't you just love how Shane McMahon clinches on to Steve Blackman. The only reason why Blackman has a WWF job, still, is because of Shane, and that can be said about his Hardcore title reign. I'll agree with this defeat over Raven, though, for one reason: the WWF hasn't built up Raven as a threat yet. In fact, the WWF hasn't built up their midcard in a long time! Billy Gunn. Good thing he didn't botch up any moves with Steven Richards, who has a body of the guy in Unbreakable(Samuel Jackson). That's scary booking to have a wrestler who screws up moves against a wrestler who gets injured so easily.

Edge/Christian are now 5 Time/5 Time/5 Time World Heavyweight champs! Wow, all in the year 2000 too! Even more amazing(sarcasm). Don't you just love booking on the fly, which hurt the tag team division by having Rock/Undertaker win the titles? The WWF better start planning more, or they will end up just like the other federation who used to book on the fly.... and that's WCW!

I'll give it a B+ for a decent show. Not as insulting as RAW was.


How many attempts to "get over" can Mideon get? Seriously. Many other wrestlers are ditched when every gimmick fails, but not Dennis Knight! Now, he's going to act like the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Oh my, can he be "the son of a plumber" too? His best gimmick, if you ask me, was being a part of Southern Justice and helping out Jeff Jarrett. Too bad his partner left the WWF, thanks to too many injuries.

Oh joy, the Road Dogg was sent home during the Smackdown tapings for being "unable" to perform. Oh, so he was tired? Sick? Oh no. Watch the Degeneration X video to really find out why. OR, you could remember that he had a little rehab stint last year. Oh, what is he in rehab for? I could think of Four Hundred and Twenty reasons why he was in rehab before, and the same goes for why he was "unable to perform" at Smackdown.

I think it's fucking bullshit of Shane McMahon to ban wrestlers for creating their own websites. The wrestlers must go through the stupid WWF webmasters to get a page done, which they have ABSOLUTELY no say in. Now this rule is for the new pages only, so if you had a page before the rule, then you should be safe. However, I wonder how long it will take before the WWF bans those too? I'm very sure that it's coming soon. No freedom of speech will be allowed for the WWF wrestlers, nor will interaction between fans be allowed either. It's also funny how Jerry Lawler says that Gore will take freedoms away from the people, when his own company is taking freedoms away from the wrestlers.

Remember.... DO NOT see Dude, Where's My Car?, which the WWF was advertising on Smackdown with the actor appearance. Not because the WWF sponsored it, but because the movie is horrible!

WWF Jackson 5

"I'm a dance, dance, dance, dance, dancin' Machine, watch me get down, watch me get down!"

5. Rock/Undertaker: How dare I waste two good spaces on these guys.

4. Edge/Christian: Sad that they are 5 time champs in one year.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Fought Regal to a good match. Funny how willing Austin is to work with Regal, when he's refused to wrestle against guys like Jeff Jarrett and Triple H in the past.

2. William Regal: Being friends with Austin isn't so bad, now is it? Hey, why didn't his friendship help him in 1998?

1. Chris Benoit: Very debateable, but he's been top notch in his matches this week.

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