Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. My God. Something very terrible has happened. Something so ludicrous, that it will definately make me think again about one federation. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I had to turn the TV off, and just shake my head in shame. Anyway, on to the PDC.

Well, another proud moment has occurred in the time that I've wrote my columns. A very generous fan held up a sign with "Mr. Tito" on it along with LoP. You don't understand what a great feeling it is when I hear about this. I'm very glad to be appreciated, and I'm very thankful of this individual who held up the sign. Thanks a millions! He held it up on Nitro, as it makes me feel bad for what I'm going to rate Nitro today.

Monday Night Impressions

New format again this week!


I can't believe my eyes....the New World Order is back. Oh no!! This is absolute proof that Russo WAS NOT the man behind the WWF's success. His struggles at WCW were proven tonight as he recycled the Fucking NWO gimmick!!!! It really failed the second time around, so why the hell do you think it will work just about a year later when you tried to reform it? Russo completely sucks, plain and simple. Lets look at this new NWO, shall we? You have Bret Hart. He has some real life heat with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash from Kliq days, and he's been feuding with them for quite a while. When it was all said and done for reforming the NWO, you could see how disappointed Bret was. You know he didn't like joining up with them, as you could see it on his face. So where does that leave the Powers that Be? Jarrett was their boy, and now he's with the NWO? Is the Powers that Be a part of the NWO? If so, you have a HUGE supergroup...lead by what I call the "New Bischoff", Vince Russo.

The rest of the show had it's ups and downs, as they continued lame angles and they had some very weak match ups this week. The angles that I hated are still going on, and they have matches like Maestro and Karagias that can drive me insane!! What was up with Tank Abbot and Flynn? That was junk! DDP-Buff angle has been done many many times. The rest of the show was just weak. Wow, Nash got away with saying SHIT 3 times in an interview..and I thought they had 3 minute delay on that shit.

Point is, that Russo isn't the savior. I'll agree with Scott "Netcop" Keith of Wrestleline and say that Russo will be fired around April. When you are forced to recycle an old angle that totally didn't work the second time you recycled it only this time it's by the new "savior" or superwriter, you know it's doomsday at WCW. I'm not going to do the Phat Stats for this show, as it doesn't require any effort to see that this show receives an


for dropping the ball on my hopes for WCW coming back in the ratings. I never thought that I would be as frustrated as I was when Nash layed down for Hogan at the beginning of this year, but WCW proved me wrong. Sorry if I'm a bit harsh, but I was really rooting for Nitro to produce every week. I know for sure that this NWO angle will fail, just like the second coming of the NWO did. It's my opinion, and I'm backing it!!!! 2.8 is my prediction for head to head ratings with RAW.


Just because I totally hated Nitro, doesn't mean that RAW was spectacular. Can you say that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were acting like the Powers that Be forcing superstars to do whatever who entered their room in the back. Also, I see what the PTC gets mad about. Having Torrie spend the holidays with X-Pac is not only cruel, but rape!!! That's not right, and that's something that needs to be toned down. They've teased it before, but it's gone too far this time.

As for the rest of the show, it was a usual good WWF program. Good final match between Big Show and Kane, which had many rules changed. I thought the Santas vs. Mankind in the Boiler room was crazy, and the Hardy Boys-Christian/Edge mixed up tag match was great too. I'm glad to see Test get a good pounding, because he's so lame. Triple H returned to the good form, as he was very cocky and at the same time funny. I'm sure the crowd was F'N pissed at him this week for covering up BB. Stephanie having a thing for Kurt Angle, please. Give some credit to Moolah and Mae Young for taking on the two toughest heel teams in the WWF. Those two are fossils, and they came out alive in that match. Al Snow Wins! Al Snow Wins!! Al Snow wins!! He beat the Rock!!! Good lord!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

A good, solid edition of RAW with a few flaws. No Vince or Shane this week, as it would have been better if they returned to confront Triple H and Stephanie like the Direct TV preview says!! Ha. Oh well, at least they didn't drop the ball this week like Nitro did.


I'd imagine this show will get something like a 6.0 in the ratings.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Well, ECW on TNN keeps up the streak of 1.0 or above this week, by getting a 1.0. Joy. Is this progress you ask? Well, their original rating was 0.9, and something like their highest 1.2, so you have to remember that there is a margin of error when doing the ratings. So they haven't really significantly improved from the start at all!!! However, they are STILL TNN's top rated show. They won't be axed anytime soon, but they better hope that Acclaim can perform miracles for them in terms of hype for their show.

-Damn it, Sting needs surgery and he will be out for a short time. Just when he was going to get a very deserving title push, he gets hurt. Just my luck. Sting has been paying dues for a while now, as he's lost to the likes of Bret Hart, Sid(cleanly), and Meng. When he's the top man who NEVER left WCW for anything, even during the rough times, he does deserve the push, and he was going to get it, but nooo....he needs bone chips removed from his elbow. Damn shame.

To sum this column up, I'm very angry with WCW right now. I was really hoping that they would go on their own and not let the past be recycled like it did today. You don't understand how angry I was because it didn't make any sense at all for them to refurbish an old angle. They say they are soo innovative, but yet they can't think of anything else but bringing back the NWO? Please. Sorry to many loyal WCW fans if I've really ripped your show badly, but it bothered me very much. It's just my opinion.

@That's it for today. Thanks again to whoever held up the sign at Nitro!!!! I'll be back again tomorrow with the Ratings Analysis to see how the reformation of the NWO did in the ratings. Remember to check out the Extremely Extreme Wrestling, which was the winning federation in my Backyard Wrestling contest.

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