Hey, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I hope all you wrestling fans have a great holiday season!


-It appears that Hogan is starting to become not interested in politics, and wants to wrestle again. A couple stupid scenarios are being tossed around, if he comes back. One is nWo Hollywood will kick him out, and Red and Yellow comes back, or another is he will come in with Macho to reform the Mega Powers. I hope not.-Injuries: Bret Hart's groin injury is serious,and he will return in January, and Curt Henning should be back by early spring, if not at the beginning of 99. Sting is not injured, he's just taking time off, I'm sure everyone has heard this by now, and coming back in late January, or February. Can't wait, WCW really needs the Stinger!-It seems to be about 50/50 on who will win between Nash and Goldberg. Nash winning would take WCW in the right direction...he would make a great champ. Fans are getting bored with Goldberg, and ratings are going way down!-Many fans, like myself, are pissed about the Flair heart attack angle. Injury angles are so shitty, and shouldn't be used, cause fans care about their wrestlers.-Perry Saturn was presented a Wolfpac at a Nitro dark match last week during a tag match with Konnan. But like everyone says, if it didn't happen on TV, it didn't happen, like Benoit winning the TV title like 4 times, but off camera, so it doesn't count. -Sandman, or now Jim Fullington, will debut REAL soon.


-Steve Austin might not have a torn muscle in his back as first reported, I hear it might be cracked ribs. -The WWF Superbowl commercial is supposed to be a huge production!-The Rock will probably fight Triple H at the Royal Rumble. I would jump for joy if Triple H won, but look for another damn screwjob.-The new "Test" wrestler will have a diesel like persona. -WCW is suing WWF for rights over the Bret Hart Documentary. I guess whoever is ahead in the Monday Night wars gets sued.-Nothing yet on Marc Mero's new gimmick.-Tag Tourney is coming soon, so look for the WWF to push the tag team scene.


-Sabu is the new FTW champ, as he won it from TAZ at the ECW Arena lately. -Big Dick Dudley is gone from ECW, and rumor has it the Dudley Boyz will follow..possibly go up to Titanville.-New Jack has shown some interest in leaving, but where could he wrestle like he does?

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