Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Starrcade...and also Heat went right by, and they will change our lives forever. Well, only Starrcade...maybe. Starrcade has created headlines that I guess will create interest. Enough small talk, let's get into the Phat Daily Column!


-Oh no, the Powers that Be pulled a fast one on us, as Piper called for the bell when Bret Hart put the sharpshooter on Goldberg. That's shocking, right? It will want you to watch Nitro more now, right? Well, that would make you a minority as this angle is nothing but lame. Can WCW think up anything that hasn't been done in the WWF? Why does WCW screw up all the time by having Bret Hart as a heel? If this is the so-called angle that WCW thinks will make you watch their programming more, think again. Bret Hart will now whine more than ever, and it will make viewers like myself want to watch WWF more. WCW screwed up bigtime here in my opinion when they could have made an instant superheel with Bill Goldberg. Geesh!

-I guess Kevin Nash got his way in the back, as he defeated Sid Vicious. Sure, he cheated, but he got his way. This spells major trouble for any other wrestlers in WCW who have to face Nash. He whined and cried about losing this match up, which he was originally scripted to do so, and he eventually got his way. It just goes to show you that sucking up still works in WCW, and the backstage politics with Kevin Nash haven't gone away, and probably never will.

-Jeff Jarrett pulled a double duty this pay per view, as I'm really getting sick of seeing him on television. He's on everything that WCW does, and he runs in on every match. He can be very entertaining with his "hardass" redneck attitude and his guitar shots, but by having him a lot on one show, it really gets annoying. I'm sure if I was a hardworking WCW wrestler, I'd be pissed that a wrestler who was wrestling in the WWF a few months ago is getting way more air time.

-Well, Monday Night will offer us lots of Powers that Be...probably more than ever. Joy. The creative team will probably try to milk this so-called screw job last night in attempt for ratings. Also, the F'N mobsters Vito and the Bull won, so I get to be annoyed by more Disco gambling angles! Joy!! Russo is such a savior in WCW these days, right? Please.

-Hey, I went 8-4 today on my predictions. Yay! I'm out of my WCW slump too. All of this confusion between the Big 2 with booking has really thrown me off lately. They are too unpredictable anymore!


-Sunday Night Heat was a decent show last night, as I did the results for them which you can access by Clicking Here. It seems that Mae Young and Mark Henry will be doing their angle for a while, as Mae Young was very protective of Mark Henry last night. Even with the Godfather's hoes, Mark Henry only had eyes for Mae. Sad. Mark Henry did write another good poem, as he's wrote 3 good ones now. He should publish them in a book, since wrestling books seem to sell like mad anymore. The rest of Heat was loaded with the usual midcard matches, and it also continued the very boring Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman war. Boy oh boy!

-Dave Scherer said that the WWF officials are really impressed with the Dudley Boys, as they will now attempt to push the Dudleys to be the top heel duos in the WWF. They freakin' deserve it, because they really do put on a show. Both the Dudleys take and sell shots like, they lose to whoever they are told, and the crowd hates them. If the WWF really needs to get the Dudley Boys over as superheels, all they need to do is to let Buh Buh rant on the crowd like he did in ECW. Of course, the PTC would whine if they let that happen, right?

-During Heat, there was lots of hype about RAW which included something about how Stephanie and Triple H will do something about the Rock and Mankind stemming from whatever happened on Smackdown. It seems that this Stephanie heel angle has really caught the attention of wrestling fans, as that's all my e-mails are about anymore. Also, Heat was hinting the return of Vince McMahon who will probably stick up to Triple H and Stephanie. That should be interesting. Speaking of that, that darned Direct TV preview says that hour 1 will determine the fate of Mankind. Don't be surprised if they somehow make him fight Big Show to win the world title(that would be stupid). Hour 2, suggests what I was talking about a few sentences earlier about Vince trying to stop Stephanie and Vince. All this and more in attempt to beat down any interest that a WCW pay per view could give.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night Impressions, so just chill..till the next episode! Oh yeah, in case you missed it, Extremely Extreme Wrestling won the Backyard wrestling contest!

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