Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the wonderful world of the WWF. Yes, that same WWF who is on top of the wrestling world today, and has the most influence on the media today. As usual with the WWF Day columns, we'll discuss Smackdown, talk about any recent headlines or issues within the WWF, and present the top 5 WWF performers in the Phat 5. Simple formula to follow, so can you dig that? On to the PDC.


See, look what the WWF did last night... the started off the match with a hot opener involving Lita and the Hardyz Boyz against the Radicalz. I don't have any quarter hour ratings with me, but I'm hoping it helped raise the whole show's rating.

Of course, we just have to have our long interview after the hot opener, to you know, KILL THE MOMENTUM. I guess it had to take 20 minutes to compile all 6 wrestlers for the Hell in the Cell match. I was just screaming for it to end, since there wasn't any other rival shows against it, besides some NFL hype shows.

Team Get Rowdy faced the second RTC team, you know, the two unpopular individuals with the titles last night. The crowd just eats up K-Kwick when he's in the ring. Although this rapping duo totally sucks, at least the WWF is able to showcase their future superstar. Road Dogg needs new moves.

I still don't understand the WORM. You are by the F'N ropes, and Scotty is taking a great deal of time just getting to the worm position, and then he does the Worm. He'll then stand before you and waste some more time swinging his arms, making sounds. Finally, he comes down with a very weak punch. How this move can either beat someone or get a 2 Count is ridiculous. Plus, couldn't you just grab the ropes to pull yourself out of the ring before he's even near you. No wrestler has even tried to do that, but I guess that's why Sports Entertainment is soo cool, right? Nothing like defeating logic!

If you don't understand what I'm talking about in terms of "Pepsi One" Billy Gunn ( Jaymz), then watch his match where he was tagging with Jericho to face Benoit and Kane. All Gunn can do is to punch someone many times, and then do high impact moves where his opponent is selling like a bitch! I can't wait to see the WWF when they try to put someone not so good with Billy Gunn. The Radicalz are carrying his ass, and he and the WWF knows it! Put him with someone like Bob Holly or Prince Albert, or someone who isn't that good, and we'll see how good Gunn really is. Also notice how the fans are screaming for Jericho when he wrestles, and they don't care when Gunn is in.

Tiger Ali-Singh and Lo Down is just a bad combination. So they got the win tonight, big deal, they pinned Blackman! The only way to get REAL heat is to pin the Dudley Boyz. Lo Down just looked ridiculous with the turbens(sp?) on their heads. They need to do what they were doing, and continue using D'Lo's music, which is one of the greatest themes to get people fired up for their match. But hey, Tiger has a nice contract to live on, so I guess "why not use him?"

Wow, an overrated wrestler and a washed up one tried to put on a hardcore match, that went into the streets. One competitor was Hardcore Holly, and the other was Raven. You decide who fits each role! Too bad the WWF crowds don't like Raven too well, but I guess they too got sick of Raven's act in WCW, not to mention the 2nd run in ECW.

Good main event for Smackdown, pitting Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle vs. Rock/Undertaker, although I don't totally agree with the booking on the ending. Undertaker just easily powerbombed Angle to get the win, with no Edge/Christian to help out in sight. Hey WWF, make sure you take the title off Angle at Armageddon, ok?

Funny ending to Smackdown, with the never ending Triple H-Stephanie segments ending with the Game attacking Vince McMahon. I'm sure that will shake things up to make it McMahon is WAR and McMahondown again for the TV shows. I'm sure the WWF will make that a "work", and have something like THIS.


Calvin reported earlier that Chyna may be dating a punkass from the boyband N*Stynk. Damn, so I guess the relationship with Triple H is down the tubes again? It's funny that whenever the Stephanie-Triple H marriage gets better in the storylines, Chyna and Triple H aren't much of a couple. Now isn't that ironic, don't ya think?

Oh darn, the WWF shows no interest in Torrie Wilson. She'll just have to make her money off the many fitness magazines she appears off of, and not easy handouts by a wrestling federation. The WWF wants ones who have the look and can actually wrestle. Torrie might be something of every man's dreams, but the WWF has a women's division to take care of, you know?

I find it rather odd that the WWF is more interested in Tazz's announcing or interviewing rather than his wrestling skill. Last year he was the ECW Champion(besides the reign he had this year against Awesome), and now he's still at the bottom of the card, with even Raven going above him now. I guess that's what happens when the WWF failed to capitalize on the Kurt Angle victory at Royal Rumble. Oddly enough, look where Angle is today!

WWF is featuring The Rock as a special co-host to Heat this Sunday. Wow, those low Mtv ratings have forced the WWF to hit the panic button again! We'll just see what a draw the Rock is these days by this showing on Heat....

WWF Phat 5

5. The Rock- If you smell....what #5 is cooking!

4. Chris Jericho- Great performance, as usual, from this man. The crowd just eats him up!

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin- Welcome back to wrestling, Steve. He seems to be a slow version of Stunning Steve Austin from the early 1990s in WCW.

2. Chris Benoit- Nothing like working with worthless Billy Gunn now. Any respect going his way anytime soon? It's like he never left WCW.

1. Kurt Angle- Jobbing is what he does best as World Champ.

By the way, I'm a good ways through the Goldberg book, and I hope to be able to review it Monday or sometime around that day.

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I'll try to update the Backyard BBQ sometime soon.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss the life and times of the Ultimate Warrior in the special History column. So until then, just chill.....

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