Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Sorry for today's delay, as I needed to sleep in a little to fight this damn cold. I guess everyone at the Nielson's got overstuffed with Turkey, as we have a delay on the ratings. It's funny how they had those instant Smackdown ratings....nuff said. Enough small talk, on to the PDC.


-As Micheals said earlier, Torrie Wilson might be gone from WCW. Like it would matter on her leaving because there is no Filthy Animals to manage!!! Kidman is out with a sore neck, Rey Mysterio is gone for 6 months to recover from knee surgery, and Eddy might need elbow surgery. Konnan is just faking an injury so that it looks like the whole group has been put out. Rumors were saying that Juventud was going to join the group soon, with Kidman leaving, but Juvy's elbow was messed up during the Jushin Liger match. Speaking of that Liger match, did anybody care? Did WCW care? Jushin Liger is one of the top superstars in the world, and WCW didn't give a f*ck about him. Hell, Juvy beat him for his title, but was it considered big on WCW? NO! Looks like we're messing with a new attitude in WCW.

-Oh my. Buff Bagwell and Diamond Dallas Page got into a little scuffle Monday Night. They had some kind of argument backstage where DDP would eventually throw a punch, but nothing else happened because it was quickly separated. This one is either a total work for an angle, or this is become angle. Man, could you just imagine doing an angle over something personal with someone you disliked? God, that would suck. But hey, Vince Russo can make a difference!

-Damn, that pisses me off that the Television title was just tossed into the trash, and officially gone from WCW. Do the new guys understand how much tradition was behind that belt? Obviously not, as they will now have the task of fending off wrestlers who want a title around their waste. They claim that there is too many belts in WCW...but duh, there are many many wrestlers in WCW to suit that need. I just feel bad for the midcarders, because now they don't have a title to fight for. Damn shame in my opinion.


-Congradulations PTC, you have made a difference. Go ahead and start celebrating because you've changed the WWF's ways. Yes folks, the WWF announced that they will be toning their product down due to the loss of a few large advertisers. Oh my God, I can't believe the WWF caved in! Well, they had to. For this group of unresponsible parents were brainwashing the WWF's advertisers to leave them. Without advertisers, the WWF wouldn't make squat of their primetime wrestling shows. Now you watch, when the WWF cleans up their show, that group of unresponsible parents will be still attacking their advertisers. You'll never win this one WWF.

-Last night, Mick Foley announced that he was officially retiring from wrestling on Off the Record. Don't believe me, have a listen for yourself by clicking HERE. All recognition needs to go to Ryan Brander for that one, as I don't think anyone else on the net would record it for everyone to listen to. You truly are the man for that one.

+As for Foley...he said that he didn't want to have wrestling take the toll on his body like it has been for a few years. He's retiring now that he's just being used for comedy and not wrestling. I really enjoyed Mick's comments about Dustin Runnels. I totally agree with him, because Dustin Rhodes did suck! Goldust gave him some recognition and some success in the WWF, and to badmouth it would be ludicrous because it helped save his career from the gutter. Check out the Off the Record with Mick Foley in it, and again thanks to Ryan Brander for recording it for all of us to hear.

-Basically, the perception of the wedding that happened last Monday is around 50/50 in terms of who liked it and who didn't. Many thought that the Triple H wedding itself was ridiculous, as I was getting a kick out of Triple H trying to rush it. Yeah, I would want to know how stupid someone with the power would be so stupid in not seeing that Stephanie was passed out. Oh well, I thought it was very funny, and I just know that it will make for a thrilling angle. I feel that it's the best angle that the WWF has done in a long time.

-Smackdown looks good on paper this week, as you can expect for DX to really "milk" the whole new situation with Triple H being married to Stephanie. Also, you can expect a surprise win of the night. I'm not going to say who it is because this isn't a spoiler column, but you can find out all of the spoilers by clicking Here. Enjoy.


-ECW on TNN continues to be a mediocre show, as it got a 1.1 this week. It's better than last week's, but it's not significantly better as it could just be a sampling error. So when on earth with this show get some ratings? You'd figure that even without advertisement, that the show would improve. Does it? NO! Maybe ECW's rating could have been higher as they had their best card of the year on the TNN show, but it was on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Maybe the rating should have been higher...ah hell with it. I'm running out of excuses!

@That's all for today. Hopefully, the ratings will come in later today. Until the next column, just chill....till the next episode!

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