Yet another Phat Daily Column is upon us. Today, we discuss the Monday Night Shows. Yes, it's the WWF's #2 show against WCW's #1 show. WCW is coming off a Pay Per View, which is considered the best of 2000 by WCW to many. So how did they do? Well, I'll give you my thoughts in today's PDC.


This show was solidly done, but boring wrestling. I like a good technical match, but WCW was killing the crowd tonight. Good lord, it will be a scary Thunder.

First match was decent with Shannon Moore and Shane Helms, but who will the crowd cheer for? They aren't that over as a tag team anyway, so what do you expect when you make them fight each other? Good moves at the end, with Helms finishing Moore, and then the Nightmare on Helmstreet finisher. I really liked that. :)

Then we get a long interview with Scott Steiner, where he apparently did a "shoot" on DDP. Yeah, welcome back crazy Steiner. Long time no see. This interview apparently started a fight backstage between DDP and Steiner. Hey, maybe this will lead to DDP getting released and that Tito's dream of DDP in the WWF will come true!

Terry Funk vs. Meng was such a bore! You couldn't pay me to watch that again. I could take harder trash can shots to the head than that. To make matters worse, Crowbar comes down and attacks Meng, and gets on the mic for such nonsense. Yeah, I wanted them to build up Crowbar for a rematch, but not that way.

All 3 Contender matches, Rey-Rey vs. Storm, Awesome vs. Jarrett, and Jarrett vs. Storm were pretty good matches, but just so boring. Nothing real shocking about these contenders matches, if you ask me.

The Cat is a terrible wrestler, period. Alex Wright is a good wrestler, but just lame in every other aspect. Put them in a match, and what do you get? Ratings bomb.

Hmmmm.... I'm wondering where this Lex Luger/Buff Bagwell team is leading. Buff called them "Totally Buff" in the interview, so it will be interesting if they team up regularly. Didn't they just have a short feud recently? Anyway, I guess it's a smart move to put two very disgruntled WCW wrestlers together as a team. What else can you do with them, push them in singles? HA!

Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: Like I said above, it was a solidly booked show, but boring. Maybe everyone was tired after a rough Pay Per View? Something. I'll give it a


for this week's show. Add a little spark please. I predict a 2.2 in the second hour.

RAW is Vince McMahon

The title says it all. DOUBLE FINGER OF SHAME to Vince McMahon for totally putting himself over first. I don't feel like commenting on this huge ego. The Corporation is coming back, and we should all hop into my Time Machine to go to the year 1998.

Great match between Chris Benoit and Jeff Hardy. Actually, there is some build up for it, since Jeff pinned Benoit on Smackdown. See what happens when you put two good workers together, instead of one good worker and a bad one? For example, the WWF just went through the great Benoit vs. the horrible Billy Gunn feud.

Thank you, WWF booking team, for making Billy Gunn get pinned in the match. Gunn is worthless, and he should be depushed totally for his horrible in-ring work lately. I like how the WWF tried to get a rub off the Dudleys for him. I like how the Dudleys always lose when Devon goes for the tables. Nice Stevenkick by Richards tonight.

Wow. Undertaker and the Rock are the new tag team champs. Don't you just love booking on the fly? At least it was a good match, and it gives the Rock something to do until his Wrestlemania match. Plus, it give the Undertaker some revenge for not being able to complete his title run with the Big Slow a while back. I don't really mind it, although there are soooo many tag teams in the WWF who could use those titles right now.

No matter who the WWF books against Perry Saturn, he'll never get over. It's a proven fact by the lovely dead crowd during his match. The WWF creative team, which isn't really much these days, needs to get together and figure something out for Saturn. He's a good performer, but he just doesn't have any kind of attitude or even a gimmick right now. He's just Perry Saturn, and that's it. Big deal. By the way, it seems that the WWF is leaning towards another Jericho-Benoit feud again. I guess if you can't figure out anything new, you recycle old stuff. Eh, Vince McMahon?

HOLY COW!!! Steve Austin lost a match!!! Well, it was a DQ finish, but still. It's rare, so let's enjoy it while it lasts. It was a good match with Austin, especially since he's good friends with William Regal in real life. It's funny how Regal, Mick Foley, and Austin used to room together back in WCW. Oh, look where they are stars now.

Looks like Trish Stratus could be the "hoochie" who Vince McMahon will start dating, as Vince should enjoy those bags of silicon at night. Weird match with T&A/Trish vs. the Acolytes. Jackie got a big win in the match, which gets a salute from me. You should watch the WWF "Come Get Some" video to see how big of a heart she really has.

Main Event was a total blow-off, as it was nothing but a Swerve. Whenever you see Vince in a RAW match, always expect that kind of crap. I don't really care for Vince being the main boss again, because he'll just be doing the same stuff, over and over and over and over again! Remember when the WWF was innovative in the years 1998 and 1999? You know, a lot of the Vince Russo supporters must be laughing at how the WWF is falling apart right now. Maybe when Russo left, it created a long term affect that we are truly seeing right now? It sure seems like it.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 1
No Contests: 1
Disqualifications: 1

LAST WORD: In the midst of Vince McMahon's ego, there were some good matches actually. Way better matches than Nitro, since they had that spark to them. However, the Vince segments will drag this show down to it's knees. I'll give it a very generous


just because I liked the matches that I saw. However, if this garbage continues with Vince's stupid ego and bad booking, I won't be afraid to flunk these shows. OR, the WWF better keep feeding in good matches to carry the Vince bullshit. I predict a 4.7 in the first hour.

I'm sure the Tampa Bay vs. St. Louis game on ABC will take away some ratings. Damn, that was a great game!! I want to thank Warrick Dunn for helping me win my Fantasy Football league championship this week. Whooo!!!

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@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, to do some ratings analysis, and probably some more on these shows. Tuesday always gets me fun feedback, from those who take opinions way too seriously. Just chill till the next episode.

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